Gwen Stefani walks the dog

January 26th, 2006 // 53 Comments

These are some pics of Gwen Stefani. I think. They might be pics of a woman who woke up on the losing end of “dress the drunk”. The kind of woman who kids walk by, wrinkle their noses at and say “mommy, she smells like tinkles.” She’s supposedly walking her dog, but in that first pic the dog seems to have acquired the power of invisibility. Unfortunately Gwen does not possess the same power.


  1. 32writer

    She looks ridiculous, as usual.

  2. The latest Hollywood fashion. Nice.

    In the pic to the left, as you say, if these are Gwen; she looks blasted still from the night before. 80′s for life.

  3. this look is like raggedy ann meets lazy housewife. even sweatpants and a stained sweatshirt would be better than this!!

  4. lebowski

    I would let this outfit slide if it weren’t for the scarf and the shoes… or legwarmers or whatever the hell they are.

  5. wtfdidyoujustsay

    Well, this outfit sucks, yes. But it’s SOOOO much better than when pregnant women walk around with their bellies hanging out for everyone to see…that’s just gross.

  6. PapaHotNuts

    That ain’t no holla back dog.

  7. She looks really fat in that outfit…

    My guess? She wolfed the dog and flushed it down with a pint of beer…

    Hey PapaHotNuts ya famous! 15 seconds of fame in my blog! Or is the fame not enough to rid you of cocks and get you some pussy instead?

  8. ESQ

    Inspite of what comment #5 said. Pregnant women belly shirts would be far better than this disater of an outfit. Gwen has a smokin’ body, does she need to cover it with a hideous disguise? It looks like she is incognito.

  9. rachel

    I think her face is absolutely beautiful no matter what. On the other hand, her outfit looks like she just went dumpster diving.

  10. Sheva

    Her outfit although a colorless odd, remains superior to sweats of any kind. At least she has the modesty to actually keep herself covered in her condition.

    I’d settle for that any day. And some women need to employ that standard who aren’t pregnant too.

  11. amma

    You know, she’s pregnant, she’s a rock star…It could be a lot worse. I mean, when your dog’s gotta go…its not like you have time to choose extra accessories.
    Gwen so kicks ass, even on a bad day!

  12. LindaParson

    Has she lost all of her fucking money and become a hobo? Because that’s sure as hell what it looks like!

  13. Georgia

    I don’t know why Mary Kate gets made fun of and Gwen escapes criticism.

    She dresses like a clown from the barrios.

    And she wears too much make up.

    Other than that I like her.

  14. 32writer

    Re comment #9: I

  15. PapaHotNuts

    I guess I’m obligated to respond to your comment “adrock2xander”. You really are great with words. You’re attempt to insult me will go down in history as remarkably pitiful. I hope you have read the comments posted on your own blog. Quite a fan base you have there, except most don’t like you. As far as not having a URL posted, I don’t feel the need to advertise myself, or the interesting day I had the Australian Open like you so graciously shared with the world.
    And I’m sure you would like to think I was overweight or homosexual so you wouldn’t be alone in the world, but I’m in the gym 5 days a week and I don’t frequent the buffets as you obviously do. Stick to posting on the topics featured on The Superficial and try not to get into a pissing match with people who are here just having a good time. No go find your pink boa and some high heels, grab you a triple cheeseburger, and pluck your eyebrows. Have fun at the tennis match. I preparing for the Steelers game this weekend.

  16. lowtalker

    I dunno about anyone else, but I was lmmfao @ “mommy she smells like tinkles” Comedic genius, I tell ya!

  17. jenjen

    Outta the mouths of babes, pretty sad when my 2yr old daughter climbs on my lap and says “who’s this” i say “gwen” she says “that’s not gwen, that’s a monster mommy” NUFF SAID (music still rocks)

  18. Steelers schmeelers…dont know who they are…another one of your North American sport no where else in the world cares about?

    You’re homophobic…no prizes for guessin who wins Freak of the Year award now…

  19. She dresses like Mary Kate Olsen with Boobs.

  20. Brandi

    Come on stripes, animal print, and table cloth pattern all at once??? Talk about a recipe for success.

  21. archyros

    Hey Papa, that’s [u]next[/u] weekend.

    Go Steelers, go Steelers!

    And hey, all pregnant women need to show their bellies, it is so hot! Get rid of the hobo clothes! Where’s the hip-huggers???

  22. Tracie

    Yes, because of the pregnancy, Gwen now actually HAS boobs. I can’t agree to her being “lovely” because you only ever see her with straw-like bleached hair and spackled on make-up. That outfit is supposed to be “hobo-chic”. If doggy was actually in a rush to go potty, then why did Gwen take all the time to use the putty knife applying her make-up? Perhaps she wakes up at 4am every day to prepare herself for fear that Gavin will one day see her without the mask and run away.

  23. Badass

    she skinned the dog and is wearing it around her neck. she really needs a light in her closet

  24. Jayne

    dewd, she looks fine.
    It’s better than wearing a bikini while being pregnant or some baby t-shirt like Brit use to.

  25. Kelly

    You all a bunch of haters. Yes this isn’t an appealing outfit, so what? I mean not like you guys are a bunch os style natzy. This girl has style even though it’s her own. I can respect that she always had her own flavor and style and doesn’t care what people think, I mean she has her own clothing line. Also I can respect that Beyonce learned how to act urban from Gwen.

