Gwyneth Paltrow holds grudges FOREVER

Gwyneth Paltrow has been laying low the past couple of years and doing the family thing with husband Chris Martin of Coldplay. But now she’s currently seen in Iron Man which debuted at No. 1 this weekend. While at the LA premiere, she was asked if she wanted to congratulate her ex Brad Pitt on his latest child with Angelia Jolie. Let’s just say, Gwyneth knows how to hold a grudge. Contact Music reports:

Paltrow appeared less than happy to be questioned about her ex at the Los Angeles premiere of her newest film Iron Man (30Apr08). When asked if she had any well wishes to share with Pitt – whose partner Angelina Jolie is pregnant with the couple’s second child – the Shakespeare In Love star declared, “No!”

You gotta feel kind of sorry for Gwyneth. It must suck to have an ex who’s trying to repopulate the planet. In the meantime, here’s hoping for some more clever responses:

Baby 4: “I hope her uterus explodes.”
Baby 17: “STOP ASKING ME!” *strangles reporter with microphone*
Baby 21: “I joined Lindsay Lohan’s prison gang. Fiery V’s for life! Now hand over those smokes, or Gwyn Gwyn go ‘slicey slice.'”
Baby 47: “How beautiful. Flowers for Jesus?”
Baby 276: “Gwyn-bot computes Angelina is a skank. Beep boo bop.”

Photos: Splash News