EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend majored in coke and threesomes at college

July 16th, 2009 // 106 Comments

Seen here in her 2005 mugshot for marijuana possession, Hailey Glassman, the new love of Jon Gosselin’s life, has a sordid past that’s been splattered all over the Internet since the two were spotted in St. Tropez over the weekend. According to an exclusive source who attended Indiana University with Hailey, she also has a history of snorting coke and having sex with members of the football team (Two at a time!) in her hotel room during spring break:

We lived in Bordner 200 in McNutt during freshmen year at IU. Over winter break the first year she lost 20 pounds.When girls on the floor asked for her secret she said two word…”coke diet!”
I also talked with her after sophomore spring break in Acapulco and she told some crazy stories involving her and a certain varsity athletic team.
When push came to shove….she spent all week hosting several football players in her room including then qb Blake Powers. The room was definitely not the only thing she provided (I heard about definite tag team action)… all on daddy’s credit card of course.
The girl started out sweet but got consumed with the drugs, those kids better watch out before there daddy gets addicted to nose candy.

While it’s nice to see some concern for the Gosselin children, honestly, there’s nothing to worry about. Besides the Ed Hardy clothes, Oakley sunglasses, earring, baggy jeans, recent smoking habit, and binge drinking with Christian Audigier, Jon Gosselin’s the kind of man who doesn’t cave to peer pressure. That said, should viewers notice the kids swallowing balloons in upcoming episodes, you might want to call child services. Or simply tell Kate if you want to see a grown man get porcupine-haired in the thorax on cable television. Either one.

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  1. #50 – Hi Hailey. I have a big car, a gram of blow, a carton of Newports, shitloads of illegitimate kids, plus a Bruce Lee mask… wanna fuck?

  2. come sit on this

    Well hello there Ms. Glassman

    This is quite the honor seeing how we on here never get the chance to voice our desires and opinions to the actual person. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

    First I would like to say that I don’t think you look all that bad. Sure it appears on the surface that there has been some rough days and nights that have plagued you. (sorry about the face plant on the tree) I am sure all you friends look the same after a weekend of drinking and coke and weed and meth and herion and….excuse me…I’m just rambling now.

    My real question is asking about you coming out to the house and meeting up with me. I don’t have 8 kids but I do have a wife and 2 kids. I can send them away so you can feel right at home. I am sure I can score some coke if you would like. I would like you to feel as comfortable as possible.

    I would like to spend an entire weekend searching over your body finding different places to stick my dick into. After each session I would expect you to clean it off by using your mouth. I feel that this is nothing new to you and I expect you to be quite the pro at it. I will most likely film this encounter as this will be something I would like to show my friends and family as you are such a big star now.

    Please get back with me as soon as possible. I have purchased a full prescription of Viagra in hopes of you being here soon.

    Thank you and I look forward to gaping your asshole and placing a candle in it.

  3. DeviousJinx

    #50 is funny…because people that have only smoked weed ONCE typically post pics of themselves with a pipe and lighting a blunt and have multiple charges related to drugs. Fuck, wrong again everyone!

  4. Amy

    #50…I highly doubt you are who you say you are, but you can’t post pictures like you do on facebook/myspace/whatever, and expect not to get blasted. I always post my page and I got blasted for having cleavage…you are going to get blasted for looking like trash…and if you were fat, you’d get blasted for looking fat. That’s how it is. You’re never going to look like a princess when you take slutty pictures like you do and are actively dating a still-married dude with no job and 8 kids with a tv show. Get over it.

  5. Hailey Glassman

    I don’t know why I even bothered coming on this website where all you guys do is make fun of celebrities and people better than you. You comments aren’t even worth dignificing with a response. I am very hurt by all of this but I can hold my head up high and be proud of myself and be a good woman for Jon. I am feeling sorry for everyone on this website, not just for the stars you make fun of, me included, but for yourselves, when it is obvious you have such boring lives.

  6. Prettybaby

    #50 psssssssssssst. Hailey… My advise to you is to lay off the “gang hand signs” like in the pic above.
    Fuck and suck away at Jon Gosselin though for all we all care.

  7. Amy

    No, Hailey, boring is when you sit around and decide it’s a good idea to go after a fat asian guy with 8 kids who is STILL MARRIED. Bored is when you decide that it’s a good idea to post various pictures of yourself smoking (that once in a lifetime) weed. That’s someone with a boring life. And don’t even act like you’re not getting off seeing everyone write/post about you. It’s obviously what you wanted or you wouldn’t be doing what you are doing. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  8. mel

    @55 “not just for the stars you make fun of, me included”


  9. dignificing???

    “dignificing” ???

    Is this something new that you can do sexually? Is this something that you can do? Will it involve a small goat? If so I have one in the back yard.

