Halle Berry: ‘My Baby is Black. Black as NIGHT.’

February 8th, 2011 // 211 Comments

Halle Berry continues to turn her custody battle into a massive race fight with Gabriel Aubry by stating her baby is black in a new magazine interview. Via TMZ:

Halle says in an upcoming interview with EBONY magazine, “I feel she’s Black. I’m Black and I’m her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory.” The one-drop rule was used during segregation to describe anyone who wasn’t 100% Caucasian.

Of course, she went to EBONY magazine to declare her baby black. Why do I have the feeling this isn’t going to end until Halle Berry is holding Nahla up above the African Savanna while The Lion King theme plays? We get it, lady. You want full custody, and it’s hard to play the victim when you’re a millionaire who dated a French model that consciously made a baby with you. Because, again, I’m pretty sure racists are in the business of making less minorities, not firing them out of their penis. Though, honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve read Klan literature. *opens pamphlet* “Thou may create one darkie per fiscal quarter provided thou flee the mother shortly thereafter, so we may point and say, ‘Look, here, another child of dark color with no father.’” — Goddammit.

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  1. dude!

    First, and yes, she is a moron–who cares?

    • IttyBittyTittyCommittee

      Kudos Fish
      That was your best story, anecdote, blurb, whatchamacallit yet.

    • shankyouverymuch

      this dumb bitch is the worst, i’m really getting entirely SICK of her! she herself is only half black which makes her baby only a quarter black! why do these people- ie obama, berry, etc ONLY identify with their vastly inferior black half?! if i were unfortunate enough to have any negro heritage, i would bury that knowledge as deep as i could, run away from it completely. i certainly would not be bragging or identifying with it- GROSS!!! …. PS in the picture above she looks like a ‘sleestak’ from the 70′s TV series ‘land of the lost’

      • Mortimer Duke

        Racist and evil much @ shank?

      • Jovy

        we get it skank, youre a racist and a loser, move on.

      • fuckyouwhitebitches

        all yall honkies want to be like us. why you think all them white slave masters loved sticking their di*ks in the black slave woman’s pu$$y? and the white women loved running off wthe the MANDINGO black men????????cuz y’all were curious about all that chocolate skin and wanted to know what we taste like, felt like..y’all were bored with your own kind!!!!!!!!
        @”shankyouverymuch”-you sound so ignorant, its ridicouls. Fortunately we live in a world where we can be proud of who we are. You are probably the main one that wish you had some black in you………kiss our asses, ya stupid bastard!!!! you racist fuck!!!! eat a dick!!!!!!!

      • @fuckyouwhitebitches- telling shank she is ingnorant and ridiculous after you say ” all ya’ll honkies want to be like us. why do you think all them white slave masters loved sticking their di*ks in the black slave woman’s pu$$y? and before you say “kiss our asses, ya stupid bastard!! ” kind of cancels out anything remotely intelligent you had to say about what how ignorant she is, it is ridiculous. way to go.
        @shank- I pity you,…isn’t that sad?… people feel sorry for you at how badly you must have been raised to have such” hate in your heart, let it out, WHite Power!” (((LOL! had to do it, Dave Chapelle is the man, funny ass skit.)))

      • No really

        People like you with comments like these make me thankful the world might be ending in december.

    • J in Cali

      Halle apparently has deep issues within her own life that she needs to address, she is clearly a very unhappy person. Bottom line is that her baby is 25% white from her, and 50% white from her daddy. Gee……
      Do the math everybody………….

  2. ThisisnotTigerWoods

    Oh yeah. He be black. But he ain’t mine.

  3. Mortimer Duke

    Look just take your Spanish cock and shut up. This is all the Olivier guys fault. Cause if he was doing her right and keeping her busy, she wouldnt have time for this nonsense.

    In other news, Ebony is still a magazine? I thought they gave that shit away in pamphlet size like The Watchtower.

  4. Marco

    Sure she is, black as night just like you, Halle.

    That’s ok, we are all black in some way; evolution!

    • Bob

      Halle isn’t black either. She’s bi-racial. She should shut her pie hole.

      • shawn s.

        THIS IS CRAZY. If your mixed your mixed. there is no 100% anything . Everyone has a little of some race.

    • tjones

      no were not that theory has been proven wrong time and time again.. either way her baby is MIXED!!! what is she a rascist ,she doesn’t want her baby to have any white in her.

  5. Diane

    This is what is wrong with the country. They focus on race too much.

    Hate to break it to ya Halle, just like Obama, its mixed race. Your baby is part black and part white. Deal with it.

    • LEB

      Part black and a much bigger part white. Mostly white, in fact.

