Hailey Glassman: ‘TLC is The Lying Channel’

Since appearing in France with Jon Gosselin two weeks after Kate filed for divorce, Hailey Glassman says she’s been the “sacrificial lamb” in this whole debacle. But in an interview with E! News she sets the record straight on TLC, Kate Major and rumors Jon is sleeping with his nanny which ended in Kate being escorted away from her house by the cops:

“More like the lying channel,” Glassman said when reminded that TLC stood for The Learning Channel. TLC didn’t allow [Jon and Kate Gosselin] to come out and say their marriage was done a year ago,” she said. But “no network owns what I can and cannot say.”

On her relationship with Jon:
“We both enjoy just simple things in life,” she said, citing their mutual love of snowboarding, watching movies, playing pool and other “normal” activities.

On Kate Major:
“Cuckoo, cuckoo.”

On Stephanie Santoro:
“Jon has a good heart, she has a child and he felt bad. He knows how it feels to have a child and not be able to afford, you know, so he hired her to give her a job.”

On not wanting to be famous:
“If I wanted fame, don’t you think I would be out all the time? I stay in my house. I’ve been staying home with my parents because I feel safe there.”

And Hailey’s telling the truth; she doesn’t want fame. She just wants a Porsche in return for banging an obese reality star who’s essentially running a televised sweatshop with his ex-wife. What’s more pure and innocent than that?