    If I may ask Hailey….how big is your pussy? I mean is it loose, sloppy loose, wizard sleeve, 1 or 2 fists, 2 liter bottle?

    Come on…you’ve got to give us something here.

  10. Hailey Glassman

    Okay, I really find it hypocritcal that you lot are just talking trash here about me. Don’t you know everyone makes mistakes? I have but I am grown up now and trying to live my life. It’s not my fault I can’t go anywhere without the papparazzi trailing me, even when I’m not with Jon! But that’s besides the point. It’s not the papparazzi that are the worst, it’s you sad people that troll these celebrity websites making fun of people that are more successful than you will ever be.

    If I have to put up with a bit of heat for doing what I love to do, that’s fine. I’m not going to chagne my life for you freaks and geeks.

  11. Deacon Jones

    Don’t mind most of these people, they’re real CREEPS! Most of them have no dignity or life, let me tell you.

    Now, honestly…do you spit or swallow? Because if you swallow I’m all yours.

    And fuck, I’ll throw in an Ed Hardy shirt if you do backdoor.

  12. Horny Toad

    Everyone I am so horny. My pocket is tickling!!!

  13. mel

    Aww, how cute. You are acknowledging the paparazzi like you are a real star! The only thing you are famous for thus far, is looking like you are 20 years older than you are. No, not in a good way.

  14. Haily Glassman

    Deacon, that is something you will never find out because I would never touch a lower life form such as yourself. Jon is going to lay the smack down on all of your asses.

  15. Blah Blah Blah

    Whatever….blah, blah, blah

    Look….out on the table right now is this offer.

    We can put together a gang-bang. It will be named The Superficial Gang-Bang 1000. All the posters will get together and tag team you for a few hours. We will supply the room, food, drugs, alcohol, lube….whatever is needed. We will even be willing to pay you $1000 for the day.

    This whole Jon & Kate and the Slut is not going to happen….take this offer. It’s more up your line of work anyway.

  16. Hailey Glassman

    I’d like to see what you look like, Mel. If I am so ugly how did I get Jon? Smart, successful, handsome. That is something you will be very unfamilliar with I’m guessing.

  17. Jon is a Pussy

    “Jon is going to lay the smack down on all of your asses.”

    He gets beaten up by his wife! How can that guy put a smack down on anyone.

  18. mel

    Funny someone would typo their own name ;)

    No sorry, I am not attracted to fat half-asians. I am actually in a very happy relationship and have a child of my own. And no, you cannot sell him for crack, sorry.

    Also did I say you were ugly? I said you looked old. Old like Donatella Versace.

  19. Deacon Jones

    Blah, I’ll be the one standing on the headboard playing air guitar to “Panama” while her head’s getting rammed thru it. This will be my big chance to make it

  20. Hailey Glassman

    You all are getting a little bit out of control, peasants. Jon is a powerful man with a hammer of a cock. He will take out his hard cock and bash your heads with it.

  21. DeviousJinx

    Hahahaha, I was about to say the same thing #67! Kate is going to devour Hailey just like she did Jon and neither one of those bitches will be man enough to stop her!

  22. #52, 59, & 61 – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Thanks, I needed those…

    And I imagine “dignificing” is the “dignity of sacrifice”… or maybe it’s just the Tijuana snow talking there…

    Hey Hailey, are you still mad your parents gave you a stripper’s name?

  23. Dread not

    Ho-ly Shit! If you are who you say you are, you’ve got balls, I’ll give you that. Granted, they’re probably of the ben-wa variety, but you’ve got ‘em. And by “holding your head up and being a good woman for Jon?” Is that slang for, “you sucked him off almost to climax and you wait patiently, as he ejaculates on your face and in your hair?” I’m just askin’? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Look, you’re special, Snookums. What guy doesn’t want a woman with barely any tread left on the tire. A woman he can do resin hits with when all the hash is gone. A woman who knows how to turn an apple into a bong. You’ve got a lot to offer, Jon. Most importantly, an alibi should he get in any kind of legal trouble in the future. He can point at you, plead insanity and he’ll pretty much get away with murder. I’d watch out, Kate.

  24. Hailey Glassman

    You are all a bunch of poopstained panties!! And Hailey is NOT a stripper name!! Rich Port is!! And you are all peasants who will bow to the suckling teet of Jon’s velvetty weanus when he comes all over your faces and you drown in it. And I will laugh.

  25. I don't think so

    @ #70 “Hailey”

    1. Jon is Asian…I doubt he has any hammer type cock
    2. You are a whore…I doubt anything less than Blackzilla will even have a chance of tickling you.

  26. Hailey Glassman

    Jon is so going to hear from me about this. I am telling him. His cock will grow hard with rage and he will use it as a hammer to smite you all, like THOR!!