    • Yeezy's Son

      Thanks Halle for helping to perpetuate ignornant, racist and hateful ideas. Her kid is going to grow up hating her white background. Which is stupid. Its part of who she is. Obama acknowledges and is grateful to his white mother and grandparents for his upbringing, while still recognizing his African side. (I’m NOT making a political preference or saying he’s a great president, just stating a relevant fact). And that’s ok. Why does it always have to be about race?? I’m disappointed with Halle and Ebony for running these retarded comments. With that said, Halle obviously needs something to do. When’s Swordfish 2 coming out?

  6. titsxoxo

    I would do bad things to him.

  7. Nancy

    If I was a judge I’d give the kid to the father. Halle is a crazypants.

  8. sparkymcgee

    Isn’t she half-white and so a half-white gets with a full white and I would assume that they make a quarter-white, non?

    Where is my race slide-rule? Ah…over here under my Jew de-swarthing spray.

    Yep. The kid is black.

  9. Halle Berry isn’t a black woman so much as she’s an olive-skinned Carole Burnett, with 10x the crazy.

  10. GravyLeg

    Has Halle Berry ever looked in the mirror?
    Lady, I have news for you. Even YOU are not 100% black.
    For the love of Pete….

    • GrandDragon

      Yes, I was going to post this. It’s obvious she’s not close to 100% african. If the father is 100% white then the baby is over 50% white.

    • Yeezy's Son

      Yeah the kid is white. 75% white equals white right? Is she trying to incite a race war? Sit the f*#k down Halle!! She’s like Minister Farrakhan in disguise. (All be it an incredible one with a fantanstic rack). She’s trying to turn her stupid custody battle into the Civil War. But the only person that needs emancipating is that kid from a crazy ass mother.

      • reallife

        Not according to one-drop rule which was invented by white people to protect their precious purity.

      • LEB

        She’s likely more than 75% white. A study on the genetics of African Americans reflects that the average black person with American ancestors is 17-22% white. So baby Nahla’s black grandfather (if he has African American ancestry) may be only 4/5ths black himself, making Nahla at least 80% white.

      • Ignant

        Actually NO.

        Racist black people love to bring this up all the time and show their ignorance. Why? Because they find out the name of the law and assume it’s something else entirely.

        The One-Drop rule was a series of law’s ALLOWING for 3/4 White to 7/8 White people (it varied from state to state) to be considered White. Some states had it where if you had any known black ancestry, however small, you were considered black. It obviously caused havok for some people.

        So even under the “one drop rule” of the 1920′s, which she loves to talk about, her child would be considered WHITE.

        Dumb racist black people need to learn to read before they comment. You’re one of them.

    • reallife

      You’re an idiot. No one is 100% anything. A study found that the average African American is 80% African and 20% European or Native American.

      • Just Saying...

        Wikipedia: Both before and after the American Civil War, many people of mixed ancestry who “looked white” and were of mostly white ancestry were legally absorbed into the white majority. State laws established differing standards. For instance, in 1822 Virginia law stated that to be defined as “mulatto” (that is, multi-racial), a person had to have at least one-quarter (equivalent to one grandparent) African ancestry. This was a looser definition than the state’s 20th-century “one-drop rule” under the 1924 Racial Integrity Act. This defined a person as legally “colored” (black) for classification and legal purposes if the individual had any African ancestry.

  11. Reddy

    I wonder how *her* mom feels when she reads all of these declarations … you know, the woman who raised her but apparently contributed nothing of cultural importance?

    • Busted

      Probably just like Obama’s mom.

      • Paloma

        Interesting point Reddy.

        Busted…for shame that you should point out the obvious about America’s “Great Black Hopebama” like that! Of course he would be as eloquent, educated, and well-mannered if he weren’t raised by his white relatives…right?

    • Ignant

      She’s probably a self-hating White woman. I’m sure she’s happy.

    • IntelligentAsFellasGet

      What you people fail to understand is what it’s like to be biracial. For the majority of Americans this is how they view us. When I am around the white side of my family they treat me funny. I get treated like an outsider especially by my older relatives. I am the same complexion as Halle’s baby and my hair is curly. When I am around my black relatives I feel more accepted. I am viewed by white people as something other than white. I always get asked what are you? Are you black by them. So if you have any color to your skin you are viewed as black not biracial. That’s Halle’s point. She was viewed as black her whole life not half white. In the beginning of her career in Hollywood she was only given black roles in black movies. Now we want to say she’s half white? B.S.

    • Miss Pepper

      Good point, Reddy

      Weren’t racism and slavery two white things of which we are not proud of?