  26. melificent

    With regards to post number 10, WTH do you mean by “her condition”??!!?!?! This is 2006, for goodness, not back in the dark ages when a woman was sent into “confinement” during her pregnancy! Sure, her outfit is a bit odd, but if she wanted to parade around town in a bikini “in her condition,” MORE POWER TO HER!

  27. Bridie20

    Compared to almost every other Hollywood pregnancy lately, i.e. Angelina. . . Gwen is behaving marvelously. She seems to be taking it easy (not fainting on set or looking like a skeleton) and seems to be a private and graceful mother-to-be. Has anyone seen the hideous guy from O-Town’s pregnant girl on that MTV show? Well in Monday’s episode, she described her bed rest order as “chillin” then went MIA for three hours the next morning. I’m glad that Gwen is using this time to focus on her and her baby’s health and not how much more famous it can make her!

  28. JudithJetson

    First of all, I misread the headline and thought it read – Gwen Stefani IS a dog….. wow, truer words never spoken.

    1) Wanna know how she allegedly got knocked up since we all know she is really a man.
    2) Apparently the only way for her to get boobs and finally look like a woman is to get “knocked up”.
    3) Love the comment about how “hobo chic” she is and yet, takes the time to spackle her pancake on. I’ve seen her in person (unfortunately) up close and personal sans makeup, and trust me – you do not want to see her without her MASK on. I’m still in therapy from the horror.

  29. Captain Awesome

    I’d like to know where these hobo stores exist?

  30. Damn, Gwen, don’t let yourself go like that. Gavin’s baby is not an excuse

  31. Comment # 27. I thought O-Town was dead and Burried, damn, I can’t believe they ressurected part of it for another show. Crap.

  32. patchuga

    Oh, another one of those dog owners who takes Precious Fifi off the leash. I hate that.

  33. CurlyAmyGirl

    Who gives three craps what she wears? Who gives three craps if she’s pregnant? Gwen’s a gorgeous hunka-hillbilly-bag lady in those pictures.

  34. blackdaisy

    what’s the problem here people? she’s just got what i think is a pretty nice dress over some jeans. those things you think are legwarmers are gaiters and plenty of people own and wear them. calling her fat when she’s pregnant is like calling someone who is in the last stages of terminal illness “too skinny.” and mary-kate olsen doesn’t dress like a “hobo” so much as it looks a ten-year-old raided her mother’s closet and is walking around with too-big everything on (sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, clothes) complete with clown-face make-up job. She might as well be going to a tea party with her stuffed animals…oh and ashley of course.

  35. Craig & "em"

    I guess me being the “ever knowing” being that I am, I should take time out to explain these pictures. The picture on the left is PRE-CARRYOUT! The one on the right is POST-CARRYOUT! AND if I need to explain to you what’s in the blue bag, then all I’ll say is “WOOF”

  36. Is she going cranberry bogging? What’s with the gaiters?

  37. SMF121490

    I think her hormones have gotten to her from being pregnant. She can’t decide what to wear that morning so she just wore it all.

  38. HollyJ

    Her stylist should be tortured on The Rack until dead.

  39. The bag lady look, mix & match accessories.

  40. derekd

    She got a Mr. Potato head nose. And she’s too damn white. Milky skin does not = sexy. I’d still bang her though. 6 outta 10.

  41. No_Angel

    She’s a beautiful woman who can’t dress for shit. Really, is any of that mess she’s wearing fit to wash the car in? With her money, looks and sense of style you’d think that she could come up with something that doesn’t make you think of your grandmother’s old couch.

  42. Tracy

    Rule #1: If you have time to trowel on a thick, creamy layer of white powder foundation and apply two coats of ruby red lipstick before walking out the door, surely you can find a moment to find something decent to wear.

    On second thought… maybe she doesn’t have any full-length mirrors in her house and I’m judging her too harshly. Probably not, though.

  43. derekd

    Prego and STILL no boobies. It must be like bangin’ a eleven year old cuz she has a flat ass too. Why is she like the “White Pride Trophy” or something? Everybody talks about how beautiful she is. I mean she’s cute but definately not a knockout.

  44. OtherwiseOccupied

    She kinda looks like Christina Applegate in that second picture…

  45. alteaon

    Kudos to #32. The leash works best when the dog is in fact attached to it. Where I live a leash is required, but most people walk around with the leash in hand, like if the dog decided to run off they’d be able to intervene and put the leash on. That, and the “not my dog” argument…

    Other than that I don’t mind Gwen, because she does her own thing. I also think pale women can be beautiful with out looking like they were roasted on a spit.

  46. Queen LaQueefah

    MNEH. i don’t think she looks bad. i hate when she tries to look like an oversized baby doll, now she’s just eccentric and comfy, big deal.

  47. Precisely

    She has always dressed stupid. Always.

  48. popcornsuite

    Gwen could make a burlap bag look hot, but this is too much. I am really beginning to think that celebs have no clue how to dress themselves without an assistant doing all the work. And do they realize that going out in public like this is more likely *TO* get them noticed?

  49. Butters

    wow gwen looks ugly in these pics! i understand she’s pregnant but come on! she looks like a bum! i mean gwen rocks and all but this is not her at her best….. have u guys read the article about her boob job? that thing is hilarious!

  50. batteryacidqueen

    This outfit is from her new line of clothing…
    Its the new L.A.M.B for pregnany rockers everywhere!

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