Gwen Stefani’s bra and other news

September 21st, 2009 // 28 Comments

- Kelly Clarkson loves her giant ass. [PopEater]

- Lindsay Lohan keeps mixing coke with Twitter. [Lainey Gossip]

- Leelee Sobieski is pregnant and exactly two people care about this. One of whom will be maneuvering through a birth canal. [Just Jared]

- Sarah Jessica Parker and the twins she didn’t have to birth ease her biological son into the fine art of purchasing children. [PopSugar]

- Drew Carey just wants to be remembered, dammit. He was on Cheers, right? [Celebslam]

- Viggo Mortenson sounds like a badass dad or a hippie if you enjoy bombing shit for Jebus. [Wonderwall]

- Kevin Federline couldn’t care less if you make fun of his weight. Unless of course your words close down KFC, then the shit is ON! [The Blemish]

- Michael Jackson appears in a new clip from This is It and, surprise, he looks exactly like the Joker from Batman. I know, what are the odds? [Celebitchy]


  1. charo

    her stomach is amazingly ripped. Those folds are just her skin!

    I love Gwen!

  2. kanyeisdead

    Is she Twittering the baby ?

  3. Hate the st(ink)

    Here is a rocker woman with no tattoos? Freaking amazing. You little cubicle girls liking your tramp stamp right now?

  4. zuzuspetals

    I like KFC-Fed’s taste in mumus.

  5. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    LeeLee looks hot enough to motorboat.

  6. Dan Montana

    Once they get a baby it`s over


  7. Rebecca

    Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are probably two of the better Hollywood parents. Ever. I really like them. And those two boys are so adorable.

  8. The Eagle

    That is one yummy mummy.

  9. edamame

    #16….um, remember when Gavin didn’t tell Gwen that he already had a daughter?! Yep, that’s some great parenting!

  10. Rhialto

    She’ll become soon 40 but surprisingly she’s aging quite nice.

  11. Kelly

    Uhm, I thought he didn’t tell her he had a daughter because he himself did not know. Kinda hard to tell someone something when you’re oblivious to the fact in hand.

  12. Leeja

    shes 40???????

  13. Urbanspaceman

    She looks really nice without the freaky makeup she wears when performing. I like this look a lot.

  14. Eeew. I don’t know- those top gums & teeth take her out of the running for me. That platinum blond hair with brown eyes look reDONKulous.

  15. jenna

    wow…she looks soooo good!! Amazing!!
    If someone told me this girl was 25 I wouldn´t doubt it for a second :-)
    She´s HOT!

  16. Steve O

    “23. Sickitten – September 23, 2009 3:17 AM

    Eeew. I don’t know- those top gums & teeth take her out of the running for me. That platinum blond hair with brown eyes look reDONKulous.”

    So get the fuck out…and stop being so critical of someone you’ll never be worthy of to get within 50 miles of. Her gums? Really? You have to make THAT much of a stretch that you have to go after her oral health? You really are a dumb cunt arent you? Yea…..I’m sure you’re a real looker.

    And anyone who calls her fat is not familiar w anatomy….I dont care if you have a 12 pack down there, when you sit like that, skin does tend to fold…

    and i agree she looks like shes about 25. Shes one of the few who can still be sexy as fuck while at the same time being a great parent. And whoever said that about Gavins kid, he had no idea he had that child….and as soon as he found out, he took responsibility which is more than i can say for most. And as much pussy as that guy had thrown at him before Gwen, you really think its that surprising he had an illegitimate kid he wasnt aware of? At least hes manning up

  17. she looks younger than 40..

  18. always a woman holding a child should not visit.

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