Halle Berry: ‘My Baby is Black. Black as NIGHT.’

February 8th, 2011 // 211 Comments

Halle Berry continues to turn her custody battle into a massive race fight with Gabriel Aubry by stating her baby is black in a new magazine interview. Via TMZ:

Halle says in an upcoming interview with EBONY magazine, “I feel she’s Black. I’m Black and I’m her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory.” The one-drop rule was used during segregation to describe anyone who wasn’t 100% Caucasian.

Of course, she went to EBONY magazine to declare her baby black. Why do I have the feeling this isn’t going to end until Halle Berry is holding Nahla up above the African Savanna while The Lion King theme plays? We get it, lady. You want full custody, and it’s hard to play the victim when you’re a millionaire who dated a French model that consciously made a baby with you. Because, again, I’m pretty sure racists are in the business of making less minorities, not firing them out of their penis. Though, honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve read Klan literature. *opens pamphlet* “Thou may create one darkie per fiscal quarter provided thou flee the mother shortly thereafter, so we may point and say, ‘Look, here, another child of dark color with no father.’” — Goddammit.

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  1. ella

    halle is 1/2 black. her baby daddy is 100% white. so, her child is….1/4 black? bitch please – your baby is white.

  2. SYLVI

    TO ‘Reallife”: Baa Baa Black sheep, have you any brains?????

  3. Then we’d be just as racist as you seem to be. People who aren’t of mixed race trying to “classify” just what race someone who is really “belongs” to seems to me to be the height of idiocy. I’m not of mixed parentage so I don’t have a dog in that fight, but hopefully some day no one will actually give a shit. I honest to God don’t care if she’s black, white or spotted, she’s just all shades of crazy. And I’d have the same opinion of her no matter what race she identified with.

    • reallife

      Stating the truth does not make one a racist. Prime example A few years ago Lenny Kravitz who is biracial was in Miami. Apparently there was a house robbery in the neighborhood he was in and you think the police gave a shit his dad is white. Nope according to Lenny he was just another nigger to them.

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  5. rocket
    Commented on this photo:

    fish that was actually hilarious haha. keep it up

  6. Mike Nike

    Her baby is 3/4 milk one part chocolate. The father is 100 percent white and she is half white. That makes 3/4 white milk baby. So shut the fuck up bitch!!!

  7. Johnny Cage

    Upon having several people guess my race, I was reported as being Hispanic, Asian/Indian, Puerto Rican, and even Egyptian by a few arab gentlemen.

    P.S. if you that much of a pussy that even a chick can overpower and mug you, then you deserve to be robbed.

    • reallife

      You would have a point if Halle Berry looked like Jennifer Beals. But she’s hardly racially ambiguous.

      And come to Detroit where chicks are packing heat and see how Billy Bad ass you are.

    • Johnny Cage

      Save all that “I comes froms a ghetto G” talk. I’ve lived in shitholes like old era Newark for most my life and last time I’ve checked Camden,NJ was even worse than Detriot. I’ve seen chicks, men, and even school children pack heat, and that doesn’t hide the fact that they’re nothing but cowards.

      And that’s what all the black thugs who come from these cities ever will be. A bunch of no good sumbitch cowards who pack heat and attack in groups like dogs.

      Seeing how the blackman has decayed himself so much, is this the reason why they want to claim Mulattos? Guess what, pulling someone down in your hole won’t improve you one step. It will just make you more of a fool. The blackman needs to get up off of his own ass, improve himself and stop gravy training. I’ve talked with blacks who lived through the Civil Rights movement and they’ve expressed nothing but disappointment with the direction their next generation has gone.

  8. Vera

    For all those up in arms about what she said, she is correct. Because society is going to TREAT her daughter like a black person, regardless of her origin. Her child is too dark to every be looked upon as a white child and you know it, so stop the nonsense. She will NEVER pass as a white child. NEVER.