      Can you even do that… Take one of the most condemned racist rules ever, invented by the whites to protect their power, and use it to your black advantage in order to win a custody battle…???

      Why does Berry even get engaged to a white dude when she obviously has no respect for, not even her own, white heritance?
      Run Martinez, run!

  12. sparkymcgee
    Commented on this photo:

    Isn’t that the frenchie that knocked up Portman behind her? That fucker gets some hot tail. I have to get some ballet tights.

  13. jojo

    I think Halle’s parents “believed in the one drop rule” too. As in “I only dropped Halle on her head once, she’ll be ok.” Apparently not.

  14. joho777

    “Black as night!” Black as Halle’s twisted black hear, you mean.

    Anybody must be nuts to marry a film star, even a marginal one like Halle Berry. They’re all unstable and ill-equipped to be anywhere near a normal relationship.

    Halle didn’t deserve that guy. And her baby would be happier and healthier in foster care. Or with it’s father.

  15. I take issue with the title of this one Fish. I would prefer:

    You ever play divorce roulette? Always bet on black!

  16. BT

    What a vindictive, psycho BITCH. But then again…what woman isn’t.

  17. Her baby is BLACK! Black as Micheal Jackson!

  18. seth rogen's vagina

    So Halle subscribes to one of the most virulently racist ‘theories’ ever dreamed up, and to her that’s supposed to be a badge of pride? I thought Halle was mixed race? And she’s not black, she’s more of a caramel color. She’s just Mel Gibson with a vagina.

    • JoeBlough

      Maybe she’s OK with that 3/5ths thing, too.

      • DFCtomm

        You obviously don’t understand the 3/5ths language, and what it represented. The constitution calls for a counting of the population every 10 years, but doesn’t specify that they be citizens. The slave states wanted to count every slave to increase their representation(power), so the 3/5ths compromise reduced the power of the slaves states. Now you going to keep talking about how racist the constitution is?

    • reallife

      Dumbass, very few black people are actually black in color just like very few white people are actually white.

      • Ignant

        You better not call people dumbass with the stupid comments you’ve made on this story. I already had to school your racist butt before. Maybe I should do it again?

  19. Objac

    Umm…isn’t that decision up to the kid to decide. Considering she’s 3/4 White… Also wouldn’t that mean that every person on Earth is black? Stupid bitch.

    • I got a funny feeling if my lilly white ass told Halle, “I’m black too, I gots me 1/256 black blood”, she’d be less impressed with her “one drop” theory.

      It’s clear who the racist is here, and she’s a fucking bitch.

  20. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I hate people like this. they scream “black” when its convienant. If he’s white and she’s half white doesnt that make the baby more white than black?

    I had a friend whose father was Jewish and she would get all insulted if you said she was “Jewish” or “half-Jewish”. Then the second she was in a room full of Jewish people she was Full-On Jew! I HATE people like that!

  21. Crabby Old Guy

    Whoa! Rev. ML King is doing 360′s in his grave.

  22. Salvia

    Hitler was black !

  23. Marty

    How stupid can she be? The kid is mixed, there is no way around it.

  24. testington

    Um wasn’t she raised soley by her white mother? She is only successful because she looks just black enough so mainstream audiences believe her as black.

  25. Fawks

    Halle Berry: the typical american entitled and arrogant whore-bitch that radical feminism has created.

    No wonder american men go for other nationalities than american broads.

    • Gretchen


    • Johnny Cage

      Yes my friend, but don’t forget what happened to Mel Gibson the last time he went for a foreign broad. I’ll give you a hint: It didn’t end up too pretty.

    • Busted

      I smell a troll, but it needs to be said anyways:

      Um, no they don’t. Where the fuck are you getting that from? Russian illegal immigrant hookers and Chinese “massage” parlors aside, American cocks typically wind up in American poon, so shut the fuck up.

      And how is this is ANY WAY related to “radical feminism”? All of the remarks she’s been making lately are based on RACE, you dumb shit.

      By the way, if you’re not happy here, FUCKING MOVE. So many cunts here just bitch and fucking moan and unfortunately this nation protects little pukes like you as you do it. Ingrates make me sick.

      • Ignant

        American feminists seem to encourage anti-White activists, so it’s a case of fellow travelers. That whole “anti-racist” being codeword for anti-White thing.

  26. Life imitating Rough

    Why did these two even bothered? When I first read Olivia Wilde was single my first reaction was, where do I send an application. Now I see it wasn’t such a ridiculous comment after all.

  27. nonminti

    I guess she’s mad,let her child have a father,she’ll benefit not suffer from it… and whoever told her that world is just black or white,literally,hey,there is gray as well,let the child be and choose for herself. I wonder how does her own white mother feel about this “drop theory”.

