Gwyneth Paltrow holds grudges FOREVER

May 5th, 2008 // 61 Comments

Gwyneth Paltrow has been laying low the past couple of years and doing the family thing with husband Chris Martin of Coldplay. But now she’s currently seen in Iron Man which debuted at No. 1 this weekend. While at the LA premiere, she was asked if she wanted to congratulate her ex Brad Pitt on his latest child with Angelia Jolie. Let’s just say, Gwyneth knows how to hold a grudge. Contact Music reports:

Paltrow appeared less than happy to be questioned about her ex at the Los Angeles premiere of her newest film Iron Man (30Apr08). When asked if she had any well wishes to share with Pitt – whose partner Angelina Jolie is pregnant with the couple’s second child – the Shakespeare In Love star declared, “No!”

You gotta feel kind of sorry for Gwyneth. It must suck to have an ex who’s trying to repopulate the planet. In the meantime, here’s hoping for some more clever responses:

Baby 4: “I hope her uterus explodes.”
Baby 17: “STOP ASKING ME!” *strangles reporter with microphone*
Baby 21: “I joined Lindsay Lohan’s prison gang. Fiery V’s for life! Now hand over those smokes, or Gwyn Gwyn go ‘slicey slice.’”
Baby 47: “How beautiful. Flowers for Jesus?”
Baby 276: “Gwyn-bot computes Angelina is a skank. Beep boo bop.”

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  1. bakinmycake

    she and jamie lee curtis need to just go away…..
    old and worn out….

  2. Fimbulvetr

    She was probably more pissed off that somebody asked that question when they broke up ten million years ago at her movie premiere.



  4. Ivarman

    «Gwyn-bot computes Angelina is a skank» – Classic!

  5. Next she claims the baby daddy is not brad pitt but actually an anonymous sperm donner from

  6. no one's fan

    Whatever she dumped Brad after he declared her “the love of his life”, silly little man you only declare someone the love of your life on your death bed or you can end up looking like a fucking moron, especially when many bitches later you are with someone new trying to create your own child army, it makes it look like you’re an impulsive jackass who doesn’t know what he wants or what love is.

    She apparently broke his heart and the reason she isn’t congratulating Angie and Brad is that like a lot of us she has no respect for them, from her past comments she doesn’t seem to care for Jennifer Aniston either (like most of us). Anyway I think it was a good response. Sometimes NO says it all.

  7. SlyAndTheFamilyStallone

    Or maybe Paltrow is smart enough to know that millions of women give birth every week. What makes Angelina so fucking special?

  8. Ling

    I’m surprised she even dignified the question with a response. If I were her I would have contracted a spontaneous case of deafness and moved onto the reporter who was asking relevant questions about the movie. Clearly it was a leading question; a positive answer would have made her look fake and pathetic, while the negative made her look bitchy and grudge-holding… albeit awesome and respectable.

  9. morga

    I approve of the easy-access nature of the dress.

  10. She should make a movie where the title character is a titless nasty bitch. It could be based on her life story.

  11. joe

    Angie is a fucking bitch, a mentally retarded woman ! she has got issues i mean this whore used to cut herself just to feel more “connected” (according to herself”, a woman like HER can never be normal ! AND WAY TO GO for the answer Gwyneth!

  12. Fat bitches suck

    Who gives a fuck ?

  13. alex

    10- im pretty sure its a pant suit type thing, so the opposite of easy access

  14. smelly_ugly_INDIANman

    UGH… WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?
    I guess the people at must be having a slow news day.

    Just because she replied with “No!”, doesn’t mean she is holding a grudge.
    Duuuuuuuuuh! Retards!

  15. kat

    good for her! i am so glad that she spoke her mind. angelina jolie, albeit gorgeous, is a cold hearted bitch. her “charity” is just a cover up for the little bitch inside just dying to come out and eat someone. i don’t trust her shifty ass. and brad is just a fag. BPLTC.

  16. Auntie Kryst

    I’m just surprised that anyone that would name their child “Apple” would be so self-absorbed..

  17. Daniel

    She and I share that in common

  18. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    No is a good response, no ambiguity or fakeness about that – so refreshing for Hollywood wankers.

  19. Nick Greenfield

    I am masturbating furiously to pic # 6.. mmmm… nice

  20. Cmen

    You know how I know you’re gay?

    You listen to Coldplay.

  21. Deva

    Ok, does anyone really care what Gyweny thinks? For fucks sake she named her kid “apple” and the best she can do is get anal from some dude in a band i’ve never heard of. If I were her i’d hold a grudge too.
    And “Iron Man” was awesome. But if I were to change anything (spoiler alert) I would’ve had “Iron Monger” fly her into space. And not come back.
    Bitch. Coldplay sucks and Chris Martin is a feg.

    I suppose I can look forward to the sequel to “proof” now.

    I think I just threw up on my cat……..

  22. Ironguy

    Let’s do the right thing and take up a collection and buy her some tits. Dudes all have pecs that are bigger than those mousetits she has.

  23. TIG

    Somebody left their ‘funny’ at home this morning.

  24. andie

    I tell you what, if I was at a premier for a movie that I was in, and somebody came up and asked me abuot my ex-boyfriend I’d be pissed. I think in Hollywood it’s pretty normal, but I still think it’s inappropriate. Sure she wants to be thinking about her ex at this party that’s supposed to be about her movie. And really, who gives a shit? It pisses me off that all those two have to do to make a million dollars is have sex and babies. Nice work if you can get it, damn!
    I wish I could sell photos of my kids for millions of dollars! What makes their babies so fricking special? My kids are cuter.
    And I like Coldplay. Pft. So there.

