EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend majored in coke and threesomes at college

July 16th, 2009 // 106 Comments

Seen here in her 2005 mugshot for marijuana possession, Hailey Glassman, the new love of Jon Gosselin’s life, has a sordid past that’s been splattered all over the Internet since the two were spotted in St. Tropez over the weekend. According to an exclusive source who attended Indiana University with Hailey, she also has a history of snorting coke and having sex with members of the football team (Two at a time!) in her hotel room during spring break:

We lived in Bordner 200 in McNutt during freshmen year at IU. Over winter break the first year she lost 20 pounds.When girls on the floor asked for her secret she said two word…”coke diet!”
I also talked with her after sophomore spring break in Acapulco and she told some crazy stories involving her and a certain varsity athletic team.
When push came to shove….she spent all week hosting several football players in her room including then qb Blake Powers. The room was definitely not the only thing she provided (I heard about definite tag team action)… all on daddy’s credit card of course.
The girl started out sweet but got consumed with the drugs, those kids better watch out before there daddy gets addicted to nose candy.

While it’s nice to see some concern for the Gosselin children, honestly, there’s nothing to worry about. Besides the Ed Hardy clothes, Oakley sunglasses, earring, baggy jeans, recent smoking habit, and binge drinking with Christian Audigier, Jon Gosselin’s the kind of man who doesn’t cave to peer pressure. That said, should viewers notice the kids swallowing balloons in upcoming episodes, you might want to call child services. Or simply tell Kate if you want to see a grown man get porcupine-haired in the thorax on cable television. Either one.

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  1. karmup


  2. what a nice respectable young woman

  3. Loser above me.

  4. Jody

    Sho she was a little slut in college and fucked the QB and maybe a few others guys on the team.

    What little minx doesn’t open up for the QB? Add some coke, and , ok, maybe she she does a threesome. Every guys dream, why not every girls?

    Sounds like John has found a fun party girl. Go at it, wear a codnom, have your fun, do anything to block out that nightmare of eight yapping, needy little monthsters back in your house. No guy should have to put up with that curse.

  5. Sounds like a fun girl. Whats wrong with that.

  6. jim

    Trashy girl is also a mudshark. Not news.

  7. Albin Bainbridge

    @ 5

    Yeah, she’s just a worn-out possible coke addict with a criminal record who irresponsibly sleeps with a balding, overweight 32-year-old man who filed for divorce less then a month ago. What could possibly be wrong with that picture?

    Everything this chick does is to get approval and draw attention to herself. What the Hell happened… besides the cocaine, that is. What messed up childhood did she have to just fall off the deep end that fast? Does she come from a broken family? Was her dad an asshole?

  8. FACE

    Yet another white whore glorified in the American media

  9. Perfect candidate for a choke fuck…

  10. Zee Brat

    That fourth pic there, is the best Jon pic ever.

  11. Morley

    Can we as a country please stop covering these A-holes? Why are they famous?

  12. mall cops

    Why can’t we send these jackasses overseas to scope out enemy terrain and test the ground for IED’s? So much better use of their stupidity.

  13. university of cumdumpsters

    Who was the professor that semester? Lohan, right? No wonder this bitch is so good at whoring and snorting. Next up, pics of vagina exiting a vehicle! Extra credit for making it look like a total accident!

  14. Dude

    I call bullshit, they don’t have coke in Indiana.

  15. what?

    Yeah, she’s going to make a great step Mother to those 8 kids…/rollseyse.

    Nice girlfriend, Jon Gosselin….you douche bag!

  16. Kayleigh C.

    Here at IU, they don’t call them McNutt sluts for nothing.

  17. hfj

    nice trainwreck eyebrows.

  18. havoc

    I wonder how many guys have McNutted on her face?

    Good for this Jon guy. You know she fucks like the Tasmanian Devil…


  19. timbo

    I’ve driven through Indiana a few times and by the time you’re through the state, you’re willing to do anything for some fun….even coke.

  20. carolyn

    Looks like someone tore her eyebrows off.

  21. Livinius Nwambe

    Holy shit, stop the presses, a college co-ed did crazy shit and then grew up, sorta.

    Why is this even important? Everybody does crazy shit in college, right ‘Fish?’

    What, you’re going to deny our time in Tijuana with Rosa and Maria? Dammit man, I knew you’d back out.

  22. tom

    you call him a douchebag for dating this whore i call him a HERO!

    have your fun bro, get a coke-fueled threesome in there then dump the bitch and go to your kids’ birthday party.
    he needs it badly…

  23. DeviousJinx

    She has a nice body (thanks coke, you always come through!), but she is the true definition of BUTTERFACE! Yes, Jon is a balding tool but the fact that he’s on tv should earn him a little more than college leftovers like this!

  24. The Jerk

    Everyone is getting emo over this coked out, double penn, weed smoking college fucktard and it really shouldnt make a difference in the end. If she wants to be with some fat tub of shit azn who can barely see while having 8 kids then apparently shes a keeper for him, especially when they need a babysitter to watch the kids for “family night”.