  28. Man, she just gets less and less credible everytime she opens her mouth. Note to self, racism isn’t an exclusively white disease.

  29. Diane

    It is kinda funny that two people who supposedly fell in love now reduce their dead relationship to arguing over what RACE their daughter is.

    I mean.. the white guy is screaming white, the black chick is screaming black, they obviously flunked science in school.

    What does it matter??? Direct your hatred at each other, leave the poor child out of it. They both seem like petty racist asshats.

    If they both are that racist, why’d they get married to each other?

    • GravyLeg

      Actually the guy hasn’t said a thing publicly. She CLAIMS he said those things to her and SHE claims her kid is black. It is called character assassination and Halle is a master.

      • Diane


        If that is the case, I hope she loses custody.

        I mean.. I thought that maybe someone of her stature would be above playing the race card. Was she not aware, at least until recently, that the man she married was white?

        The race card is a cop-out.

      • nooooooooo

        Kind of happy to see that no one is really backing her up on this, she’s playing the psycho card and usually that results in people talking about how strong she is. Now it’s just bringing up questions of how screwed up in the head she must be to shove her face in every media outlet willing to take it.

    • First, they were never married, probably because Berry has a worse track record there than Barbaro. Secondly, do you hear him screaming anything?

      That’s because the “white guy” who’d finally decided the age gap was too great, “the black chick” was too old for him and it was better to be honest and to leave her, rather than cheat on her like her last husband, is actually saying fuck all about this. It’s Berry who’s claiming he freaked out at “reports” that described their kid as black and “demanded retractions” – altho no one seems to be able to find any story that 1) called their kid black and 2) reversed itself under any such demand.

      Once again, Halle has styled herself to be the blameless victim here – it can’t be that the only thing wrong with him is that he got tired of her and left and is now a free agent and she hasn’t got anyone, it has to be that he’s a RACIST! Yes! And she would have left him because as a BLACK woman she’s so fiercely protective of her now-three-year-old BLACK child that she never would have let her be exposed to a RACIST father – uh, if only he hadn’t left her first. And since they split almost a year ago, it’s natural that it just took her this long to getting around to the decision that she shouldn’t have to share custody with someone who’s fucking a Kardash…I mean, a RACIST.

    • Diane, I think you were also the one who wouldn’t believe Mel Gibson would ever be abusive to anyone because he made a movie about Christ. If you were, you really need to wake up and stop confusing what people do on screen with what they do in real life.

      Because Berry and Aubry aren’t married, he’s the one who will have an uphill battle if he wants any sort of custody at all, since the court can’t even grant him the benefit of paternity without a test. Berry already HAS custody of her daughter, she just now decided she doesn’t want to share that with Aubry. So she’s playing both the martyr and the race card, but she will not “lose” custody of her child to anyone unless she is so batshit crazy abusive to her that CPS has to step in.

      • Diane

        Umm, I’ve never defended Mel Gibson for anything. Professionally, he might make some movies that I like, but he sounds like a quack.

        “Diane” is a quite common name.

        Read my second comment up there. I thought they were married. My bad. I confused a couple statements. If all of the racist stuff is only accusations on Halle’s part, and Aubrey hasn’t uttered anything, as I said she needs to lose custody of her child for even daring to play the petty race card.

      • My apologies, then.

        Unfortunately, you don’t lose custody just because you’re a racist, a religious nutjob with your own compound, or just play the race card when it’s convenient to make yourself look better. This is AAALLLLLL about her, not about her kid. I feel sorry for her daughter, because with a fucked up drama queeen victim mother like that she really hasn’t got a hope in hell of ever having a sucessful relationship with a man (assuming she’s straight) when she grows up.

      • Diane

        Yeah too bad she can’t just grow up to be a normal human being with a loving mom and dad despite them not being together.

  30. Jon

    If she likes the one drop theory so much, I’ve got a great seat in the back of the bus that she could use.

  31. grace

    Oh give me a break. This bytch chose to reproduce with a WHITE man and SHE’S WHITE TOO. lol but I guess she forgot she’s mixed and her mother, the woman that rasied her is white too. Oh snap. Really though, I love mixed race people who claim their “blackness” when it’s convient for them. The real joke will be if her daughter who is 75% white if we want to get technical here, grows up and claims her whiteness too.

    • GrandDragon

      You mean to tell me she was raised by her white mother and her black father was not in the picture? So shocking!

