Gwen Stefani wishes she was tall

February 13th, 2007 // 81 Comments





  1. Foxbase Alpha

    She ain’t no Ladderback Girl!


  2. grape


  3. grape

    Another thing.. how come in one shot she suddenly has red lips? Did Homer Simpson jump out of the crowd shoot her with his makeup gun?

  4. BuckTheInfernal

    Holla back at that ass, girl

  5. hunnybee459

    She can wear WHATEVER she wants!! Gwen is freaking awesome. Better than Brit wearing that awful red dress…

  6. Kristin

    Lmfao. Those are some fugly ass shoes.

  7. Binky

    This is not surprising.
    It just looks like a Steve Nash – Allen Iverson type basketball shoe.
    (And judging from the third pic the Nicky O hotel should maybe hire this ‘Robert’. Class work)

  8. MuchaCerveza

    She needs to wear lipstick as much as possible.

  9. Think she ever gets tired of wearing red lipstick?

  10. 4DPants

    “You’re a hooker? I thought I was just doing great with you.”

  11. LL

    Thank Jebus fashion icon Gwen Stefani is here so we all know what to wear to look freakin’ awesome. I was wondering what my wardrobe was missing and now I know – ugly-ass shoes that make me look like I have the feet of a Clydesdale. She is an improvement over Britney, but then, your average hobo is an improvement over that mess.

  12. RPLTC con mucho entusiasmo!

  13. PunjabPete

    Taller? She wishes she had talent… Taste… better teeth… DAMN… FUGLY….

  14. karifarrell

    Hey, I’ve got way bigger shoes than that, just ask my boyfriend Brad….yep that’s right, I have a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day this year!!! I won’t be sitting in the bathtub cold, naked, drinking vodka while cutting myself this year! Yayyyyyy!!!!!
    Oh…the shoes??? What’s the big deal?!? They’re shoes. Who cares???

  15. karifarrell

    Oh, and is that Lindsay Lohan standing next to her in that 3rd pic? Ish…

  16. Mr. Goat

    Seriously, Gwen is hot but her ass got nothing on my girl. Anyway, why is Nicky Hilton in line for the Jimmy Kimmel show? Did she design that dope shirt?

  17. ponk

    those shoes will give her something to hold on to when i hit that ass.

  18. woodhorse

    Day dreaming again Wally? Do you have a day job? Any job?

  19. Italian Stallion

    I’d like to skeet a “spiderweb” right on her face……….

  20. Gem

    She looks amazing, in my opinion. Really striking as usual. She manages to pull off a unique look without looking like either a slut or a hobo, which is quite an achievement by todays standards.

  21. Whammer Jammer

    She is SCARY ugly. I can barely look at her without my stomach turning.

  22. omelette ze roar

    She wishes she was tall, I wish she was talented.
    And not ugly.
    And not a freak.
    And not a ghetto-Japanese-Marilyn-Monroe-wannabe.

  23. chippedbeef

    My ophthalmologist totally gave me those same sunglasses. Dilation’s a bitch.

  24. KoRneY

    what’s up with that brown eyeliner girl in the third pic? she looks like she came out of the wrong hole.

  25. Mr. Goat

    Ballin!!! Seriously Morgan, Ballin!

  26. LilRach

    Damn, there’s some big shoes! but who cares, I love Gwen……………:)

  27. diddleysquat

    Nize Azz

  28. I would totally wear those.

    I’d fall on my fat ass, but I would so totally wear those shoes.

  29. JandalOfDoom

    These shoes are enormous

  30. They’re stripper heels. A lot of places require like at least 4 inch heels. I preferred 6 inch heels though. They make your ass look fantastic although Gwen doesn’t need much help with that.

    Gwen is amazing! She is super talented in my opinion. Now I can see why she always wears that red lipstick though.

    Like # 24 said, what is up with the girl in the pic with her? “came out of the wrong hole” . . . lmao; too funny.

  31. Adriana Christensen

    poor 3rd pic girl. she looks like a gorilla with makeup on.

    Post#3- I think that the first pictures are from before the show. Then she went in, had her makeup done, did the show, etc. and the last pic is her done with the show and going home.

  32. clumpydumpy

    The first pics of her with sunglasses are obviously of her entering the studio without makeup on and the last one is of her exiting the studio after the makeup artist was through with her.

  33. Germany

    pic #3 looks like a duel of gingival smiles… and damn what a fine ass in pic 2…

  34. BarbadoSlim

    nice ass, but unacceptable gum to teeth ratio, what a pity.

  35. oh, you sly boots.

    Gwen’s awesome, at least she’s not a slut bag like the other d-bags out there.

    God, I want that jacket!!!

  36. she looks adorable from the ankles up….i don’t think i’ve ever been able to say that about anyone

  37. fame is funny

    She’s got those grandpa-type sunglasses on.

    For people wondering about the magical makeup, as someone pointed out, one is before the show and one is after. The clues are that the first pics are showing her in the ‘day’ and the last one is at ‘night.’ But thats just an educated guess.

  38. allykitten85

    I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. caliente Laina

    shes looks awkward at that height like if u push her she’ll stand straight and start creaking as she falls down

    No offense she still is a nice woman to look up to

    No pun intended

  40. rrrrachem

    “Were”, Fish! It’s called the subjunctive tense.

  41. cate

    whatev, i love gwen. but yeah, hate the shoes. but she’s one of those girls who are so cool, she can almost pull it off.

  42. saraj

    Thank you number 40. That was bothering me.

    She wishes she WERE taller.

  43. Bandeezee

    In Pic #3 who is mocking who’s smile?

  44. crazyotto

    no doubt i’d like to see her bush even with her new fake boobies

  45. Erin


  46. She is one of my favorites… She actualy stayed at my frinds house once, before being famous…

  47. cayana

    Whoa look at pic #2.. she and that paparazzi dude are about to collide.. they’re gonna have to extract a 6 inch stiletto heel from his rectum..

  48. gwen is soooo beautiful!!!!! she rocks, I would love to see her in concert someday!

  49. Team OJ

    Too busy staring at her ass. Gotta wonder about ‘guys’ commenting on shoes :)

  50. WiseMan

    Something about her looks disturbing. The fake hair, fake nose, she spewed out a sprog. Its all nasty.

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