Gwyneth Paltrow to America: Grow a Pair

December 8th, 2005 // 82 Comments

paltrowshopping21fb2.jpgUntil now, I had never fully considered the possibility that Gwyneth Paltrow


  1. boo

    i dare her to come back to this country and say that. why is it that celebrities criticize the U.S. while they’re overseas, yet never open their mouths here? (jessica lange opened her big fat mouth in the last year or so, so did jared leto, etc). you know what, gwynnie? stay in england. dont ever come back. why do you bother calling yourself an american since you obviously hate america?

  2. becca11

    3023 people died at the trade towers bombing, 52 at london bombing? Am I right about the numbers? But maybe SOMEONE is in therapy is they were close to one of the 52… Im sure she does not know everyone in England yet to know that no one is in therapy.What is wrong with therapy if someone you know dies??? Is Gwen into scientology now?>

  3. Ashland

    Gwyneth is insinuating that Americans are emotionally weak. If someone’s loved one is blown to bits by a terrorist…she’s basically saying it’s weak to cry or mourn. Is that why she’s cried and mourned publicly over the death of her own dad? Shut your mouth Gwyneth and PLEASE stay overseas. Just continue doing yoga 4 hours a day, getting spa treatments and naming your kids after fruit. In fact, name the next one that’s on the way after you…..FRUITCAKE.

  4. grace17

    I know someone who won’t be getting a memorial when she DIES! It won’t be long before Londoners give her the boot, then she can move to Iraq and praise the terrorist for their perserverence in trying to kill us!

  5. That was so insensitive in her part.
    She sounded like that crazy guy, Bill Maher.
    I think she should stay in London forever.

  6. maybe she doesn’t say it in the States, because she doesn’t want to be labelled a terrorist..

  7. bafongu

    Let me think…4 jumbo airliners are hijacked, flown into multiple buildings, including two of the tallest structures in the world, causing billions of dollars in damge, thousands upon thousands of humans seared, crushed or lept hundreds of stories to their death, hundreds of police and firefighters lose their lives in the rescue effort, and this cold bag of urine compares that to one double decker bus in London and 52 deaths? All murders are horrific, but I heard that more people died at the last John Tesch concert.

  8. Tiffin

    Yes. We have something in the UK called “freedom of speech”. Some of your older American readers may remember it.

  9. darleysam

    it’s the whole “our tragedy is worse than yours” thing that does it. Both countries were attacked. Yes, america lost far more people than england, but they both represented an attack on our societies.
    Just one country chose to tell the world about it every day since, the other’s decided to get on with it.

  10. Tiffin

    I agree wholeheartedly. I’m sure that everyone who rode the tube the next day was comforted by the fact that “only” 52 people died. Oh, and “only” seven or eight hundred were injured, some losing limbs and others suffering permanent disfigurement.

  11. zenmasterfoo

    it’s not the number of deaths nor how they died. It’s that no one, no matter who they are or what country they live in likes to hear someone, regardless of what nationality they have make an insensitive statement lke that.

    saggy breasts aside, the woman should learn a little restraint.

    Saying positive things about londoners WITHOUT insinuating negative things about americans would probably have been a little bit nicer. we like the brits a bunch. we do.

  12. darleysam

    yeah, i’ll agree that it’s insensitive to insult the bereaved (anyone remembering the whole Billy Connoly and Boris Johnson thing with Ken Bigley?), but i think at the end of the day, you won’t find people over here with 7/7 tattoos. There just seem to be a number of folks who weren’t even involved in the attacks on the WTC, that seem to glorify in their misery.
    Same as any emo kid who won’t stop going on about the pain in his life.

  13. JerseyGirl

    Let’s take her down to a local firehouse in NYC and have her make that statement…

    Celebrities should really think before they speak. Just because you’re famous, doesn’t mean your smart.

    Especially when most celebrities never go to college or don’t have anyone around them that will question what they think (in an intellectial way, of course).

  14. Tiffin

    I think zenmasterfoo’s probably right. But then by the same token, maybe commenters who disagree with ol’ saggy tits should criticise her comments without belittling our tragedy.