    How cutesy.. :barf:

  25. Deacon Jones


    Exactly Rich! Except I prefer the term “Throat Fuck”

    So basically she’s a whore. Big whoop. Girls like these are a dime a dozen at any state college. When I was selling hash my junior year I could walk into a party and have two chicks just like this bitch agreeing to leave with me in 10 minutes to get high.

  26. Shes perfect! especially for some dude coming out of a dreadful marriage,,,Gapes Galore!!!

  27. Rachell

    I have to say, I don’t understand why some girls wax the shit out of their eyebrow’s like this. It looks HORRIBLE. The shape looks stupid and they are pencil thin…how does this look good? Sorry, pet peeve of mine. That being said, people change, you can be a party animal in college and a decent person a few years later.

  28. Gravity is not going to be friendly to that chin…

  29. kev

    isn’t this the father of 8 children and a bitchy wifes dream? a young ho

  30. where's the video

    Work with me on this one.

    We have videos floating around the interwebz of EVERYONE having sex. Right now you can go to google and find a video of your mom with 3 black dudes…..even if she never really has been.

    Where is the video of this whore??? I have to believe there is a full production DVD of this slut being slammed air-tight by a room full of guys.

    Who gives a shit about another Paris Hilton video. Give me this bitch doing 5 lines of coke and getting DP’d by anyone who walks through the door.

  31. John Smith

    I was there with the Indiana Football team in Acapulco and I am good friends with all the guys who were there. I have spoken with these guys and I know that none of them have ever had sex with this chick or they would certainly remember. This article is a blatant lie. We ran into a friend from Conneticut who was haning out with her all week and we were introduced to her through him. They were dating for a while after spring break and none of my friends touched this girl or had any reason to. They don’t even know her!! This gossip is all confirmed lies.

  32. DeviousJinx

    Yeah, “John Smith”, if that’s your REAL name (Hi Hailey!). Have you seen the other pics of you, errr, I mean of her and her “friends”? Looks completely innocent to me, the kind of girl you really wanna take home to momma…or Kate for that reason. If you know anything about college football players they don’t remember half of the skanks they cornhole because these chicks are a dime a dozen and there’s plenty of alcohol to wash away the memories of their fugly faces.


  33. dink squeeze

    She should have been arrested for those eyebrows alone!

  34. wtf

    @ #31

    Wow…you have put us all in our place. We should all thank you and believe you Mr. Smith. I am glad you came forward and protected this poor church going God fearing girl. How dare anyone question this innocent soul.

    PS….Do you think she will do Ass to Mouth for some blow?

  35. Mama Pinkus

    someone needs to stage an eyebrow tweezer intervention on this gal

  36. Duuude

    19… Typically I would agree with you. One obvious exception is Bloomington, IN (home of IU). Great town. Regardless, fuck this girl.

  37. M

    You know what’s really funny about this post? That someone attended Indiana university and can’t spell “their”.
    USA! USA!

  38. Amy

    Does anyone else think he’s doing this on purpose just so he won’t have to worry about custody/visitation with the kids? Just a thought. So basically, either he’s brilliant, or the dumbest man on the planet. I vote the latter…but just a thought.

  39. haha

    why are people surprised?

    This is what dirty white trash does…

    They lived in McNutt ffs…sounds like a bredding ground septic tanks like her

  40. kels

    It’s a known fact that yellow people will take any white person that comes their way.

  41. kels

    It’s a known fact that yellow people will take any white person that comes their way.

  42. #31 – Yea, and I sprouted wings and flew to work today. You’re a fucking idiot.


    Deacon, the throat fuck is great and all, but the choke fuck is more of a manual constriction during intercourse rather than a gag reflex denier. Just never try it on your wife… maybe your best friend’s, but not yours…

  43. Buttsecks?

    The real story here is that there are eight more horrible asians in america.

  44. Jon Gosselin’s New Girl Has A Drug Past .

    More information on US Official Tabloid Gossip blog

  45. mel

    Isn’t it too early for him to be going through a second adolescence?

  46. Deacon Jones

    Ah yes Rich. I misinterpreted a “choke fuck” as a “gag fuck”.

    Jesus, my college experience is deteriorating before my eyes.

  47. Sardonic

    Daddy, new mommy is so much fun!

  48. #45 – I dunno… personally, I’m on my third…

    Deacon, don’t feel bad… I’m quite sure one could get quite a high smoking my hair.

  49. robert

    anyone who has seen more than 5minutes of Kate plus eight will immediately recognize that Hailey perfectly matches Jon Gosselin’s maturity level. This reality series can only get better: 8 toddlers, their perma-bitchy mom, wuss-douchebag dad, and his coke-whore slut mistress; all three of which crave money and attention. I might actually watch an episode or two.

  50. Hailey Glassman

    I can’t believe I’m doing this but some of my friends phoned me and told me to go to this stie. How sick are you people? How stupid and bored are you? I have never done any of these things in my life. I smoked weed ONCE in my life but I have NEVER done coke and I never plan to. And I am not a slut. Jon and I are in love and I am not a gold digger. He respects Kate, his children and me. Can’t you just get a life of your own?

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