  25. cookiepuss

    I hate Brad Pitt for bringing this Bitch in to the spot light . She was a nobody and would still be if he had not dated her.

  26. SamIam

    If there are two more pretentious names than Apple and Moses I can’t think of them.

    Would Sustenance and Jesus qualify?

    What about Earth and Gandhi?

    I give up.

  27. havoc

    Pretentious would be a good word.


  28. I doubt that she has a grudge against Brad and Angelina. She was probably just annoyed that she was at a premier for a movie that she was in and the only thing a reporter asks about is Americas Obsession (Brad and Angelina).

  29. Samhain

    28 – “Earth and Gandhi” – HA!

    Just wait…she may have a few non-stale eggs left.

  30. Yo Momma

    G is a total bitch!!! I once saw her in a very prestigious carpet showroom in NYC. The sales people are trained to not be star struck due to the high profile clients that constantly go through there. The sales person was very cordial when introduced to Gweneth and was not star stuck. Gweneth took offense to this and stormed out of the room. She is a bitch!!!

  31. Sheva

    Tired of her pretentious shit a long time ago. She should stay in the safety of her London mansion from the horrible America she left from the sheltered pampered Upper East Side of NYC.

    Brad Pitt who knows what he’s really like. But he’s a hero for Fight Club which is just damn funny.

    The first rule of Fight Club, you don’t talk about that pretentious bitch Gwyneth.

    Fuck off Gwyneth, America doesn’t want you back either.

  32. Every person who even think she’s sexy…………………………….IS A FAGGOT!!!!

  33. peeps

    #28. LOL.

    You want more pretentious names how about;

    Maddox and Zahara

    Shiloh and Pax Thien

    I agree that this bitch is pretentious as all fuck she’s like the Britain inhabiting version of Katherine Heigl (both married musicians and both say really snotty condescending shit all the time). The thing is Angie is a pretentious as 3every Hollywood celebrity put together and it amazes me how many people are fooled by her “I’m not pretentious I’m sexy mother earth bullshit” there is nothing more pretentious that trying OH SO hard to convince people that you’re not pretentious and that your little humanitarian act is real and comes straight for the heart. Yeah most of the unpretentious humanitarians I know brag about how much they donate, live in mansions the size of hotels, and have a private plane, that just smacks of humble modesty

  34. peeps

    * Angie is as pretentious as every

  35. dogonabone

    the pantsuit looks like a hand-me-down from madonna

  36. jimx

    I’m sure there are plenty of straight men who find a low hairline and a nutcracker jaw very alluring.

  37. lol

    It must suck to have an ex whose current girlfriend is THE HOTTEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD.

  38. panties

    Brad isn’t dating Nadia Bjorlin, Josie Maran, or Aishwarya Rai (who is considered the worlds most beautiful woman). People love to throw that term around but you’ll find that NO ONE qualifies because people definitely disagree about who is the hottest. Your sentence would have been accurate if you said ONE OF.

    Aishwarya Rai worlds most beautiful;

  39. Internet Shame

    Blech Angelina is NOT the hottest women in the world. There’s no such thing. A hot mess? Yes. But this story is about Gwynnie..and look at us all talking about Angelina. No wonder G is so bitter. I can’t say I blame her. No one wants to be asked about their ex 10 freakin’ years later. She married a poor man’s brad pitt. They’re all stupid celebs, the whole lot of them. I can’t believe I’m posting about them, but hey, I’m at work and looking for any excuse not to work.

  40. smokin hot babe

    she is stunning and anyone that does not think so is either gay or jealous. I could care less about her personality. She is flat our gorgeous. Of course, not everyone likes beautiful white chicks.

  41. Gunion

    She’s sexy in a non sexy kinda manly kind of way

  42. Gunion

    #27 how about Universe and Omnipotence?

  43. A HOT MESS

    #40. I agree completely.

    1. A hot mess
    (NOUN) term used to describe somebody that has NO REASON to look the way that they are lookin at the time. also describes somebody who is lookin like a DAMN FOOL

    2. A hot mess
    A person who is a handful, he/she is a piece of work, and or a colorful character.

    3. A hot mess
    Don is a hot mess! He’s cantankerous, cranky and onery. A hot mess is a person with a nasty personality.

    4. A hot mess
    is when something just aint’ right or off da chain
    Oh she looks a Hot mess tryin’ to wear dem Low rise jeans wit her ass and gut hangin out

    5. A hot mess
    Usually the result of a hangover, a hot mess can be described as the diahrea or abnormal bowel movements you have the morning after a night of heavy drinking.

    I love urban slang/expression dictionaries, I always picture a tight assed person like Niles from Frasier reading the explanations to me with a complete lack of understanding for the words and expressions despite their intelligence.

    I just had to post this to ask what kind of Hot Mess is Skange??? I would go with 2 and 5, the handful and the diahrea one, so basically she’s a handful of hot diahrea, ya that sounds about right to me.

  44. Natalie

    Her hair looks soo pretty. I hated her hair before, and now she looks so cute!

  45. jenny

    iron man was so good! and she’s a great actress

  46. asdkf

    good for her for not covering up her disgust with bullshit wellwishes.

  47. Jim

    I think she is pretty and sexy. I seen her once in Chicago last summer at the Macy’s store in downtown and she look’s even better in person.

  48. Jen

    Well, he did dump her right before they were supposed to get married. I’m not surprised she doesn’t hold warm and fuzzy feelings for ol’ Brad and Angie.

    I bet she and Aniston are buddies now, though.

  49. Lilly

    Second child? So adopted kids don’t count. Awesome.

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