    • Carlos Stranz

      She is an irresponsible women, creating a terrible public discussion about her life and about racial concepts that everybody already believes as dead ideas.
      One drop rule?!?!? This is KKK stuff!
      I’m not even discussing about 100%, there’s no such thing. The point is that if you’re are daughter of a white women and a black man, you’re mixed in apearance, and mixed in genes (considering african and caucasian LOOKS).
      Culturally, maybe Halle indentify herself as black, even beeen mixed and raised by a white women, but why in the hell is she claim’s that her daughter is black, if her daughter lives with a white father, white grandparents, and a mixed mother?
      The guy doesn’t want people to call her daughter black… Is he a racist?
      Isn’t more believeble that he only don’t want her daughter to get labels, and labels that only fit in crazy peoples minds?
      Of course this girl isn’t black. He will be considered white in places where more than 50% of the population is black, will be considered mixed, north african or even white in other places.
      Look: this guy never said his daughter is white, or that he wants to people call her white. He just don’t wanna her 75% white daughter to be called black, because there is a lot of racial war there… A war that doesn’t concern to a french guy…
      I look like Dominic West (british actor) and in states when i was using beard i was considered a latin or even black man, and without i was suddenly white again… In the rest of the world people look and think: “Maybe is a mediterranean guy, maybe not. Maybe a brunette north european, maybe a white arabian or north african guy, maybe a Armenian or Hungarian, or maybe he is FROM THE NEW WORLD WHERE PEOPLE ARE VERY F…ING MIXED!!!
      The point is: in other places people see me like i’m, a mixed man, predominant white… If i have a indian ancestor in 19 century, or if i came from a country when the mixes ocourred 2000 years ago, don’t concern to then, they don’t care!
      If this girl raised and develop a sicilian look, like the former miss italian and actress Caterina Murino, there is any pratical diference about she has 3 grandparents white and one black, or if she is really 100% italian?
      Doesn’t matter how or when she receive her 20-40% not entirely white!
      USA need to let go this f…ing race-war. Don’t bring nothing good to americans, only pain and stupid hate.

  32. WHY are they bringing race into this thing so much? Does she even realize how much this is going to hurt her daugter when she grows up and is old enough to read all this crap???

  33. Casey

    To quote Tropic Thunder: never go full retard.
    Halle just did.

  34. Rei

    Sadly, to everyone who is asking what Halle’s mom thinks of all this, she’s (Halle’s mom) was the one who taught Halle that she’s “black.” In other words, she taught Halle the one-drop theory. So, her “racist” roots come straight from the woman who raised her.

    • Actually, you don’t know anything of the sort. Nobody “taught” Berry she was black, she always said that even though her mother was white, she saw a black woman in her mirror. She grew up in a white suburb of Cleveland with her white mom, went to a predominantly white school, and excelled like hell there. She was class president, lead cheerlader and prom queen, fer chrissakes. So if you can see her mom constantly reminding her of that pernicious “one drop” racist contamination theory you’ve got going on rather than teaching her to be proud of who she was, you have a far better imagination than I do.

    • Ignant

      It’s hard to believe anything Halle Berry says. She’s a constant liar.

  35. O0o and I LOVE her purse!!

  36. adolf hitler


  37. KcJakiJ

    Wow. I hope her kid doesn’t grow up with that ‘race is everything’ attitude. Just be human, woman. Just try to be a decent human and live your freaking life.

  38. hellokittylover

    Halle berry is black and her daugther is black and Nicole richie is black because her father was black and IM NOT TALkING ABOUT HER ADOPTED FATHER LIONEL RICHIE. Im talking about Nicole richie’s biological father- nicole mother was white and her father was black , so in my eyes..nicole richie is black and mariah carey is black. Mariah Carey had a black mother and a white father..so she is consider black in my eyes. (and there’s nothing wrong with them being black )

    • Diane

      Sounds pretty stupid to me.

      • Johnny Cage


        That’s because you are predominately black. You’re not biracial. Please don’t speak for us. What’s stupid is calling anyone with any drop of black blood in them as all black.

    • KcJakiJ

      Nicole Richie is hispanic, technically. But I guess I don’t know if either of her parents had “one drop” of black blood in them or not, so she very well could be black by your standards.

      • hellokittylover

        Nicole Richie’s father was black and spanish–so her father was basically BLACK, so she is considered BLACK. Nicole Richie even stated on tv that she considered herself as a black woman.

      • Diane

        So if someone is half white and half black, they are basically black?

        If someone is half hispanic and half black, they are basically black?

        Perhaps we need some new racial classifications that includes mixed races so people aren’t confused.

      • hellokittylover

        yes –because just like Halle berry, I too believe in the one drop rule and apparently many other people do too in this world.