  9. JoAnne

    Halle’s mother is a blonde white woman her daddy is black? Her baby daddy is white Halle is one half black so that makes her daughter only one quarter black so Halle you are a racist she is more white and actually Halle is too

  10. LEB

    I’m starting to dislike Halle Berry. First of all, she’s NOT black, she’s biracial. Her mother is white, and her ex-husband is white, meaning that their daughter is less than 1/4 African American (almost no black Americans are fully black, most have at least one white ancestor). For their child to identify herself as black someday would be completely inaccurate, for one, and disrespectful to her father and at least 3 of her grandparents.

    Plus the kid doesn’t even remotely look black. Her skin is lighter than her mother’s, and Halle’s is quite light, and her headful of curls is light brown, not tightly curled and dark brown. Face it Halle… your kid ain’t black. She has African American ancestry that should be honored, but she also has a lot of European ancestry that also deserves to be honored.

    • ihateignorantppl

      How light the child is has nothing to do with it. Both of my parents are dark and i came out light as fuck with light brownish-blonde hair. Both of my great-grandmothers , the grand-daughters of slaves, are very light. You never know what shade you’ll be so that doesn’t even matter. and Nahla’s european ancestry is honored. The child speaks french for God’s sake (like her father).

  11. LEB

    Halle Berry is so pale that she could be a white person with a dark tan.

  12. LEB

    @Johnny Cage — And they are both beautiful women. I honestly don’t see Halle Berry as a “black” woman, I see her as someone who has partly black ancestry. If she wants to identify herself as black then it’s her choice… but genetically, she’s not just 50% white, she’s MORE than 50% white. I don’t know why she doesn’t take as much pride in her European ancestry as her African ancestry. Can’t both be honored?

  13. Tony Y

    Technically speaking, this baby is a quadroon.

  14. she is so classy


  15. Debbe

    Halle calling her 25 percent black baby black?????????????? That is rediculous. Halle is half white and raised by her white mama, where is the black??? In the blood we do not see???? Mentally Halle cannot be black because has white in her too so she is mixed. Not one or the other. Her baby on the other hand, is 75 percent white, and raised by white daddy and half white mama and all white grandma, what is up, where is the black??? I don’t get this one.

  16. Debbe

    If I were her white mom I would be so sad she wants to call herself black, she was raised by a white woman AND has half white in her but she chooses to call herself black, why? The child is almost no black at all, then mix that with all white relatives, nope, no black, where is the black? Where?

    • ihateignorantppl

      her MOM is the one that told her ‘You’re black because you look black and that’s how the world will see you’ Yes that is what her WHITE mother told her. and as far as “Where is the Black?” if you look at the child SHE LOOKS BLACK!!! not entirely but some is all it takes.

  17. Paloma

    Her publicist should be fired to allow her “true” colors to come shining through. This dumb bitch should shut up before she loses all of her credibility altogether & her career begins to suffer. I for one have lost a lot of respect for her since she & Gabriel broke up. Now she is only slighty higher than Anwhorlina Holie on the loser wrung & that’s pretty low. I hate that ugly whore so Halle has fallen into a pretty deep abyss to be compared to slutty whore…damn shame.

  18. simon

    the only way to tell is by the color of the balls. There is no way to tell with little girls

  19. hodfudfdfh


  20. Dorian Gray

    Halle isn’t black, isn’t white, isn’t 50% black, isn’t 75% white, she is, simply, BAT SHIT CRAZY,.

  21. DGB

    race-mixing.. confusion’s all you’ll find..

  22. Maximilian

    Jesus christ,you american slavemasters with your race statistics..

  23. sick and tired

    Only whites contributed to Halle’s success. Not a single black person did it. She came from a white community, where she excelled, and was honored by getting to be head cheerleader, prom queen, etc. All white girls would have loved to be those things, and if they were such a horribly racist community, none of this would have happened for Halle. She became a beauty queen amongst white women, and excelled in Hollywood, controlled by jews. Sure she must have experienced racism along the way… but I must add that I have half black relatives (I am white), and they say that as long as you don’t aren’t “ghetto,” you won’t really experience that much racism in this day and age. May be different in the South, but HB doesn’t hail from the south nor does Nahla live there…

    Halle chose a white man to father her child, and now she is INDIGNANT of HIM!? 70% of black children have fathers who abandon them, just like Halle’s did. Let this guy get his name on the birth certificate, for crying out loud. Let him be there for his daughter. Who btw doesn’t look black.