  15. darleysam

    seriously, she’s got a point, even if she didn’t put it tactfully

  16. Popz9

    take a look at a brit’s teeth and tell me they havent learned to live through the ugliness around them… bristish people are about as friendly as my grandmother is when we steal her dentures and put them on the dog….

  17. darleysam

    see, and not one brit on here has made a Big Mac comment.
    hang your head in shame, Popz9

  18. artmonkey3000

    Well, a great majority of Americans ARE self-involved, emotionally fragile, whiney pussies. It’s true. Read any message board or comment section online if you don’t believe me (*kah-wink*). But I’m sure you can add Gynnie’s name (hell, my pussy-asss name, too) to that list of Americans with their heads up their asses. That’s part and parcel of growing up in this awesome comfy sofa of a country. We’re kinda spoiled.

    And the idea that death only gets more relevant as the body count rises is an inane logic turd (particularly since we all know damn well that part of the sobbing reaction to our country getting attacked and 3000 people dying was geographically motivated…..if it happened in Canada no one would care…even Canadians, or maybe they’re just too polite to complain, but I digress).

    However, the day I stop having an emotional reaction to people dying and America being wounded on such a vast scale, is the day they should take away my Mangina License and recycle my emotionless corpse. Until then, quit pretending that anytime someone criticizes the US that they “hate Ahmerca”….they may just hate your stupid ass. And as ill-conceived as their comments may be, you may be doing yourself a diservice by dismissing them, as they might just very well have a small point lodged in their arguement….somewhere.

    Like mine….I think we can all agree that my point was something or other….I think it was about badgers or something. Wait…what was I saying….?

  19. bafongu

    The Brits are a tough lot, no doubt. She aint a Brit. She’s a spoiled little tart with the intellect of a Sea Anemone. Want to talk about “getting over it”? The Brits still dislike the Germans. Need I write why? She’s part of the see me, feel me corps that gets press for farting.

  20. artmonkey3000

    To be fair, bafongu, she does fart golden fairies and love. It’s a medical fact….

  21. Xiangzi

    Just out of interest, did the Bali bombings get much media coverage in the USA or Europe?
    Incase they didn’t:
    2002 Bali Bombing – 202 dead, 209 injured
    2005 Bali Bombing – 20 dead, 129 injured
    2003 Marriott Hotel Bombing – 12 dead, 150 injured
    2004 Jakarta Embassy boming – 9 dead, 12 injured
    I’m an Australian. While I recognise that the number of people killed in the Bali Bombings and other asscoiated events do not come close to 3023 people killed on September 11th, I do believe that the outcome was the same in the U.S, London, Spain, Indonesia and the countless other places terroists choose to attack.
    Since when was this about numbers?
    I personally believe that it is only a matter of time before you’ll all be hearing of an attack on a city in Australia. But how many of you will care?
    Please keep in mind that terroist attacks are not exclusive to America and Europe.
    I think Gwenyth’s comments were naive. But come on, we all know that she didn’t get to be where she is today because she posesses superior intellect.
    She named her kid Apple, for fucks sake.

  22. All I want for Christmas is the rape and murder of gwyneth paltrow.

    Celebrities bash America overseas all the time, then return to its glories and act like they’ve done nothing wrong. BJ Clinton, Will Smith, Woddy Allen, Michael Moron. We’re getting pretty d@mn sick of it and them.

  23. Tiffin

    We don’t dislike the Germans, bafongu. We just don’t trust them, for obvious reasons.

  24. mazisme

    Gwytheth can say what she likes. But I have to agree dwelling over things makes the pain worse. The inference I understand from her speech is to recover and look to the future. I mean think of all the crazy American looneis that will blight her now.

  25. mazisme

    Gwytheth can say what she likes. But I have to agree dwelling over things makes the pain worse. The inference I understand from her speech is to recover and look to the future. I mean think of all the crazy Americans that will blight her now.

