Halle Berry May Be Responsible For Cap’n Crunch Berry Debacle Of 1997

Halle Berry is shaking up the internet for something that doesn’t involve her acting like a nut (sort of). She posted this picture of her in a sheer, see-through robe last night and has people calling for a retrial in the “Oops! All Berries” cereal case of Crunch vs. Arkansas. Her caption reads:

Me when someone says I’m coming over and I’ve got snacks.

Considering Halle and Cap’n Crunch’s tumultuous past, one has to wonder what it was that might have distracted the Cap’n on that fateful day he spilled all those crunch berries at the cereal factory…

Photo evidence confirms that the two shared a “close” relationship and a quick Google search of “halle berry on a boat” will show you that she’s never been a stranger to life at sea. Could these boats be part of the Cap’n Crunch armada? It’s definitely worth investigating.

Scandal aside, this could be dangerous news (or a blessing) for anyone looking to bring Halle Berry snacks of any kind- she’s a 50-year-old mother, goddamnit!

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