Gwyneth Paltrow has breast-like objects

September 8th, 2009 // 18 Comments

Here’s Gwyneth Paltrow shopping in Barcelona over the weekend, and I’m not gonna lie, I downloaded these based on the thumbnails that led me to believe her bare breasts were GOOPing out of her shirt. Turns out it’s a nude colored bra which is a giant kick in my nuts. Imagine you’re a small child coming downstairs on Christmas morning expecting a tree full of presents only to find out your mom’s really a dude and you were adopted during a drunken weekend in San Frans. But why are there pictures of you breastfeeding? That about sums it up.

Photos: Fame, Splash News

  1. First, go ahead….be jealous! Man, she is so pretty.

  2. Goop face

    Leave poor Gwennie aloooone! BTW, didn’t she used to be stylish?

  3. Jimbooooooooooooo

    I winder if her strange vegetarian diet affects the smell of her flatulence. I would really like to find out. GOOP be damned, I wanna revel in the scent of her leek and potato poots!

  4. KIKI

    I hate the trend of scarves in the summer. It is such a stupid look, just grab a sweater people!

  5. Comment

    Her husband is hot and talented.

  6. toolboy

    Pic 7 & 8.
    Even the kid is trying to shut her up. “Stop talking mommy. Seriously, STFU.”

  7. Porky Chavez

    Why doesn’t she take a stand and move to Venezuela? Loser!

  8. World is His Oyster

    That child was born into the lucky sperm club. Rich and Good looking.

    Don’t blow it, Junior!

  9. Ali

    San Frans? I hope you’re not referring to San Francisco.

  10. justifiable

    Remember when dad told you that naked tits of any kind were great? He lied.

  11. lola

    She is pretty but that nude bra hanging out is ridiculous. She would have looked less vulgar wearing a bright patterned sports bra or tank underneath.

  12. Darth

    It’s still hanging in a bra though.

  13. Galtacticus

    Even her own kid wants her to shut up.

  14. carmen

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  15. jason

    She is not pretty at all. She looks like a slightly more attractive version of her cousin who starred on the L Word.

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