Halle Berry Is Engaged

January 11th, 2012 // 33 Comments
The One-Drop Theory
Halle Berry
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Despite the fact Halle Berry launched an insane public custody battle where she basically called Gabriel Aubry a racist for fathering a child with her only to turn around and go, “Just kidding! Tee-hee!” when he produced recordings of her going batshit on his voicemail, Olivier Martinez has decided to propose to her anyway because in his defense, her tits are huge. People reports:

A rep for jewelry designer Gurhan tells PEOPLE that Olivier Martinez, Berry’s boyfriend of more than a year, has given her a diamond-and-emerald engagement ring.
The Oscar-winning actress, 45, costarred with Martinez, 46, a French actor, in the 2010 film Dark Tide. They soon became an item off-screen.

Awesome, I hope Oliver Martinez looks forward to remembering this joyous occasion as the exact moment Halle Berry deduced he’s a racist and uses it in the divorce hearing. “Your honor, this man shackled my finger with a crude ring forged from stones culled from the earth and then forced me to live in the same house as him. I’m pretty sure we fought a war to end that shit. Now if you’ll just stare directly into my chest, I’d like some alimony. ALL the alimony.”

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  1. EricLr

    Right now he’s thinking with the wrong head. But don’t worry, his vision will become a lot clearer when she cuts that head off in a furious rage one night.

  2. aprilstp

    Yeah, this will be a peaceful, blessed union. Not. Both so full of themselves.

  3. Cock Dr

    Oliver must really love buckets of big boobed crazy.

  4. stratacat

    I’m sure she’ll be preggers within a year. she’s like a babydaddy collector.

  5. It’s O-L-I-V-I-E-R Martinez, not “Oliver.”

  6. Venom

    As many men as she has been through over the years, I have a feeling she is kind of crazy and not right in the head.

  7. Disco Dave

    Well, eighth time’s the charm.

  8. sc4play

    Have you seen a pic of this goober? U-G-L-Y!! Looks like he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every damn branch on the way down. He must have other *ahem* attributes…….just saying.

  9. Halle Berry Engaged Oliver Martinez
    Commented on this photo:

    Know what she should do to celebrate her engagement? Wear more shirts.

  10. The Critical Crassness

    Wonder how long it will be before she claims he is in league with her ex-husband, crazy and a threat to her daughter’s safety, then moves to the far corner of Outer Mongolia to hide.

  11. Do_Freebird

    If one drop of black blood makes her child black, does all the white sperm she collects in her vagina make her white? She makes sure she pulls the race card when it comes to sharing custody of her daughter, but then has nothing but white men to be father figures for her daughter.

    • Venom

      How the fuck did you determine a man named Olivier Martinez of Spanish descent was white? Also who are all these men? As far as I know he is the only man she has dated since the father of her daughter and before Aubry she was married to Eric Benet and David Justice, both very black men.

      • Do_Freebird

        “How the fuck did you determine a man named Olivier Martinez of Spanish descent was white?”
        >>Ummmm Research maybe? Looked at his pics, read his bio – you do know he’s really French Right? Dad’s a French Moroccan (not the same as being Moroccan has to do with tens of thousands of French living in Morocco when it was a French colony), his Moms from Paris..
        ” As far as I know he is the only man she has dated since the father of her daughter”
        >>and he’s white…ooops sorry. the product of a French Moroccan father and a French mother.
        “before Aubry she was married to Eric Benet and David Justice, both very black men.”
        >>Who have absolutely nothing to do with her life now or the life of her child period. The Father of her child is white, her fiance is white. I think that qualifies as having white men as father figures.

        I really don’t give a fuck who she dates, I just don’t like people pulling the race card when it is expedient or furthers an agenda like child custody.

    • Venom

      You suck at reading.
      His father is a Spaniard of Spanish Moroccan descent. His mother is French and he was born in France.

      Spanish or Moroccan pick one, neither equal white.

      • Do_Freebird

        Ah, so after being embarrassed as the ignorant douche you are, you had someone look something up and read it to you. Btw, Tell a Spanish person they are not white and see what they say. Perhaps you’re getting Hispanic mixed up with Spanish, a common error for mouth breathers.
        I noticed that you said nothing about the rest of my post. I’m assuming your mom got tired of looking up stuff for you.
        “Spanish or Moroccan, neither equal white” – You are such a dolt.

      • I’m a Spaniard and I am most definitely a white girl lol. Spain is a European country, so I have no idea where you got the idea that they aren’t considered white.

  12. Some things trump bat-shit crazy. Big-a labonzas always do.

  13. This chick has “I’m gonna superglue your dick to your leg” written all over her face.

  14. Grand Dragon

    Hottest 45+ year old on the planet.

    • Happy_Evil_Dude

      Disagreed, that would be Cameron Dia…whoops, sorry, didn’t realize she was that young…I meant Elizabeth Hurley.

  15. Mando

    Halle Berry engaged? Oh boy… strike up the gland.

  16. Winnie

    Old Ollie has a reputation for being a real dog with the Ladies, so maybe Halle has found someone who is just as big a cunt as she is. A match made in heaven.

  17. Guest

    I thought she was never getting married again.

  18. HITLER

    Why is this idiot still famous?

    ps I LOVE KIDS!!!

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