      • Diane

        I’ll go back to my original statement of “sounds pretty stupid to me.”

        Way to put us back in the dark ages trying to classify people by the color of their skin. You’d think after all this time, we’d be beyond it right now. People can’t seem to get straight what they want — what they want is based on the point they’re trying to make or the purpose they’re trying to serve, and it is fluid and therefore flawed. Try some consistency. Many people believing in something dated and archaic doesn’t make it right.

        And lets speak of heritages.. you honestly think a mixed race person should ignore their non-black side and only define their black heritage (if they even know anything of their heritage beyond the color of their skin)? Why is that? Is it somehow more uplifting to be black than it is to be hispanic or white? If that is your line of thinking, you might have some racial issues.

        As an example, Obama looks like an idiot for claiming he is black.

      • Johnny Cage


        Diane, Thank God there are people like you who use common sense. And you’re 100% right. I remember when blacks far and wide would try to shove the same garbage that Berry is saying down my throat. I never identified as black only.

        And yes, Barack Obama is just a plain idiot period.


        I don’t care if most people accept these crazy race laws against Mulatto and Mixed people. Also know that many people in the world accept things like Nazism and child murder as well. Did you know that blacks all my life labeled me as the “Cracker”? They were also kind enough to target me as a White person as well. I guess if I told them I was black they wouldn’t have done that, right?

      • “because just like Halle berry, I too believe in the one drop rule and apparently many other people do too in this world.”

        Yeah, and they’re usually called “Klansmen” or “Nazis”. The “one drop rule” was created to prevent further defilement of the “pure” white race – so that even if you “looked white”, you were rightly branded as contaminated and good white people would recoil from marrying and breeding with you. That way you wouldn’t be allowed to spead your mongrel DNA into some poor unsuspecting Aryan’s pure gene pool.

        So if you think citing that “rule” means you’re just some sort of progressive pragmatist “because there’s nothing wrong with being black” – then you’re an idiot. And a fucking condescending one at that..

      • reallife

        Hispanic is not a race genius.

      • hellokittylover

        My mother is half white /half black and my father is black..So I consider myself black– and im way lighter than halle berry–I’m not going to say im blah blah percent this and that. That’s pretty stupid-Same goes for the people who are half and half. I think it just sounds so stupid to say “oh im mixed race”- “oh im black, white, and indian”- really?– no.–NO. it’s just doesn’t work.

    • the_spiral

      It just doesn’t work for YOU. Call yourself black, Martian, whatever the hell you want, but you don’t get to decide other people’s identities.

      My father is African American, and my mother is Acadienne (Wikipedia it – I doubt a culturally ignorant person like you has heard of them). She comes from a race that survived deportation, oppression and genocide and still preserves its language, flag and native culture. I am very proud of my of my black ancestry, but subscribing to the ‘one drop rule’ would erase everything my mother and her ancestors stood for and fought against. So define yourself however you like, but if you try to do the same to me and my family, you can fuck right the fuck off.

  39. Brother Louie

    Halle Halle Halle Hale-e! Halle Halle Hall-ii!!

  40. She looks Black

    Most biracial or mixed people are happy to identify as Black because society sees biracial people as Black. End of Story. In America many African Americans are mixed and not “biracial” but mixed because of slavery, so theres lighter Black people walking around and then biracial people and some of those biracials look JUST like the other Blacks! Thats obvious. My sister is Beyonce’s color and lighter than Halle Berry, but we are not “biracial” at all. My dad is very light skinned and has blue/green eyes/light hair and people see him as Black fsr – so he’s Black.

    Its really not rocket science, most biracial people don’t have White skin or straight hair, so they see themselves and society sees them as more “Black” than White. Halle Berry may be half White, but she LOOKS BLACK. Theres people in my family lighter than her with two African American parents.

    • Johnny Cage

      Please don’t say that. I have my father’s skin color as well as many other things I inherited from him. As for my hair; it’s not white but it ain’t black either.

      And my mother also like you, has white ancestry. Please don’t assume that we all look like Barack Obama (who is a socialist disgrace to us all).

  41. Tell the Truth

    It’s unfair to pick and choose parts of the Ebony article. Halle also stated in the article that she would leave it up to Nahla to define herself (meaning race) and that she wouldn’t impose that designation on her. Halle stated she identified with being black because that is how society saw and related to her. Like it or not, we don’t live in a color blind society and we are still unfortunately judged first by the color of our skin. We get it that you don’t like Halle…but don’t dog her just to further your gossip headlines. If Aubry was all that he wouldn’t have asked for joint physical custody AND SUPPORT.