  26. darleysam

    i think the people that are coming out and saying that she should be raped and murdered/never come back to america, are pretty much justifying her point.
    learn to deal with it, guys:)

  27. professor booty

    Man, is she ugly or what? What the hell happened to her? Oh yeah, she was always an underfed horse-faced hag.

  28. professor booty

    And who cares what she says anyway?

  29. BadassFred

    Gwyneth Paltrow is ex-party girl that was born rich and beautiful and became a famous actress because of who her parents were.

    I don’t think she really lives in the same world all the rest of us do.

  30. minnesotacharm

    Paltrow’s comment regarding America’s sadness re: 9/11 is insensitive.

    Her comment regarding therapy doesn’t make sense.

    Her comment regarding the continued use of Americans to frighten Americans into a certain political viewpoint is accurate and justified.

    That’s precisely what Bush and his cronies have done. They have repeatedly suggested that if you don’t condone their political viewpoints, you’re un-American and putting American lives in danger — “you’re with us or against us.”

    The facts, of course, suggest otherwise, but when did Bush let the facts get in the way of a good political argument? The 9/11 commission said this week that the country has not done enough — in fact, has done very little — to prevent future terror attacks. Huricane Katrina, although not a terrorist attack, has proven how unprepared the country is to deal with a large-scale emergency. Yet, Bush has convinced people that he is somehow making them safer. Amazing — he truly is a magician.

  31. fuzzygreenhoodie

    Wow some of you guys are really sensitive, not to mention total morons.

    She’s not insulting Americans, or even calling them weak. What she is saying is that there are more frequent attacks and the like in Britain, but with much less fanfare than the single attack in America, because they are used to this sort of thing, whereas Americans run around flailing at the first sign of chaos or disorder in what we are used to. Not to mention the fact that we are overly sensitive towards anything that we don’t agree with or don’t understand. Concider the following…Katrina, Kidnappings, The Aruba girl, Terror, The Avian Flu, The Jackson Trial, The breakup of Brad and Jen, The “Homosexual agenda”, The non-existant War on Christmas. Everytime we overhype these things, we look like bigger idiots.

    Also, If you all remember, there were a lot of companies that profitted off of countless half-assed, insincere 9/11 memorials and merchandise and things like flags and those idiotic yellow ribbon magnets.

    Also, since you don’t seem to know what the phrase “Think nothing of it.” means…The comment she made about therapy that you couldn’t understand was saying that they “think nothing” of therapy, means that they don’t see therapy as out of the ordinary or weak as it’s viewed in America. It means that when somebody is in therapy, it’s not seen as a big deal to go and get help.

  32. WotHire

    Maybe Londoners are a bit more resiliant as we lived through decades of IRA terrorism funded by Americans… mostly New Yorkers in fact.

    Or maybe she just spotted the famous British reserve and stiff upper lip for the first time.

  33. rivercmb

    While I don’t completely disagree with her, it is getting annoying that so many american celebrities say this stuff “outside” of america. Why not complain in american papers? If you don’t want to risk losing jobs, why even say anything?

    And on a side note, does anyone else want to go to England and drop kick Madonna. Her fake british accent is driving me nuts. Your from Detroit! I bet if we dropped her in Japan for a couple of months she’s start wearing neon clothes and trying to bargain down everything she buys.

  34. spacca

    I bet it’s all some publicity stunt, I live in London… and people over here (to tell the truth) generally don’t like you yeah you may be our closest Ally but you fund the IRA and act stupid, old Gwynnie is just trying to act accepted… and he statement just sounds dumb.

  35. MrPloppy

    What my fellow Brits are trying to say (I think) is that there is a long standing belief in the UK is that the US has financed the vast majority of terrorist attacks against us. This of course is going to have a knock on affect as to how some people view 9/11..

    As to Gwynies comments. Had Big Ben, Canary Warf and 3000 people died on 7/7 then it would not have been stiff upper lip time. All those areas with simmering racial tensions would have exploded. The raw emotion may not have manifested itself in memorials but it would certainly have seen expression in violence.

  36. little_miss_perfect

    I think we need to do what celebrities from all nations do at times like these. We need to have our most iconic national performers sing a song that will ease the terrible pain of this discussion.

