Gwen Stefani wishes she was tall

February 13th, 2007 // 81 Comments





  1. geek_uk

    She needs a penis in her bum, my penis, in her bum.

  2. hobieluv83

    Gosh Gwen, you’re like 5’6/ 5’7…that’s plenty tall. You don’t have to throw on those ugly ginamo shoes.

  3. acatnamedfrank

    Say what you will about Gwen but….

    She isn’t trading clothes with hookers.

    She knows who her son’s father is.

    She isn’t puking.

    She definately didn’t buy those clothes at Target.

    She’s not in re-hab.

    She hasn’t released a video of her having sex/being peed on.

    I think she’s VERY classy and looks great. If you can balance on those spikes, I say go for it!

  4. Spetsnaz

    She is 5’6″ short – while it’s okay for her to wish to be taller, those tranny heels are hideous. What happened to the lovely Louboutins she used to like, all them 5-inch Clichys and Pigalles? Now those are gorgeous shoes!

  5. Those aren’t heels.

    They’re handles.

  6. p911gt10c

    Y’know I was wondering where the Terminator’s glasses went!

    At least she’s not out there with a fucking marching band again.

  7. Lowlands

    Gwen Stefani isn’t too bad but also not blessed with really good genes.Remove those fake boobs,what will stay?There will stay a masculin broad-shouldered torso.Yeah,if you like that,that’s really sexy…

  8. SF Little Bear

    They’re Vivienne Westwood – whom she loves – and those are restrained for a pair of VW!
    Dude, if you are going to comment on fashion, learn a thing or two, and then go after the clog-boots the Olsen twin (sorry, don’t know which one) always wears.
    Your recent lame attempts at snide comments are showing the weakness in your veneer. Compared to you, Perez comes of like a Nobel Prize winner.

  9. mrsmcneir

    She also wore these shoes on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week

  10. bush twins

    Total chick story. Fish is going to toss a few of these out so that nobody can complain when he launches his Valentine’s Day bikinifest.

  11. belle

    The girl in the second picture (with the music notes shirt) is one scary-looking chick… And how come in the last picture she suddenly has BAM red lips? Where did that come from? Anyway, those shoes are ugly. Besides, short people aren’t that bad. They’re cuter.

  12. Knickers O'Muffin

    She definitely has unattractive kibbles n’ bits teeth, but unlike the late unlamented Anna Nicole, she doesn’t have the Mr. Ed curled lip/giant gum smile going on. Wiiiiillllbbbuuurrr!

  13. Knickers O'Muffin

    Oh, and those shoes are hideous. Fashion icon, my ass.

  14. misanthrope

    The ‘fan’ in the third pic is smelling Gwen.

  15. wedgeone

    Damn – are those some Scott Ski goggles on Gwen’s face or what??

    #53 – many props for those points to ponder.

    Does the chick with Gwen in pic #3 look like Shrek or what?

    Obviously Gwen needs to pop onto this site once in a while. Then she’d know how to get that gummy smile fixed. Just read the ad banner, baby!

  16. fritobandito

    Why am I suddenly seeing Pee Wee Herman dancing on a bar to “Tequila”?

  17. bassclefs

    Prope to her for being able to walk in those.
    Also, she should always wear lipstick… her lips look non-existant without it!

  18. renestel

    For one, I don’t care what all the little follow the leader wanna be’s say, she looks like ass for her rep in these pictures. She’s coined herself as a fashion designer and icon, she should dress like one. You can’t just wear all black and expect we’re all going to nod our heads in inspiration. Those shoes suck total ASS. I’ve seen Strippers with cuter heels that size. Second, she needs to try putting some red lipstick on those nasty ass feet of hers, they look fresh from the morgue. YUCK.

  19. Wednesday

    notwithstanding all of the aforementioned fashion faux pas, she has an exceedingly biteable hiney. especially for a mommy.

  20. misanthrope

    @48… I saw the No Doubt way way waaaayy back in the day. They opened for someone else. Can’t remember that part. I’m old. The best part of the show was the backup horn dudes. Gwen sings like she’s afraid to actually sing. Like she’s holding her breath or something. Kinda weird. Her butt looks nice in the second photo.

  21. goddess

    It is: wish she were tall. Remember the subjunctive case?

  22. ZX10R_AC

    Doesn’t matter how she makes herself up…she will always not be attractive.

  23. IceQueen413

    Big heels, yes…. but where are her toes? Are they tied under her feet?

  24. TotalND

    If this were all just about how she has weird looking shoes, than I wouldn’t feel compelled to write this. However, some of you people are really childish and stupid. Her actions haven’t landed her in a place that deserves your kind of criticism. Who cares about the shoes! Yeah, they’re tall and clunky. Some of you are using it as some gateway into talking about her personally. Stop complaining about her and make your own life better. She’s one of the nicest people in the business. I’ve met her twice and she’s been nothing but super kind and considerate to all of her fans. If she wants to go out on a limb and wear some funky outfits, that’s the most that’ll get her into the papers negatively. As someone else posted, she’s not in rehab, she’s happily married, she’s a responsible parent, and she just enjoys doing her own thing. She doesn’t care about making a stupid fashion list or not. Stop picking on the little things like teeth. Do you all have amazing pearly whites? Probably not. If all she’s done in her 12 years of super stardom is to go up one breast size, that’s really good and refreshing. Everyone else is so plastic. I happen to love her smile. So lay off of the woman. She’s just having fun and is by far the best role model out of all the pop stars to date. And that’s not Lindsay Lohan, idiot.

  25. please, let the paparazzi be there when she trips…please?

  26. loverofLAMB

    Personaly, Gwen is a beautiful woman. And she’s talented. Those people who diss her are just jealous beacause you’re not famous and you can’t make her go away. If you don’t like her, why do you even look her up online? I pass up people like Rihanna, see? I don’t even know how to spell her name.

    Oh, and by the way. At least she can pull those heels off. And about that penis in her bum, she’s not a whore like Paris. She doesn’t f*ck she makes love.

    So, get a life.

    Gwen, you look loverly and, just because you where lipstick all the time, you can pull off lip-balm. Luv ya, Gwen!!!!

  27. donald

    all you gwen haters can suck a big fat ****.

  28. donald

    loveroflamb on gwens side good for you. i’ve been saying that for years

  29. chicken defrosting

    wow, no wonder she wears red lipstick all the time, without it her lips disappear! she has the lips of a chickens ass, and all this time i thought she had nice, luscious lips. the miracle of make up.

  30. omg, she looks like she’s been to new york one too many times, in all that funeral black ninja gear. haha but i freakin’ love this babe. she’s one sexy platinum blond knock-out and there’s still plenty of eye candy for all of you bastards that ain’t never gna hit it. lol. if you actually think gwen is fugly and a waste of make-up bags, then why are you idiots gazing at her backyard hills in pic #2?? haha

    dayum. you guys are hella twisted, but funny! !!!! lmao

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