Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Seem Like A Stable Couple

April 2nd, 2013 // 35 Comments
War Of The Frogs
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When we last left Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez, they had just finished beating Gabriel Aubry‘s face into the pavement for being a dick and dropping off Nahla early on Thanksgiving like they asked. So here they are getting in a fight with the paparazzi at LAX last night and making it very clear which one of them you don’t want to fuck with. TMZ reports:

As the flashbulbs went off, Halle unloaded, “Get away there’s a child … what the f**k is wrong with you people?”
When Halle and Olivier eventually got to their waiting SUV, Olivier lost his cool and went after one of the photogs … allegedly kicking the guy … but Halle quickly grabbed her fiance, restrained him and shoved him inside the vehicle.

That’s right, Halle Berry grabbed a hold of the man who did this to Gabriel Aubry’s face and tossed him into the car like he just threw a tantrum at McDonald’s. And before anyone goes, “Fuck the paparazzi,” where do you think we get our photos from? The goddamn Hubble? Granted, we could make our own watercolors of celebrity body parts, but I wouldn’t even know what textures to use for Khloe‘s Sas-crotch. Furry stucco?

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  1. Halle Berry Paparazzi Freak Out Olivier Martinez LAX
    Ben Dover
    Commented on this photo:

    Everyone goes on and on about how beautiful this woman is, I just don’t see it — yikes

    • I agree – yeah, I guess ‘she looks good for her age’, yeah, she has big tits, yeah, she’s not fat – but – craziness aside, she’s really not hot at all, and the batshit crazy really kills any appeal to me.

    • She USED to be hot. but then the old age and the CRAZY have turned her off for me. I even removed her from my “OK to bone if I got the chance” list.
      What are those lists called?
      OK, I don’t have a list like that

      • JC

        Vagina Bucket List?

      • I save alot of time making a list of only the ones I won’t bang. So far, it’s just Rosie O’Donnell, Kirstie Alley, Sally Struthers, and Pam Anderson. I’d include Mary Tyler Moore based on the pics of her here the other day, but only if she says ‘anal’ isn’t on her list of things to try before she croaks of cancer in the next few weeks.

      • Burt

        Remember those words when you’re 40 and you wake up every morning next to your fat cow of a wife. :)

  2. What the fuck? There’s a fucking kid here that we’re trying to fucking protect and set a fucking example for!

  3. Freebie

    This is part of the price of fame and the enormous amounts of money that come with it. If you don’t like it, become a nobody.

    • Skippy86

      Ab-so-fucking-lutely! So sick of these whinny bitch celebrities crying about being photographed. She’ll ride bare ass grinding her crotch into Billy Bob in front of the camera but take a pic of her at the airport and holy shit.

    • lilgrandma

      That’s right!!you tell them!They love our money!! I understand about her lil girl,but they should understand that this ppl have a job too! This hollywood and rich ppl should be happy that they have all this big houses,cars and money but i’m done making themRICH!!!

  4. Drew

    She should at least be glad the paparazzi is still interested in photographing her irrelevant self.

  5. I look at this story and think back to the times when I was dating hot, but completely insane women and all the dumb shit I did in support of them. There’s a lot less dirty crazy sex, but also a lot less getting into fights and talking to the cops. I stand by my decision to remove crazy from my life.

  6. Halle Berry Paparazzi Freak Out Olivier Martinez LAX
    Commented on this photo:

    “But honey, I’m a badass prizefighter!”
    “Sure, in FRANCE. Get in the car!”

  7. Cher X

    When did Halle Berry turn into Dionne Warwick?

  8. anonymoose

    Maybe they just need a relaxing vacation? somewhere like Hawaii?

    Oh wait.

  9. Halle Berry Paparazzi Freak Out Olivier Martinez LAX
    Commented on this photo:

    Ugly on the inside. Ugly on the outside. No grace, this woman.

  10. right

    She’s completely fuckin insane. Hope her and her new guy kick the shit out of each other.

  11. Halle Berry Paparazzi Freak Out Olivier Martinez LAX
    Commented on this photo:

    Halle’s problem is that she thinks her daughter is too good for the world. She has to protect her from the cameras. Us common people are not worthy of seeing Nahla’s face.

  12. Truth

    If I was one of the pap I would take my camera and throw it at her stupid mug! Crazy cunt!

  13. SMG

    Why is she being so dramatic? That’s what you get for calling the pap you stupid twat! Brad and Angelina rarely have this problem and they are bigger stars than this has-been hag with her fake implants.

  14. I wonder how long it would take to become unfamaous. She should get an accoutning job and tell the paps that it’s about to get real boring in her life. See how long they obsess over her as she hits Star Buck on the way into her boring job.

  15. IkeTurner

    No wonder all he ex’s beat her up. It’s only a matter of time when Oliver will start smacking her around.

  16. Wait.. the pictures here… aren’t from the Hubble?!?

  17. Halle Berry Paparazzi Freak Out Olivier Martinez LAX
    Inky Black
    Commented on this photo:

    Well, I’d be more afraid of her than that Bieber kid.

  18. Halle Berry Paparazzi Freak Out Olivier Martinez LAX
    Commented on this photo:

    She does realize that by flipping out, SHE’S the one causing a scene in front of her child, not that paps, right?

  19. Halle Berry Paparazzi Freak Out Olivier Martinez LAX
    Commented on this photo:

    I am pretty sure it was Halle Berry who kicked Gabriel Aubry’s ass. It was just less embarrassing for him to say that a French man did it.

  20. Halle Berry Paparazzi Freak Out Olivier Martinez LAX
    Commented on this photo:

    Narcissist Halle Berry is on the Crazy Bus again. Left her meds on the plane.

  21. Glen

    So obvious it’s another psycho plot to get in front the judge again. She needs her fill of meltdowns, court dates etc. It’s laughable how transparent she is to people like myself and others who work in mental health.
    Just when Gabriel felt he could breathe out fully again.

  22. Burt

    It’s BS. They were trying to cause a scene so that she can appeal the judge’s decision which prevents here from moving to France with her daughter.

  23. Halle Berry Paparazzi Freak Out Olivier Martinez LAX
    Commented on this photo:

    you asked for the fortune, knew the price, pay up or go off to france and leave the kid with her dad no body cares what he does, he doesn’t attack the paps so they have no reason to provoke him

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