  24. captain america

    but she is still deadly ashamed to be black herself.

  25. Holland

    Since you seem to be so confused as to what your kid is; Halle your baby is a GIRL

    Glad I could help

    Now move on

  26. Jan

    Halle has mental problems. What have Gab and Halle been putting on medical forms for the last two years? As a mother, the last thing she should be concerned about is reducing her child down to a race. There are millions of mixed raced people out there. What’s the big deal? I feel sorry for her daughter…she will always have to calm her mother, reassure her, promise to never leave her, commit to forever being loyal to her mom….then at 16 she will move out and never move back. She’ll learn to hate Halle eventually.

  27. Rhialto

    It’s very black or white and very Democrat or Republican. Is there anything else beside that? C’mon.

  28. Jan

    No wonder he left her. Living with someone who is irrational and cruel and needy takes its toll. I give Gab lots of points for hanging in there and putting up with it as long as he has. He should have full custody.

  29. Gando

    In the far, far future all races will be mixed up to one race. Because Nature is going always for perfection.

  30. Rhialto

    Most of the time it isn’t even a racial issue but a cultural back ground issue. Ironically enough people need culture for identification but at the same time they are chained to this big heavy ball as well.

  31. evilkanivil

    This twat has serious mental problems. Ok if your soo touchy about you and your daughter being black.. why reproduce with a white man?? and why are u still dating a whit guy?? wtf is she on.

    She is a racist SKANKY hoe BAG old Witch.

    stupid dumbass kunt woman.. i used to like ya halle, but ur a worthless cheap ass doggie… heheh here doggie here doggie.. Ive got a snack for ya…lols ( BIG HORSE DICK in ya mouth.. that will shut u up for 5 mins )

  32. Nero

    Culture that’s nothing else or more than indoctrinated good and bad habits of a community…. Gathered over centuries or more…. It does include politics and religion as well….

    • Gando

      We’ve already the deep and dark corners of culture(s) explored folks…. And that’s why we’re telling you these things.

  33. nat

    Any respect I ever had for her is absolutely gone. Why would you admit nationally basically that you’re agreeing with racist policies that were used to the detriment of minorities during segregation????? The baby is half black… half white… what is wrong with that?

  34. Myclamisaninnie

    ONE-DROP THEORY? lmfao



  35. Nero

    From the time the baby arises from the mother’s loins ….. The countdown has started…. Culture is a desperate, neurotic habit for survive …..

  36. Rhialto

    I’ll say Halle Berry is a spoiled Creole with all the benefits.

  37. Tony

    If race is so important to her why did she get with a white man?

  38. BarneyFrank

    She is right about the race of her child. The proof is the child will grow up without a father so the child IS black.

    • Why do I think your not-so-proud father is asking himself “Why the fuck didn’t I pull out in time?” right about now?

      • BarneyFrank

        Since Berry is choosing to be black when it suites her I will use statistics concerning black children. You might try to look up the word “statistics” just in case you don’t know what I mean then look at the number of black children that grow up without their worthless ghetto seed dropping, malt liquor drinking father and see what it says. Now go jack off to a pic of obama(a bastard by the way) you retarded moron.

        Truth burns doesn’t it you fucking termite.

  39. ackridgek

    I see some of the white folk on this thread have lost your ever-loving-minds…Halle Berry have always said that she considered herself black…hell… half of you racists wouldn’t know who the f*ck she was if she had not acted in “Monsters Ball”…and Gabe is a low-down-dirty-golddigger….and best believe when Nahla gets older she’s going to identify as black because that’s how AmeriKKKa will treat her. Ain’t sh*t wrong with Halle…y’all just mad because she exposed that golddigging loser she procreated with…who just happens to be white…keep it real…because if Gabe was black…you mofos wouldn’t not give a f*ck.

    • kenortega

      @ackridgek you are 100% right. Gabriel is a golddigging Cracker who got exposed. And Nahla is Black, and will be treated Black by others.