    • sorry

      first, they do that here–take things out of context and dog celebs to further the gossip headlines and get cheap laughs. i think that’s why they call it “the superficial.”

      second, halle deserves some backlash for that comment. she conveniently quoted an antiquated segregation law that was used to keep blacks down for many, many years. many people suffered and struggled to get that eliminated. how would she feel if the REST of those rules/laws..like, say, entering through the kitchen of a restaurant…applied to her and her daughter? not too good i’m guessing.

      finally, Aubry is all that. He scored a super hot chick that’s at the top of the entertainment scene, married & supported her (though not financially), and had a child with her. that’s all he needs to request spousal support. women have been requesting & receiving the same from men for years for doing far less I’d wager. Why would he pass up (potentially) millions of dollars just to pretend to be too proud to take it?

      • sorry – great argument, especially the first part – EXCEPT THEY’RE NOT MARRIED! Sheesh. He could be entitled to half of their combined earnings for the time they lived together, but he has no right to “spousal support” because HE WASN’T HER SPOUSE. Aubry filed for both joint custody and CHILD SUPPORT, not any other kind – which is good, since he can’t get that in court. Since Berry makes more than he does, he could be entitled to it, in the same way Grigorieva is entitled to support from Gibson.

        Quite simply, this isn’t about who’s black and who’s not and how her child will be seen by the world – if you focus on that you buy into the smokescreen. It’s about her being rejected and wanting to punish him for it in the worst way possible, and not caring about her daughter or whether she has to lie to achieve that goal. She was perfectly happy to raise their child with him until he decided he’d had enough and wanted to free, but still have joint custody of his daughter and child support. THEN she became the militant protective black mother of a black child and he became the white racist.
        So, Tell The Truth, exactly how “fair” is that?

      • akewlazzmom

        This ended up in front of yours, no reply after for some reason.
        Actually, Grigorieva is entitled to NOTHING from Mel Gibson. They never “lived” together, they would share a residence at times but in Ca if one of them maintains a separate address (as Mel did, his home in Malibu) then they are not considered to have “cohabitated”. A cohabitation agreement was drawn up after the baby was born, basically to protect MG and his family’s finances. It stated that if they broke up neither was entitled to anything from the other person, that she was free and *encouraged* to pursue her career (snort), and that basically having sex with him did not make her entitled to anything.
        The only one entitled to anything from MG is his daughter, Lucia.

      • akewlazzmom, again, what I referred to was child support, not a portion of Gibson’s assets. Since Grigorieva’s child lived with her and she was the primary caregiver, she certainly IS entitled to seek child support from Gibson as the wealthier parent, just as he’s entitled to seek a share in the kid’s custody from her. Child support money doesn’t go to the baby, it goes to her mother to feed, clothe and maintain the household she lives in – just as any child support Berry might have to pay would go to Aubry, not to their daughter. Since having sex with Gibson produced a child, she’ll actually benefit from maintaining that household for their child with his support money.

  42. Jim

    there was a good line in the 2nd Harold&Kumar movie about that.

  43. Johnny Cage

    First as a Mixed race person myself, the idea that biracial/Mulatto people are “black” is a load of bullshit. It’s bullshit that was originated by one drop laws and racial integrity laws that were created by drunk Klansmen (and carried out by a fat black fuck named Marcus Garvey). Even through the Civil Rights Movement, where Mulattos participated frequently, we never got these stupid laws over turned. And this bullshit still remains today even though we’re trying to get rid of it. Now on top of other things mixed race people go through, I’ll explain why it’s such a pain in the ass.

    Many people got to realize that a lot of Mulattos in this country don’t look like Barack Obama or Halle Berry. Just take a look at A-Rod, Derrick Jeter, and Jennifer Beals. I look more like Jon Secada for crying out loud. Plus American mulattos tend to come from a black parent who is 18% white as well as a 100% white parent.

    The reason why Halle thinks she’s black is because she grew up in a predominately white neighborhood where she was called “black” racist slurs all the time. I grew up in a predominately black neighborhood where I was bombarded by “White” racist slurs and violence from blacks. The situation with us Mixed Race people is that after a long day of taking all this, we don’t have a Mulatto bar where we can have a beer with other members of our race. So because you don’t have a crowd of your own to fall back on, your mind can get really distorted by these bullshit racist laws.

    Although what Halle said is totally silly, (That’s a White Child you have sweetheart) she really needs to research her own Mixed Race. Because if we’re ever going to get rid of this f**king stupid one drop rule, us Mulatto people better get ourselves recognized.

