Halle Berry: ‘My Baby is Black. Black as NIGHT.’

February 8th, 2011 // 211 Comments

Halle Berry continues to turn her custody battle into a massive race fight with Gabriel Aubry by stating her baby is black in a new magazine interview. Via TMZ:

Halle says in an upcoming interview with EBONY magazine, “I feel she’s Black. I’m Black and I’m her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory.” The one-drop rule was used during segregation to describe anyone who wasn’t 100% Caucasian.

Of course, she went to EBONY magazine to declare her baby black. Why do I have the feeling this isn’t going to end until Halle Berry is holding Nahla up above the African Savanna while The Lion King theme plays? We get it, lady. You want full custody, and it’s hard to play the victim when you’re a millionaire who dated a French model that consciously made a baby with you. Because, again, I’m pretty sure racists are in the business of making less minorities, not firing them out of their penis. Though, honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve read Klan literature. *opens pamphlet* “Thou may create one darkie per fiscal quarter provided thou flee the mother shortly thereafter, so we may point and say, ‘Look, here, another child of dark color with no father.’” — Goddammit.

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  1. kenishareynolds
    Commented on this photo:

    Technically, their baby is 1/4 black; Halle Berry is 1/2 black and 1/2 white and Gabriel Aubrey is white. There are so many mixes these days that identifying people is very difficult; it is best just to let it be and not label people. I’m 1/2 black and 1/2 white. I have a friend who is black, chinese and an english mix. Nobody identifies themselves with just one race anymore; they hang out with who they feel comfortable with and have friends who are all different races. If someone asks what I am, I tell them.

  2. MissC

    DUDE! Mr. Superficial, get it right: Gabriel Aubry is French *Canadian*…which is actually much funnier than being French. Labatts à perpétuité!

  3. Denise

    She really bugs me as does Obama. The child is more white than black. Halle is half white and also raised by her white mother when her father ran out on her. the baby father is white. Which mean the kid is 75% white. Also Obama bugs me he is half white also raised by a white grandparents and mother. there should be a book written on this.

  4. evomoni

    The baby is mixed. yes, the baby is majority white, but society will look at her features. with Nahla’s complexion and curly hair; society will view her as mixed, maybe even white. so stop arguing about this! Let’s just all agree to disagree. did you know annelynne mccord is 25% black too? she looks full white with a minor tan. it’s really going to be based on her features what society will view her as, it doesn’t change what she is. I’m mixed myself and I’m hurt to read all of this. there are a bunch of racists out there and people who don’t know the difference between nationality, color, ethnicity and race. Let Nahla decide her own identity.
    btw, Halle is the same age as my mom… in certain geographic locations, people in Halle’s generation couldn’t go around claiming they were mixed 25-30 years ago… there were hatred groups who were looking to destroy the mixed races and still are in modern society. they had to claim the race (a group base on common similarities) they could pass for regardless of the ethnicity. And please don’t agrue with me on this one im a living witness so is my father. something you all may want to consider before calling her names… and it sounds to me like her mother was very supportive of her and her identity when raising her… just drop it, it’s a dumb topic that really brings out the ignorance in others. It’s Nahla’s choice and it will always be. Other opinions will not matter.

  5. Jean-Benoît

    All I know is she enjoys Franco penis, whether it’s from Québec ou la France, point finale!

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