    I’m waiting to hear 50 Cent and Chris Martin’s version of “Bridge over Troubled Water.” Right now.

  37. bunny

    lord help me, i never thought i’d agree with gwyneth paltrow about anything!

  38. Arjuno

    Gwyneth, aka ‘Sunken Boob Birdfaced Girl’, is clearly an idiot. Is it necessary to say more after that?

  39. ElFurbe

    The World Trade Center attack is the deadest horse imaginable. It was, *WAS*, a terrible tragedy. I don’t think anyone is suggesting otherwise. However, it was also nearly five stinking years ago and there are STILL media outlets and tchotchke peddlers insisting on finding new and innovative ways to continually beat the topic even more to death. Ribbon campaigns, 3-D computer reconstructions of the precise, accurate angle of impact of the jet with the building and hour long specials discussing the number of pico-seconds a man was trapped under a slab of concrete and on and fricking on.

    I’m with Gwyneth on this one. The acceptable span for national bereavement has long since passed. Time to find something else to inspire our hollow nationalistic sentiment and pseudo-patriotic displays.

  40. Lil old me

    i dont even know why anyone would care what she has to say. Why does her opinion matter so much?

    Also…since when is the UK not a big comfy couch of a country as well. I’d say we are both spoiled. We’re not in the middle east where that happens every day…wake up people.

  41. Escribo

    >Yes. We have something in the UK called “freedom of speech”. Some of your older American readers may remember it.

    Freedom of speech also means private citizens have the right to comment on speech made by public figures.

  42. Lil old me

    Lol. that is a good comeback for that idiotic comment.

  43. thebighairedboy

    I just have a hard time listening to Gwyneth’s comments regarding how well the Brits have done since 7/7. I think this is mainly because I can still vividly recall a million (or more) of them wailing incessantly (embarrassingly?) about one woman’s sudden death. A woman that NONE of these people actually knew in person, mind you. A woman who’s death they continue to mourn today. Talk about multiple memorials with sobbing people! Paying respect for the INNOCENT deceased on 9/11 was what we did. We don’t wallow in it anymore, but I’ll tell you one thing — nobody will ever forget it.

  44. Mr Bubbles

    I think more than anything the annoying part is the constant handjob Gwynneth gives to the UK, and that whole, LOOK AT ME I LIVE HERE IM A LONDONER OMG IM COOL attitude she is constantly pushing in our faces 24/7/365. WE KNOW YOU LIVE THERE. THATS GREAT. Now stop constantly rimjobbing everything about England while slamming the country that made you famous, stupid skank.

  45. derekd

    Wow! This overrated cunt really put you guys in a tizzy! I won’t even dignify her with a comment.

  46. robinz

    Ignore what she said, but there is a larger idea at hand. Americans are losing their freedoms at the hands of a party who preaches less government, and a President who goes on national television to talk to two dogs on camera to say, “I have a lot of work to do.” He has so much work to do he can go on TV and talk to a couple of canines. YEP.

  47. lebowski

    I think the point, really, was that the majority of comments that this gwenyth makes are condescending venom spewed at people who she perceives to be lower than her. This isn’t nearly the first assholish comment she has made. I love the British–my whole fam is British (except for me, yes I was born in America) and they ARE tough. But she is not tough, she is an American actress. If the British don’t like Americans then why do they like her? Or do they?

  48. J-Bo

    Tony the tiger Blair and George Dubya should kick her clown ass to any Jihad loving country….and by Jihad loving country, I mean France. Lets all do Fish and chips and a couple of buds.

  49. MacMac

    OK, if she really wants to talk about not dwelling…

    Everything I’ve had the misfortune of reading from her anorexic, pasty ass complains about the death of her dad. I’m a daddy’s girl as much as the next, but ALL she talks about is how much she cries and how miserable she is. She’s still going on about it and it’s been how long???

    The death of 3000+ Americans who were just going to work/home/etc, versus the death of her famous daddy…what would be the larger tragedy?

  50. sst23


    I’m so sick of it!!

    Anyone else agree?

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