    • Your comment makes a sad commentary on society. No one should be subjected to unacceptance because of a decision their parents made. Why saddle a child with a lifetime of indecision of not knowing where they fit in. I have read so many stories of children that were mentally scarred from being a child of a mixed marriage. It seems that regardless of color, the majority of people are equally prejudiced when it comes to races other than their own. It is selfish of people to put themselves before an innocent child.

      • the_spiral

        @Draise -
        I’m mixed race, and I turned out great. Quit hiding your anti-miscegenation bullshit under “oh think of the children” hand wringing, it’s quite transparent.

  44. nina

    She’s an idiot for defining herself by racist, dated terms that don’t hold relevance today. And it clearly explains her desire to basically cast out her baby daddy like she is, the way she has completely dismissed and dishonored her mother’s heritage similarly. We are living in the age of Barack Obama, who is the very symbol of someone who is post-racial and does not allow racism to define his limitations by the color of his skin. It worked out for him just fine too, right?

  45. Rufus The Cat

    So much hate for the white establishment. The spirit of some pissed off 1950′s era Bro Ghost must haunt this woman at night. By the one drop theory she’s about 4 gallons french.

  46. Kenlin Bros

    I warned you this day would come, when the world needed phrenology, but did any of you listen?

  47. The Listener

    If you really think about it, it’s perfectly plausible for Halle’s ex-boyfriend to have some racist views and still have had a relationship with Halle.

    It seems that he feels that since he is white all of his children will be white regardless of the race of the mother that gives birth to them.

    The American view is that if one parent is black, the child is black regardless of the race of the other parent. And if one parent is white and the other parent is any other race, the child is typically considered of that other race (sometimes the child is considered White/Fill-in-the-blank).

    • LEB

      No, the American view is that if a child has two parents of different races, they are biracial.

      It used to be back in the days of slavery that if a parent was black then you were legally black or mulatto, but it hasn’t been that way for a long, long, long time. Even most white people aren’t fully white. Most of us, unless our ancestors were fairly recent immigrants, have some native American ancestry. So should we glow-in-the-dark pale people start claiming we’re really native American now?

      • Lena

        I’m glow in the dark pale, and I’ve got native american on both sides (my biological grandfather, and my great great grandmother). I claim that shit all the time. You either get the people that think you’re nuts, or the people that believe you (or my favorite, the people that can ‘see’ it ‘now’)

        However, I would never walk onto a reservation and say “Accept me!”
        I’ll fully admit that along with my NA blood, there’s a gigantic amount of really pasty European flooding through my veins.

        I don’t think it’s fair to pick and choose what you want to be for the sake of argument. Halle, for the most part, has ‘acted’ (job wise) white. She banged a Frenchman and got a kid. The kid, just like in my case, is white. Yes, she can through out some heritage, but at best she’s mixed…mostly white.

      • The Listener

        LEB, I’m American. It’s been my experience time and time again that if a person of has one white parent and one black parent, but has FAIR skin people use the term ‘mixed’ or ‘biracial.’ But if the person has DARKER skin even though he/she has one white parent and one black parent he/she is just ‘black.’ And I’m not talking about a long, long, long time ago. I’m talking about today.

        Like it or not, whether it is fair or not, human beings like to make quick classifications of people based on appearance. If you see a person that appears to be a woman walking down the street, you don’t think to yourself that’s a transgender person, you think that’s a woman. You don’t think that person is transgender unless you KNOW that person’s background.

        It’s the same with race; we go by the appearance on the surface unless we KNOW the background of the person. When Halle’s daughter gets older, her skin may get to a darker shade of brown as she’s exposed to the sun over several years. Unless people know her background, upon one look they’ll just see another black person.

        And I don’t know if most of us have Native American ancestry, but no doubt a lot of us do. And if your skin tone and facial features appeared to be Native American, people would think of you as Native American when they see you whether you’re a ‘glow-in-the-dark pale’ person or not. If they KNEW your background or you TOLD them your racial background then they might think otherwise.

        Once again, like it or not, the nature of humans is to make quick classifications of things based on appearance.

  48. Good Riddance, Bitch

    Funny Hallie you’re mother is as white as Casper the Ghost, but for some reason you only identify yourself as a black woman. On behalf of all white people, thanks we don’t need an angry violent mentally unstable bitch like you.

    Your daughter has more white blood running through her vains than you do but still you only identify with your black roots. Still playing the poor abused black woman card for sympathy. Not fair to real black women out there.

  49. Melissa

    She’s not doing her daughter any favors by doing what she’s doing. It’s just awful!!

  50. Laurali

    News flash Halle-YOU are bi-racial. She is bi-racial too.
    GOOD god why in this day and age are we using the “one drop theory”? In any other situation we would be appalled that race is even an issue.

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