EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend majored in coke and threesomes at college

Seen here in her 2005 mugshot for marijuana possession, Hailey Glassman, the new love of Jon Gosselin’s life, has a sordid past that’s been splattered all over the Internet since the two were spotted in St. Tropez over the weekend. According to an exclusive source who attended Indiana University with Hailey, she also has a history of snorting coke and having sex with members of the football team (Two at a time!) in her hotel room during spring break:

We lived in Bordner 200 in McNutt during freshmen year at IU. Over winter break the first year she lost 20 pounds.When girls on the floor asked for her secret she said two word…”coke diet!”
I also talked with her after sophomore spring break in Acapulco and she told some crazy stories involving her and a certain varsity athletic team.
When push came to shove….she spent all week hosting several football players in her room including then qb Blake Powers. The room was definitely not the only thing she provided (I heard about definite tag team action)… all on daddy’s credit card of course.
The girl started out sweet but got consumed with the drugs, those kids better watch out before there daddy gets addicted to nose candy.

While it’s nice to see some concern for the Gosselin children, honestly, there’s nothing to worry about. Besides the Ed Hardy clothes, Oakley sunglasses, earring, baggy jeans, recent smoking habit, and binge drinking with Christian Audigier, Jon Gosselin’s the kind of man who doesn’t cave to peer pressure. That said, should viewers notice the kids swallowing balloons in upcoming episodes, you might want to call child services. Or simply tell Kate if you want to see a grown man get porcupine-haired in the thorax on cable television. Either one.

Photos: Splash News