Gwyneth Paltrow Returning to ‘Glee’

In what has to be a kick to the eight balls for Lindsay Lohan – I hate myself for writing that. – Gywneth Paltrow will star in another episode of Glee, according to Us Magazine:

While there’s no word yet on when Paltrow will film her episode or when it will air, it’s safe to say her first appearance — during which she made fun of Lindsay Lohan, rapped to Cee-Lo’s “F–k You” and sang in the rain — turned her into a total Gleek.
“My kids came out [to the set] and my daughter fell in love with Heather [Morris] who plays Brittany and whenever she sees a Glee thing she’s like, ‘It’s Heather!’ and her friends are like ‘What?'” says the actress. “I’m like, ‘Oh God, let’s not explain.'”

Yes, let’s not explain to the lowly peasant children how “thee-ay-ter” works. It’ll only fill their minds with silly thoughts of gnoshing on her 18th century-style crepes upon the Parisian sitting room. I shan’t think so. A ha ha, I shan’t think so.

Photos: Splash News