Gwen Stefani’s hair boggles the mind

December 5th, 2006 // 138 Comments




  1. Italian Stallion

    “Jetsons, meet the Jetsons…………..”

  2. There's a Surprise Inside

    Is THAT the black hole?

  3. There's a Surprise Inside

    Does she have her resumes in that bag?

  4. NipsyHustle

    i would fuck her husband’s brain loose from his spinal cord. he’s one sexy muthafucka

  5. Tits_McGhee

    I heart Gwen Stefani. She has sweet style and she don’t give a fuck.

  6. EJ

    My god, doesn’t it look like something from Rocky Horror Picture Show?

  7. tinyTy

    Mmmmm…. looks like a cinnamon roll, or a swirly ice cream cone, or maybe taffy.

  8. buzz_clik

    Her hair is a brilliant, deviously devised time-sucking vortex made for the sole purpose of making me stare at it instead of doing my work. It’s just lucky I’m not on ketamine right now, otherwise I’d just go to a place that I’d NEVER fucking return from…

    Oh, and I’d also be fired for being on ketamine while staring at some chick’s gnarly head instead of doing my work.

    P.S. Winners don’t use drugs.

  9. biatcho

    It’s a form of hypnosis so we all think she can actually sing & not sound like a dying cat.

  10. There's a Surprise Inside

    #5, I wouldn’t even mind sloppy seconds on that!

  11. NipsyHustle


    he may be dead but i’ll give him viagra before hand to maintain that “english stiffy” we so desire.

  12. NipsyHustle

    i’m suddenly craving a cream horn

  13. missykissy

    She obviously went for more cowbell here and missed.

  14. wedgeone

    That hair is so when she’s giving oral, it doesn’t get in the way & the camera ends up missing her putting the meatballs into her mouth!!
    More porn chicks should take on this look!!

  15. Denimpetal

    totally agree with #7, she has the confidence to make anything work for her. She has the guts to wear whatever she wants. She’s a good role-model

  16. Lukielongsocks

    Gwen Stefani sexy? You people must be on some good drugs. She makes my vomit want to throw up.

  17. boobiezmagee

    She looks like a Dr. Seuss character.

  18. It’s a human anime character. Or a Snork.
    Fire and/or kill the stylist. Or send them to Britney.

  19. Wasn’t she in The Fifth Element?

  20. superstar

    It doesn’t look that bad since it suits her.
    When I just came on about 2mins ago and only saw the top half of her hair until I scrolled down, I thought her hair was a parrot.

  21. OhAySis

    A finger? I could think of something else I’d rather stick in there…..and there, and there and there.

  22. ImaCracka

    She looks like a Oompah Loompah Whore

  23. techclerk

    It is an optical illusion. Turn the picture upside down and you’ll see a bearded old man.

  24. artmonkey3000

    Pretty sure that’s a tranny.

  25. lisad71

    Did a chef or a hairdresser do her hair? It looks like a giant croissant.

  26. mrs.t

    #27, techclerk: you, my friend, are a genius.

  27. GuitarGirl

    Hahah I think I want one of those too #16

  28. Kristin

    Laughing my fcking ass off. Unicorn lmao.

  29. frenchtoaststix

    Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, her look is tired out. She’s in her middle-30s and she dresses like a 15 year old. A 15-year-old Dr. Seuss character. That whirly-gig do is strictly from the Whoville Salon.

  30. gossipWhor3

    jeez. thesuperfish is getting lazy. Not only are you getting ideas for your posts from .com but you’re also stealing the jokes? Unicorns? baby pandas? come one now, those are sooo .com jokes. i know you’re funnier than this!

  31. stfu

    Gwen can pull anything off. She looks beautiful like always.

  32. helistar

    All that comes to mind while observing this spectacle is “all holes filled with hard cock”.. woohoo.. bring it on..

  33. ponk

    now i know the answer to the old Star Wars question, “What would Carrie Fisher look like if you gave her a swirlie?”

  34. techclerk

    mrs.t thank you, but I’m just trying to keep up with some of the others here. I discovered this site 2 days ago and I have not laughed so hard in years. Nothing else in the world is as funny ast this website.

  35. buzz_clik

    #38 – Yes, I too must give props to your comment. All mad stylee props, even. Yes, I was that impressed.

  36. techclerk

    Yeah… I nailed Gwen Stefani.

    And she didn’t even know it!

  37. gossipgirl010

    #1 – i hate to be a nitpicker… you’ve misused the tune of the jetsons theme ? i believe the song you’re thinking of is “meet the flintstones”

    …meet george jetson…** jane his wife..

  38. juggaHNIC

    Egon from the Real Ghostbusters wants his royalty check.

    Glad to see she gave her Oriental Concubines the day off and subbed in her one-hit wonder hubby off the bench. The gravy train is still in full effect.

  39. Sandybebe24

    Dude, it takes guts to wear your hair like this. And it’s kind of funny. I think it says “F-you” to all the unoriginal bimbos like Britany, Paris, and all the dumb sluts who mimic their style.

  40. NipseyRussell

    She needs to tone down the Cinnabon hair and get that chest mole removed.
    And what in the world could she be carrying in that hideodorous TrapperKeeper Bag? It’s an awards show not a board meeting.
    Get over yourself, sister.

  41. bigponie

    that’s a cocoon growing in her head, she gonna morph into one giant moth.

  42. BarbadoSlim

    she still looks like some low class chola

  43. ToiletDuck

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the delegate from the Planet Triskellion.”

  44. Eh. Sorry, I think she looks great.

    Now – Denise Richards. If you’d like to post a pic of HER hair at the music awards – THAT is something to bash.

  45. mrs.t

    techclerk: glad to hear you’ve enjoyed your first 2 days on the Fish.

    I’m just returning from a 2-week vacation from this joint.

    You know, infatuation comes and goes. Such is mango.

    Oh, and just wait for the bickering that will ensue on a the next slow news day-often funnier than actual attempts at humor.

  46. herbiefrog

    hello gwen
    not the best site for this look

    but loved the sound of music : )))

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