Olivier Martinez Is Fucking Terrified of Halle Berry, As He Should Be

“This woman will one day kill me.”
“I wonder what day I’m gonna kill him…”

Fucking with Halle Berry over custody is like sticking your head in a tiger’s mouth if that tiger is also crazy and has phenomenal breasts. So Olivier Martinez is going to wisely skip all of that, and give Halle Berry whatever the hell she wants. TMZ reports:

Olivier Martinez will not wage a custody war with Halle Berry, sources connected with the couple tell TMZ … because he does not want to go through with the savagery he witnessed between Halle and Gabriel Aubry.
We’re told Olivier was horrified by the bitterness between Halle and Gabriel, and the toll it took on their daughter Nahla. He’s satisfied with joint custody of their 2-year-old son, Maceo, and we’re told Halle is also down with that.

“I mean, Jesus, did you see what happened to the last guy? He got the shit kicked out of him.”
“Uh, you did that to him.”
“The tits! They made me do it! They made me do everything.”
“Wait. What do you mean ‘everything?'”
“Do you recall the 9/11?”

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Photo: AKM-GSI