Halle Berry: ‘Did I Say Racist? Whoops!’

Halle Berry has apparently been talked down and now realizes calling Gabriel Aubry a racist in the press might not have been the most constructive move in their custody battle – or she’s a race-traitor. You can read into this however you like. Via RadarOnline:

“I think Halle started realizing that things were getting out of control,” the source tells RadarOnline.com. “It was just getting too nasty and too public.”
Sources say that neither Halle nor Gabriel want to fight this battle in public. They stopped talking to each other as the war hit its most intense peak but now they have resumed speaking again.
“Gabriel has not responded to the allegations that have been made against him,” one source told RadarOnline.com. “His thing has always been that he will save the truth and fight, if needs be, in the privacy of family court, where no cameras or press are allowed. Gabriel and Halle even resumed talking again last week, and it seems that Halle is going to be making it easier for Gabriel to spend time with Nahla, which has been a sticking point between the two up till now.

I’m going to assume those voicemails Gabriel saved had some juicy shit in them, most of which were Halle threatening to recreate the Armenian Genocide. On that note, clearly she’s crazy, because how do you go from calling your ex a racist to suddenly allowing him access to your proud, black one-drop baby? That’d be like Mel Gibson taking his infant daughter to a Jewish day care and only asking once if they’re going to drink her blood. “Eh, ya seem like good people, so I won’t ask again. — Wait, were ya just sniffing? Ya can smell the change in my pocket, can’tcha? *pulls out wooden stake* GIVE ME BACK MY SON – DAUGHTER!”

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