Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Seem Like A Stable Couple

When we last left Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez, they had just finished beating Gabriel Aubry’s face into the pavement for being a dick and dropping off Nahla early on Thanksgiving like they asked. So here they are getting in a fight with the paparazzi at LAX last night and making it very clear which one of them you don’t want to fuck with. TMZ reports:

As the flashbulbs went off, Halle unloaded, “Get away there’s a child … what the f**k is wrong with you people?”
When Halle and Olivier eventually got to their waiting SUV, Olivier lost his cool and went after one of the photogs … allegedly kicking the guy … but Halle quickly grabbed her fiance, restrained him and shoved him inside the vehicle.

That’s right, Halle Berry grabbed a hold of the man who did this to Gabriel Aubry’s face and tossed him into the car like he just threw a tantrum at McDonald’s. And before anyone goes, “Fuck the paparazzi,” where do you think we get our photos from? The goddamn Hubble? Granted, we could make our own watercolors of celebrity body parts, but I wouldn’t even know what textures to use for Khloe’s Sas-crotch. Furry stucco?

Photos: Splash News, WENN