Gwyneth Paltrow meant to do this

March 30th, 2009 // 68 Comments

Here’s Gwyneth Paltrow shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart yesterday with her weird-named cherubs. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Is her shirt completely see-through while out in public with her children?” And the answer is “no.” You see, according to GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow is perfect, infallible, and smarter than you, so clearly this must be a mirage – with breasts. (Kind of.)

Photos: Flynet

  1. Oh dear!

    I think we know why her little girl is hiding her eyes….

  2. Randal

    Gwyneth has always been one to know style and here she’s doing it once again. The see-through shirt goes well with her jeans, for you can see through those as well. An outfit that goes well with itself.


  3. SoTe

    I see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… ha. Stop looking at me like that little girl! UUuhhh like I’m scared. Go get a mom less insipid!

  4. *yawn*

    She’s wearing a bra and has no tits to speak of anyway.

  5. testing

    Is it bad that now I like her all the sudden? I would hang with that chick, usually she seems to have a stick up her ass

  6. Nugaloopagus

    Holy crap! I had no idea she was married to Elvis Costello!

  7. chango

    No titties . . no problem . . .

  8. Geeze

    Parents do not realize how embarassing they can be for their kids. I hope their classmates do not see this.

  9. chango

    Classmates????? ha ha ha , I’m sure 4 year olds read site . . . dumbass . . .

  10. Lyno

    To me, it just looks like a shirt/top, with a black bra printed on it.

  11. Tim

    Boy, she working so hard raising thowse kids – she barely had time to straighten her hair and pick out an outift.

    I suggest a Canadian ski trip for Gwyneth.

  12. Alison

    Where’s Gwynnie’s hubby? He’s never around anymore.

  13. Titty


    These pictures also appear in magazines you dumb fuck! Most kids start pre-school by age 3.

  14. yanks and wanks - they rhyme for a reason

    Listen Fish it BEHOOVES her to go out in public in that shirt, so back off, if it BEHOOVES Gwynn then it just does. Yeah that told ya.

  15. yanks and wanks - they rhyme for a reason

    Listen Fish it BEHOOVES her to go out in public in that shirt, so back off, if it BEHOOVES Gwynn then it just does. Yeah that told ya.

  16. yanks and wanks - they rhyme for a reason

    Listen Fish it BEHOOVES her to go out in public in that shirt, so back off, if it BEHOOVES Gwynn then it just does. Yeah that told ya.

  17. Richard McBeef

    So I made the mistake of clicking on the GOOP link. What a load of auto-fellating bullshit.

    The kid in the Batman shirt is shitting itself while walking down the street.

  18. Galtacticus

    Is that kid crying or something? A new attention whore in the make folks!

  19. Darth

    I would cry too with a name like that!

  20. The sexiest mom alive, right there. I love that woman.

  21. batman

    i love the batman teeshirt

  22. CaptainMorgan

    I don’t care that her chest is flat. Those knees are worn out for a very good reason! Well worth it!

  23. violet

    my cat’s name is apple, and she’s older than that damn kid.


  24. Skülff Ückler

    How old is that daughter in the red? 5 or 6? Christ, she already looks like a bitch.

  25. English Muffin

    She’s really gotten fat!

  26. English Muffin

    She’s really gotten fat!

  27. anon

    Poor little girl. How sad to grow up with cameras surrounding you. While the parents chose to pursue careers that would involve publicity, the children did not.

  28. damnstraight

    She still looks fucking hot. But jesus christ does she need to dress like a 13-year-old with the deliberately ripped jeans?

    Shows how mindless intelligent people can get when they get smoke blown up their asses every moment of their lives.

    I’d fuck her six ways to sunday, and make her forget her douchebag husband ever existed. Then slap his monkey face when he came mewling about, and make him wear her ripped jeans the next time he plays one of his crappy, psuedo-intellectual, ripped-off songs.

  29. Bird legs are gross

    thin lips and bird legs and the attitude of a whore around alex rodriguez whatta dirty fucking whore

  30. this is soo sick.
    Just by carrying a ten year old kid they want to show the world she’s a good mother.(remember madonna?)
    BUT WHEN THE PAPRAZZI IS GONE…………………..she is gone too!!
    WITHOUT THE KIDS, folks!!

  31. redemption

    She looks very pretty and her kids look cute – they look NORMAL and who cares if her shirt’s a little see-through. Sunlight plus camera flash makes sheer look see-through. Everybody knows that. Stop trying to turn absolutely nothing into a story. The only thing I have against Gwyneth is that she’s friends with Madonna and that makes me question her – but other than that, I think she seems very human and I like her.

  32. John

    This chick is so not hot. She’s ugly and a total dude face.
    Can’t blame the hubby for not being around.

    I’d hit the road too if I was married to that.
    She looks like a man wearing a bra.

  33. TQ


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  35. Flange

    Mmm, what sechsy curves…

  36. sin

    Awww… with her itty bitty titties, she don’t need a bra. She wears one to keep her nips from getting sunburnt.

  37. boo

    omg its just the flash peoplee! i dont think its see through in normal light.

  38. mikeock

    she flashed some serious tits in Shakespeare In Love. Aside from dressing like a slob, I’d gladly feed that vegan my pork.

  39. J-Dizzle


    Randal, you’re an assclown. You should down a bottle of sleeping pills and drink a bottle of vodka

  40. Smarg

    What is she doing in America? I thought she has a Brit accent now, the sellout America-hating dreg bitch.

  41. Moses is such a pretty girl. He’s also a whiner who doesn’t like leaving his “london house”

  42. chupacabra

    Those kids look just like that ugly assed husband.

  43. Jrz

    But Mumzy, the men with the cameras are in Los Angeleeeez. I so want to go back to our London home…..

  44. This is what I can’t get with celebrities. She’s wearing dark glasses but a revealing outfit. It suggest she wants to be noticed, can’t be nice for the kids though to have photographers after her all the time.

  45. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Kids are dressed a little PICK N SAVE, no? Is that Hobo Chic? Dont Rock Star Daddy and Actress Mummy have any money to buy them decent clothes? Get those kids to a GAP!

  46. Jrz

    Seriously, Mama. Red dress, pink leggins, blue headband, purple shoes…what the fuck?

  47. #43 – Oh bollocks mummy! Get me to the loo, I seemed to have peepeed me knickers… who are those wankers with the camayras?

  48. Lolita

    Are you fucking kidding me? Are woman supposed to die inside, lose their sense of personal style, and stop being young, hip and cool, just cause they have kids?
    I think you need to check yourself. I applaud her for having a fun sense of style, no matter what she is doing.

  49. jj

    Apple Martin? Yeah don’t you just hear “Apple Martini?” That’s actually not 1/2 bad!

  50. DrunkenJules

    Is that her kid wearing a batman t-shir? I hope the iron man producers fire her.

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