Halle Berry in a Bikini

July 30th, 2010 // 66 Comments

“Have you seen the guy who writes The Superficial? Balls like the face of Jesus. You just want to lay your head on them, that’s how big and fluffy yet masculinely firm they are. Eyes up here.”

(Was I close? I suck at reading lips.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Marcus


  2. Cock Dr

    Fish likes Halle.
    That is understandable. She looks good.

  3. Nothing negative to say about the lovely Halle. :)

  4. Halle Berry
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s always been fucking hot and always will be fucking hot.

  5. Halle Berry
    Cock Dr
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    This is how she reacted when she heard about the scrotum invitation.
    She seems cool with it, right?

  6. notthelimejuice

    She looks GREAT! At 43, Halle looks better than most 20 year olds!

    • Burt

      She certainly looks better than Paris Hilton (go to the main page, scroll down).

      • Burt

        Better yet, scroll one more down, have a look at Snooki, then return to these pics of Halle. It will make you appreciate her so much more.

  7. jumpin_j

    Rocking photos. Didn’t she used to be an actress and do movies and stuff? What the $#@! happened to her career?

  8. Halle Berry
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    Ain’t nuttin’ gay bout dat

  9. Halle Berry
    I made a mess in my pants
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    I’m not proud of this, but I’d do her, if asked.

  10. IncrediblyRichWallStreetBanker

    I wouldn’t mind putting some of my assets in her 401k!! Am I right fellas?…

  11. Halle Berry
    Dr. Hufurrrrr
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    First time I’ve ever been jealous of several square feet of neoprene.

  12. RasputinsLiver


    Mmmm….love me some Halle….


  13. Halle Berry
    Sonicare cover
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  14. Marley

    Beautiful, AND classy. We know this because we haven’t seen her vagina. Right?

  15. Halle Berry
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    the halle enjoyment stays strong

  16. Halle Berry
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    Damn, still the HOTTEST chick in Hollywood, even after turning 44 and shooting out a kid. She must have super powers or something. I’m going to go watch “Swordfish” and pleasure myself now.

  17. Halle Berry
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    Hopefully there careful out there those waters are not safe,shes gorgeous always.God bless

  18. Halle Berry
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    Good lord. at 40 she is stil better than 98% of everyone else in Hollywood

  19. Halle Berry
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    !@&*^)IJASKLASLDDDDJqa _@)_#vQE3

    Sorry, that was me wiping off my keyboard.

  20. Halle Berry
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    My god that’s hot.

  21. Realist

    Look at the difference between Halle and Tara Reid. Hard to believe they’re even the same species. Tara could be Halle’s mother.

  22. hotdamn

    I seriously just said “oh my god”, when I scrolled down.

  23. Halle Berry
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  24. captain america

    BIKINI’S aren’t realistic for (fat) americans.

  25. Halle Berry
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    Hand’s down one of the most stunning humans to ever walk the planet. She doesn’t age and doesn’t sag. Just amazing.

  26. Halle Berry
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    Her beauty never gets old.

  27. mmmhmmm...

    Why don’t the cougars in my town look like that? Usually when I get hit on by 43 year olds it’s uncomfortable…

  28. Halle Berry
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    I’ve heard that some guys in comas have come out of them when they’ve waved a picture of her ass in front of them.

  29. Halle Berry
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  30. Halle Berry
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    motorboat….sorry, first thing that popped into my mind

  31. M

    wow she is amazing. and i dont even think she works out but she looks like she does.

  32. Halle Berry
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  33. Internet

    That’s not all you suck at Fish.

  34. Halle Berry
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    She’s so sexy! Much hotter than these crotch-showing skanks that are in such abundance nowadays.

  35. Doc Schweinstrudel

    the buttto bite

  36. Halle Berry
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    oh, do i see implants?!

  37. Halle Berry
    Paul 31
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    HB is starting to get the wide ass of black ladies.

  38. Geo

    Ok. . .I just have one comment for “the guy who writes the Superficial”. . .and about those balls, “I wanna lay eye/hands on those balls and suck on ‘em possibly, prior to laying my head on them for the rest of the night. . .Pllleeease?!”

  39. Halle Berry
    Commented on this photo:

    Tina, yeah, I thought they were real, too, but recently I read that she had implants and they had a pic of her from an earlier time. If that’s the case, that is one of the best boob jobs I have seen in Hollywood. They look so natural. Although she was already really pretty, with the help of some plastic surgery to alter her eye shape and some other goodies, she has become really gorgeous.

  40. missymissmiss

    I just saw Miss Halle yesterday!!!
    she was having lunch at a restaurant next door to my work!!

    Her and her daughter and body guards etc… she is STUNNING!!!!!!!

    In Constantia, Cape Town -South Africa

  41. Halle Berry
    Cardinal Fang
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    Jungle love it’s drivin’ me mad
    It’s makin’ me crazy
    Jungle love it’s drivin’ me mad
    It’s makin’ me crazy

  42. Bored with life

    I hated her ever since her babbling Oscar speech about what a victory it was for Black Americans. You’re half White you stupid bitch!

  43. Halle Berry
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    Here is a great taste in bikinis

  44. Erin

    I have seen some awesome pictures of her in a bikini lately. How do these women get back into shape after having kids, it’s crazy to me.

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