Hailey Glassman dumps Jon Gosselin

September 10th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Because she’s clearly a high caliber woman who deserves respect, Hailey Glassman has reportedly given Jon Gosselin the boot and his Vegas pool party was the final straw, according to In Touch:

“When Jon came back, he said very little to Hailey, but his phone spilled the details,” the friend tells In Touch. “He had several text messages and photos taken with girls, including a showgirl. Hailey was shocked that he didn’t bother to delete any of it from his phone.”
On September 4, Hailey called Jon and told him she was through. “She’d had it,” the close friend adds. “She said she couldn’t trust him.” Once madly in love, Hailey first grew suspicious of Jon’s extracurricular activities when tabloid reporter Kate Major claimed she and Jon were an item in July. Although Jon told In Touch he and Kate were “just friends,” Hailey was still skeptical. “He lied to her about Kate Major,” the close friend reveals. Hailey also now believes that Jon was with other women as well, after he moved into a bachelor pad in New York. “He would go out and return wearing totally different clothes,” the close friend explains. “Hailey would question Jon about it, and he’d just say he had spilled a drink on himself.” Hailey also believes that Jon collects numbers from the adoring female fans who line the fence at the Reading, Pa., home he shares with his estranged wife, Kate. “She doesn’t want to deal with that,” the friend explains.

All jokes aside, I’m sure it must’ve been hard dating Jon Gosselin. While most women worry if they’re attractive enough for their man, Hailey would spend days trying to give herself love handles and jowls. *sniff* And he never even noticed!

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  1. Darth

    I was already surprised about the amount of shit she’d taken for granted.

  2. BuffaloGal


  3. KIKI

    This has happend to me before, and believe me, it was fun!

  4. LOL

    LOL@picture 1.

  5. EricLR

    JGoss can’t be tied down to any one woman. Like the eagle, JGoss must soar!

  6. Argie Bitterness

    #38, Lord of the Comments.

  7. Edward

    Jon Gosselin you sun of a biche FUCK YOU

  8. Edward

    Jon Gosselin you sun of a biche FUCK YOU

  9. Edward

    Jon Gosselin you sun of a biche FUCK YOU

  10. hey ..!! What’s going on there ?…..

  11. Shes only 22 shes still a kid. I think she’s just nieve and didn’t know what she was getting herself into. So u people that say stuff about her are saying you were so smart at that age u didnt make any mistakes?. Good for you

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