So Half-Sack From ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Murdered An 81-Year-Old Woman Then Died Falling Off A Roof

Now that all the information seems to be in for this story that first started out with Sons of Anarchy star Johnny Lewis reportedly being killed in a double homicide, it turns out he allegedly murdered his 81-year-old former landlord then died falling off a roof after fighting her neighbors with “superhuman strength” thanks to being high off his ass on PCP and/or meth, according to TMZ. A sequence of events that apparently didn’t surprise the always candid SOA creater Kurt Sutter who just posted the following to Twitter. (WARNING: Contains spoiler from Tuesday night’s episode.. which I hadn’t watched yet.)

not sure if folks know this yet, but johnny lewis (halfsack) died last night. the sad irony of it happening two days after opie’s death is not lost on me. it was a tragic end for an extremely talented guy, who unfortunately had lost his way. i wish i could say that i was shocked by the events last night, but i was not. i am deeply sorry that an innocent life had to be thrown into his destructive path. yes, it’s day or mourning, but it’s also a day of awareness and gratitude. sadly, some of us carry the message by dying.

Of course, the most random part of this story is that this dude used to date Katy Perry in 2006 which makes it pretty clear that being denied access to her giant breasts turns a man to murder. On that note, now would be a good time to fire an arrow into Russell Brand’s heart before he kills again. (For those of you asking, “Again?” he sent Katy Perry straight into John Mayer’s penis. Is there some other definition of murder I don’t know about?)

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