Gwyneth Paltrow is sparkly

February 9th, 2009 // 77 Comments

Gwyneth Paltrow attended Jay-Z’s post-Grammy bash at Katsuya last night where I’m going to correctly assume she said a bunch of insipid stuff in a British accent:

JAY-Z: That’s a lovely outfit.
GWYNETH: Why thank you. It behooved me to dress accordingly for your American Hip-Hop soiree. I’m quite the “Ho for sure,” aren’t I? A ha ha ha.
JAY-Z: …. Okay, for real, who invited Gwyneth Paltrow?


  1. auntmarie

    arigato miina! ^_^

  2. Brandon

    She’s an average actress, and she’s busted as fuck. It’s people like her and Nick Cage whose careers I just cannot understand.

  3. Christine

    see… the problem is that most of you are poor and ugly people who probably work in desk jobs and will never be significant… so it makes you feel better to pick on women like Gwyneth Paltrow.

    So sad…but if it makes your middle-cream lives feel better, then so be it.

  4. Facially scarred fat slob with HIV and rejected sissy

    Christine, I am not sure who is the bigger loser – the ugly freaks like me or the pathetic ones like you who defend rich and famous types that don’t waste their time reading our drivel. And who are you to deprive outcasts like us the only pleasure this life gives us? We are social lepers get used to it or get used.

    Doing anything friday night?

  5. We have a PANIC-SITUATION here, folks!!

  6. sushi

    This bitch is such a fugly fuckpig. i can’t fucking stand her.

  7. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Trillion at a time

    She looks nigger old

  8. friendlyfires

    Seriously, didn’t we all see her publicly dis Coldplay and give props for Radiohead? How bad does she want to cut loose from Chris Martin?

  9. Fred

    I wonder if one of those fine black gentleman buttsechsed her,pissed on her,or both?

  10. Um…yuck.

    Zooey Daschanelwhatever might get away with this stuff, but not G.P. the wilted bland wallflower here.

  11. Plato Meat

    I fuckin knew she’d drivel kiss-ass, insipid shit whilst introducing Radiohead. And she delivered. Except it was even more vomit-inducing than I could’ve imagined.

  12. Insatiable Peter

    The only reason I gave a shit about the Grammys this year was b/c of Radiohead and who has to fucking introduce them? Gwyneth “An-tony” Paltrow. Hate this pompous bitch. Has a family full of celebs and acts like she did it all on her own …That movie Seven had an appropriate ending.

  13. belowitall

    she is in full on morph to blythe mode

  14. Ever since Mischa Barton showed up, I find myself missing the old drugged up, fashionless Gwenyth Paltrow.

  15. Nigger President = Hairless Ape

    She’s a disgusting troll and what’s with the porch monkey in the last picture?

  16. She kinda looks like Blythe Danner. Oh, wait…

  17. Beeeee nice!

    I think she looks lovely.

    #65, go spread your racist garbage elsewhere. Nobody appreciates it on here.

  18. Jen

    Is everyone kidding?

    She is absolutely gorgeous. She has one of the most perfect faces in the world and she works HARD for that body. I find it funny that people think she’s stuck-up when actually, she just has a fantastic life and wants people to know it. lol. Maybe that IS stuck-up, but who gives a shit? She has everything, and she knows it.

  19. Insatiable Peter

    It’s hard for Hos to be humble and have humility, as they’re too busy leaching off the charisma and achievements of their significant other. Since she calls Steven Spielberg her uncle, I would also say that pretty much negates her Oscar win as an achievement of her own. Brad Pitt was a genius to dump this bitch.

    The racists and 68 need to be hit with their own pimp.

  20. Insatiable Peter

    54 knows what’s up

  21. Salmon

    THICK ANCKLES(second last pic)
    That Face is OLD and PLAIN

  22. justifiable

    Wow, platinum support hose makes yet another sad appearance. Coupled with what appears to be my great-aunt’s cardie and recycled tinsel garlands off the tree.

  23. Chelle

    I am dismayed by this outfit.

    We have a dress clearly meant for a younger woman, someone about 18-20 years old, preferably worn during the holiday season, as it has Christmas tree tinsel trimming the skirt.

    We have clunky shoes that should have been left in their box. At the shoe store.

    And those tights? They are just so ugly, not to mention that sweater, which seems to be something Gwyneth borrowed from her granny’s closet. Or maybe from Mr. Rogers?

    The handbag is cute.

    Gwyneth looks….tired. A little old.

  24. sin

    She better run. Jayz has already made a fist(see pic) and is gonna go chris brown on her. Next time she gets invited to a party hosted by a black man she better expect to give him some ass or get that ass beat. Its that or he got sick of her forced accent. If its the accent thing, wail away.

  25. hater

    OMG, she has ET hands…gross. I hate the pretentious bitch. Please go away Fishsticks…NOBODY wants to see or listen to you!

  26. larry jones

    Whats that on her arm? Is she morphing into a Mega-Zord?

  27. This old women can act, at least, what see most of the other puppets on stage is not. So ask talented actresses on stage/screen and send bimbos and Melissa please.

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