Gwyneth Paltrow Cut Off A School Bus On A Vespa

September 9th, 2013 // 34 Comments


When you’re Gwyneth Paltrow, pedestrian vehicles (and your own daughter) mean nothing because here she is cutting off a school bus on her Vespa allowing enough room for Chris Martin to zip by, too, like a dickhead. “Slowy slowy slow are the poor!” they later cheered over deviled pudding and ocelot creme in gilded troughs.

Video: TMZ


  1. Jade

    What a safe mom!

  2. Shasta

    Was the pap standing in traffic?

  3. teddy

    Cool.. this means they will be road sausage soon.

    • Inner Retard

      Special kudos to Gwyneth and family for not wearing protective clothing. My mother worked as a doctor in the ER. She said even at a low speed fall the road works like sandpaper on your skin.

  4. Inner Retard

    This wasn’t her usual arrogance. This was just plain stupidity. Wait, that’s her usual state of mind too…

  5. that was damn near the first ever recorded video of a celebrity death. And people say the paparazzi are good for nothing.

  6. me

    this is the exact same mindset of these arrogant people taking their dogs into restaurants and grocery stores because they’re so cute and fluffy and jus wanna be wuved. Dog dander and dog shit particles on everything! Bud at weast they’re cwute!!!

  7. Yeey

    yay apple sauce!!

  8. cc

    I sentence her to redoing her bedroom in off-the-shelf wallpaper.

  9. Juch

    Good thing she didn’t get hit, as it would be impossible to find a brain injury clinic large enough to hold that swelled head of hers.

  10. Holy shit, that was a HELL of a school bus driver. In LA?

  11. She says that she doesn’t like her kids to eat junk food.Will what the heck is this you dumbass mother!

  12. EricLR

    How nice of her to let those peasants share the same road with her!

  13. “Gwyneth Paltrow Cut Off A School Bus On A Vespa”

    What was a school bus doing on a Vespa? And more importantly, how did an elephant get into my pajamas?

  14. alex

    I think a more appropriate headline would be, “Gwyneth Paltrow nearly kills her child by unsafe operation of a motor vehicle.” It’s too bad she couldn’t have had all the skin on her thighs ripped off. Of course they all ride vespas….fucking gwyneth paltrow. She’ll get a million dollars in free PR from this incident, I have no doubt.

    And she really did almost die. Amazing.

  15. JungleRed

    And it’s a short bus.

  16. Obviously, the bus was made of gluten and she was trying to get away from it as fast as she could.

  17. fuck. if only she died and the child survived by landing on her disgusting corpse.

  18. Margaret

    Holy SHit she almost got them both killed. What a fucking retard.

  19. Jack

    I think she’s trying to wrestel away that ‘Mother of the Year’ award from Dina Lohan.

  20. Dumb ugly overrated bitch…

  21. She can afford a 100 limos, so instead she endangers her kids’ lives by riding around on scooters in heavy traffic. Great mom.

  22. kjflhfoighaghgp

    It was in response to America’s broken education system which clearly needs to stop teaching children math and start teaching them Japanese followed by Listz hour instead of recess.

    Those children are full of GMO’s and nitrites, their lives are practically meaningless.

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