Everybody Relax – Halle Berry Isn’t Pregnant, She’s Just Full

Halle Berry and her publicist let the gossip wolves go bananas throughout the night before clearing the air about Halle’s “bump” at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball. Apparently those who waste their life getting riled up over celebrities’ personal affairs (not us, obviously- we don’t actually give a shit), saw Halle’s pooch-holding posture as the international symbol of “something is alive inside of me”… which is ludicrous.

A rep told PageSix that the 51-year-old, unmarried mother of two is not pregnant and everyone needs to get a fucking life.

It’s not crazy to have a child after age 50, Janet Jackson cranked out a pup last year and they are pretty much the same age. It’s weird, but it can happen… Either way, Halle Berry is still probably the best looking 51-year-old on the planet and her Instagram gives 19-year-olds looking for a ride on the Disick-stick a run for their money.

The burning question that everyone should be asking is whether or not she saved any Dragon Chili Cheese Fries with extra Donkey Sauce for the rest of us.