Hailey Baldwin Did an Underwear Workout Video Too

Hailey Baldwin has had a huge 2017. Whatever secret society of attractive people she’s in has really helped her blossom into a worldwide modeling talent over the past year. This year she even got to do this LOVE magazine advent calendar thing. It’s basically the modern version of the Hooter’s calendar, but instead of putting busty chicks next to wooden trays of chicken wings and ugly motorcycles, they throw them in lingerie and have them work out. Some call it exploitive, soft-core porn, but since LOVE mag puts the #StayStrong at the end, it makes it fem-woke AF.

Speaking of fem-woke and empowerment and stuff, I’d like to point out that the editor cuts to a direct shot of her vagina six times in this video. Since it fades to text around a minute in, that’s an average of one open-leg crotch shot every ten seconds.

This one is good, I’m sure it will stay true to LOVE magazine’s mission statement and inspire a bunch of young girls to to run for congress and cure diseases and stuff. It’s not my favorite though, that goes to Emily Ratajowski’s spaghetti food porn she made last week.

For the record, I don’t have a problem with Hailey Baldwin doing this video at all, or any of the other ladies that do the Advent series, but if there’s one thing I’m good at it’s sniffing out the gross commodification of hot button social issues. Maybe if LOVE Magazine went with a little more variety than just a who’s who of light-skinned, busty models I might buy their “empowerment” shtick a little more. I’ll give them credit for using Slick Woods and Ashley Graham because they aren’t white and skinny, but c’mon… making a commercial where Madison Beer orgasms while doing pull-ups in lingerie for feminism? That’s some “hand a cop a Pepsi” shit…

Then again, what the hell do I know. I’m just a guy who was handed the keys to a T&A blog and spend a portion of my day milking these lingerie videos for clicks. I also pee standing up. Unless I’m tired, then I’ll usually sit down. It also allows me to write these posts from my bathroom.

**Flushes toilet**

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