Hailey Glassman: ‘Jon Gosselin acts like a dick to me’

Hailey Glassman appeared on The Insider yesterday where she revealed Jon Gosselin has anger issues and basically treats her like shit. But how do you leave all that handsome? Via PopEater:

“He’ll call me and take his anger out on me. He has ‘mantrums.’ I shouldn’t have to put up with being emotionally abused.”
She adds, “I cry and say, ‘Why are you so mean to me?’ “
“Sometimes he has trouble with the truth,” she says, “and he will dance and dance around his lies. He’s like Jekyll and Hyde. But I still love him.”

I’m going to interpret that last part to mean former Star magazine reporter Kate Major is about six months away from squeezing out her own reality show: Jon & That Other Kate Plus Does It Really Matter? You People Will Watch Anything. Only on TLC!

Photo: INFdaily