      Besides all ethnicities and races come out of Africa, so the “white blood” is a mutated version of the Black Blood. I love how people con themselves into think that white people are pure or even a completely independant group when they are just mutatiions of Black People without Melatin.

  40. thisjustsaddensme

    This just makes me sad, as a child of mixed races this bothers me on so many levels. I can say though that I understand thinking of oneself as more of one race then another, my white family constantly makes me aware that I’m not all white, strangers on the street only see my skin tone, my whole life people have identified me without giving me the chance to identify myself, so I’m not so bothered that she identifies as black. What really bothers me is the attitude that she is going to impress upon her child. For a parent of a mixed child to only allow that child to be one race is negligent, and in my humble opinion, a disservice to the child. My parents always acknowledged both our races and I make sure my children celebrate all three of theirs.

  41. LHC

    It’s like Losing Isaiah all over again.

  42. Marty

    This woman is nuts, the kid needs to go to the father.

  43. ackridgek

    Oh…her daughter is “high yella”…she will identify as black when she gets old enough…unlike “white” folk who change with the weather…black folk will love her no matter what…forever. Her mother knows this…white folk only like you when it suits their purpose god forbid you show that you’re human…(make a mistake-perceived or not) because that’s when they show their true colors…low-down-dirty-racist-mofos.

  44. ihateignorantppl

    Everyone on this post is unbearably stupid. The comments Halle made in this interview are of no consequence to the RECENTLY publicized custody battle. These Interviews are done months in advance. This would not have even been news otherwise. Halle has always said she considers herself black because, even if you are mixed, if you look black ppl will immediately indentify you as black. Plus if you read THE REST of the interview, you pathetically misinformed imbeciles, you will see that she says it’s up to her daughter as to what she wants to identify herself as when she’s older. This woman is not racist and you shouldn’t vilify her when you didn’t read her entire statement.

    GOD!! you’re all idiots!!!!!

    p.s if you commented on this post and said something other than the racist BULL SHIT these ppl are slinging that comment was not directed at you :)

    • ihateignorantppl

      the person who wrote this blog is also an idiot js

    • Diane

      This thread makes me sick.

      There’s a lot of racist people here.

      Some day you might all learn to get past skin color.

      The person who suggested that black & white couples who are having children are irresponsible, suggesting they’re not thinking about the poor children, is a horrible person. Don’t condemn the people who are able to get past race, condemn all the people who aren’t. Those mixed race children will be the ones breeding the racism out of this country.

    • Secondson

      Everybodies an idiot but you, right? I think you have a condescention problem. Regardless of when these statements were made, or how they were made, many white people have had there careers burned out from under them for statements that were waaaaaay less controversial. She is a high profile person, she knows how to measure her words and the impact they will have. But we idiots don’t have enough brains to understand that.

      P.S. Oh, and it takes an idiot to know one.

  45. mk
    Commented on this photo:

    She is the one that is racist…Halle doesnt date black men…..and saying Gabrille is racist is desperate….just let the little girl see her father

  46. Mariana

    Wasn’t the one-drop rule decried as racist itself? The idea that any amount of black makes you “one of them”. I think that children of mixed race have the right to identify the way they feel is right for them. This doesn’t mean that your crazy-ass mother can do it for you though. What would Halle do if her daughter disagrees with her opinion on the one-drop rule? She’s just nuts.

    • Secondson

      Her daughter will not disagree because the liberals in America have made the “Victim status” a desired commoditiy. The more of a victim you can claim to be the more you will be handed by this culture. So you see she is a racist holding to stereotypes that she would rail against if a white person espoused them. What a whack-o.

  47. Wow

    This chick is crazy. Your daughter is more white then black racist cunt.

  48. Secondson

    Yeah she’s 50% black, the 50% that ran out on her white mom who gave up everything to raise her. Way to honor your mother you bitch.

  49. Secondson

    She is black, but she sure does love white peoples money. Boycott this racist bigot. Anything Halle Berry is in or involved with can go to hell.

  50. Secondson

    She espouses Segregationist Theory huh? Thats the basis for her justification of bigotry and racism? Wonder what else is going on in that twisted brain. Sometimes when you say something out loud it really sounds insane, and this is one of those things.

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