  27. mel

    Why would you laugh at your supposed man sticking his penis in other women’s faces?

    Do us a favor, and if this is really you, issue a statement. And get it on TV. Should be easy if you are as famous as you think you are. Acknowledge us, and maybe we will acknowledge you. But probably not. Only that you’ll end up with skin cancer before you reach your 30s.

  28. Thor? Bitch please. Did you ever see that movie “Revenge of the Nerds”, where that jock asks the Asian dude if he knows karate, the nputs his sweaty jockstrap on his head when he says “no”? Jockstrap head would Jon… he’ll be delivering my General Tso’s and mispronouncing his “r’s” by the end of the year.

  29. Hailey Glassman

    I am sitting here laughing my ass off at all these comments. If you think I’m so low and disgusting why do you bother replying? Why do you bother reading posts about me and looking at pictures of me? You all want me. Jon is sitting beside me right now and his cock is pulsating with a blind rage. I am going to make it spew all over you.

  30. Hailey Glassman


  31. wtf?

    “HAWIANNE” ??? What the fuck is that? Does it have anything to do with “dignificing” ???

    Hawaiian’s (note correct spelling) are of Japanese heritage, thus they are Asian.

  32. Alitax

    What the hell is a HAWIANNE?

  33. Deacon Jones

    lol, this isn’t her.

    Kudos, however, to whoever is “her”.

    I’m off to happy hour to drink $1 Miller Lites, do one too many shots of Wild Turkey, and get at least one awkward stare from a chick while I make my “Shining” face at her

  34. Deanna Hummel

    All of you are bitches.

    Has anyone thought about I feel through all of this?

    I was there first. I should be the one getting all the attention and trips to Europe and rings and clothing lines and engagments. The only reason Jon dumped me was because I wouldn’t take it in the butt. Sometimes I think he has a little closet case of homo. He would always scream at me “Take it in YOUR ass Kate…you dirty bitch” I would have to stop and remind him that my name is Deanna….but then he would just curl into the fetal position and cry himself to sleep.

    I want my money bitch!

  35. This “exclusive” sounds like it was made up, like so so bad…

    nice try, though, you can immediately tell whoever edits this site wrote the supposed informant info…

    either way, many people will still run with the twisted truth! Ahaha. I’d hit that shit on some blow no doubt!!!

    -Marty Applewood

  36. chris

    wow, what happened between the first and second pic. she looked cute in first one, then what happened

  37. mel

    Duh it’s not her, but it’s still amusing that someone thinks they are ;)

  38. dumbass

    @ #86

    “wow, what happened between the first and second pic”

    pic #1 is a mugshot….you figure it out

  39. DP Trainer

    I think she is a perfect candidate for a DP, maybe even a DPP

  40. Diwali Singh

    Who really gives a shit? Honestly. Four years ago your blog used to be so good, but your schtick is old and predictable. What’s with all your Jon Gosselin and Kim Kardashian posts? These people are nobodies and your constant profile of them has turned this site into a massive waste of time.

  41. marcus.

    I can see this saga ending in a homicide. Can I see Kate’s fake tits again please?

  42. your mama

    She’s a typical white slut whore. Why is anyone surprised? That’s what all white skanks do

  43. anti-pathy

    This is hilarious,you’ve gotta love passive aggressive people like Jon, obviously he doesnt have the balls to confront his wackjob ex-wife directly about what she put him through, so he does the next best thing, takes up with women that are GUARANTEED to drive her even more insane, and the joy of his plan is that she can’t do a damn thing about it, he is not serious about this one , the last one or the next one, he is just using them to f—-k with her mind, not because she wants him back , but the fact that he is showing her that he is out there doing all the things that make that maniacal control freak nuts and she can’t do a thing about it must be driving her to drink.As for Hailey or Deanna who cares if she did or didn’t do drugs or if she did the whole football team, her life,her problem. Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs, get your coke on girl. You can always try for a reality show about rehab

  44. boilermaker

    she went to IU?! ohhh yeaaa…theres no doubt she’s a dirty skank!!

  45. deddog

    @ 52 – HAHAHAHAHAHA, thank you

  46. Mark

    Hey #81, I’m pretty sure “Hawianne” and “dignificing” have something to do with “chagne”

    And also, I’m really hoping poster 50 is actually this Glassman chick so I can know that she actually read what an ugly, homewrecking whore everyone thinks she is.
    Put the bottle and/or meth down honey, you look about 43.

  47. Darth

    I predict some ecstasy moments for Jon Gosselin.His eyes will be popping out.

  48. Nero

    That’s probably something else than that hairy cooter he’s used too.

  49. Galtacticus

    He’s thanking god on his knees for this girl and is looking forward to his first shot of heroin.

  50. Rhialto

    I bet she knows how to use the strap-on!

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