Gwen Stefani unveils baby Zuma online

October 30th, 2008 // 52 Comments

Gwen Stefani posted the first “official” photo of her new baby Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale on her website. The maneuver is presumably in retaliation to being caught by the paparazzi at the Beverly Hills library yesterday. Cute baby though. Kind of reminds me of myself at that age. Shit, it reminds me of myself at this age. Mostly because I stayed up all night again playing Halo in a diaper so I wouldn’t have to use the bathroom. PEW PEW PEW!


  1. mike

    Me and my goat are first BITCHES!!!!

  2. supersex

    first bitches

  3. mike

    Me and my goat are first BITCHES!!!!

  4. Nor Cal

    they both look like they need sleep. yay kids! cute tho.

  5. supersex

    she ready for another sperm deposit

  6. OMG the eyes OO
    don’t look it in the eyes!!!!!

    they steal your soul,…
    I’m so startled,…

  7. weetee

    sexy mother :-)
    Many young wealthy men on
    __MatchWealthy.C O M__ wanna marry a woman like her. I did see some billionaires there. Maybe U guys can have a try.

  8. friendlyfires

    How’d she get McCain to pose with her

    OK, that was horrid and low, I’m filth and need to be beaten, severely, please someone punish me, Iinsulted an innocent baby, please punish me!

  9. lisa

    gwen is crazy hot. and cute baby too. congrats!

  10. null

    Beautiful baby, horrible name

  11. britney's weave

    gwen looks beautiful in that shot.

  12. mimi

    Stealing his headlines from X17 again!

    Get a job FISH-PUKE!

  13. @12 Why are you here mimi? enjoy the web site for what it is or shut the fuck up!! Maybe if you got laid once in a while you would be happier..

  14. flabergast

    cute baby… but that name is just cruel…

  15. will

    Praying for mimi and corpse amy.

  16. Bickus Dickus

    It’s official……Celebrities are no longer allowed to name their own children…..

    If this kid ever had to go to a Public school, it would be ridiculed into suicide by the 3rd grade.

    Seriously, what the fuck is with that name….

  17. Massa'

    It’s just as bad in the black communities. I swear black people just take a bunch of scrabble letters and throw them on a table and that’s gonna be their kids name. Either that or just throw a couple random consenants in front of a normal name….JaMarcus, DeShawn, LaRon…etc…or just throw a bunch of Q’s, U’s, I’s and S’s together in any random order, that’s another good tar-baby name.

    The best is when they actually name their kid with the ebonyx spelling, like the one monkey momma who named her kid Anfernee and thought she was naming him Anthony…..classic…..

  18. bob

    She has a happy family now. It is said she met her husband first on a sports community it’s the real place where hot cougars and milfs hang out with sexy young men!! My friends told me so, gonna check it out!!

  19. dragon43078

    Dont forget how the Chinese name their kids. They toss up 3 spoons and name the kid the sounds they make falling. Tin Tang Toon

  20. dragon43078

    And the classic American Indian joke. Son goes to chief and ask: father, how we get names?
    Chief say: we name children after first momentus event after conception.
    See sister- Rainy dawn ? Rained after sex. See big brother- wild Wolf? wolf ran through camp after sex. Why do you ask, hole in Rubber?

  21. ToTellTheTruth

    These are some REALLY nice pics!!!!!

  22. Vince Lombardi


    Ten years from now, this child will suffer the horrible indignation of peer bullying and turn to cigarettes, drugs and/or alcohol to mute the pain.

    Fifteen years from now, this child will start mutilating neighbor’s pets.

    Twenty years from now, the first of his victims will disappear.

    Twenty-five years from now, when the FBI finally capture him after his profile is determined and his identity is released, society will look back and wonder how all this happened to a kid who “had it all” with two highly successful, highly talented parents.

    At which time, from my rocking chair on my porch in the waning years of my retirement, I will say: “You cannot name your child after a video game, an Italian soccer star, a bad Nicholas Cage movie and a river valley neighbourhood in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and NOT expect him to turn out to be anything OTHER than a serial killer.”

    For God’s sake —- ROSSDALE????

  23. jenn

    Rossdale is his father, Gavin Rossdale’s, last name. Just fyi.

  24. Anexio

    Whover this is is just a brit wannabee and every ones knos it. she is just having the babys to be like brit and that reelly sad. she totly sad and all pathatic. she a copyist and thats a fact that can t be denyed.

  25. Plobes

    gorgeous pictures

    what a sweet CHUBBARIFIC baby!!!

    and Gwen looks so beautiful

  26. Vince Lombardi

    Jenn, Jenn, Jenn…..

    Y’see, the sardonic part here is that with a handles like Zuma, Nesta, and Rock, I chose to question the surname Rossdale, which is indeed, as you uselessly pointed out with your need to feel self-important by stating something so obvious, the child’s father.

    Humor just isn’t as funny if it has to be explained to the dullards. *sigh*

  27. Vince Lombardi

    Anexio, are you typing with your penis again? What did Fish tell you about that last time, hmmm?

  28. mamadough

    zuma sounds like a search engine or a pussified low-% alcoholic beverage that young presumptuous white men drink. it’s a girl, right?

    @8, that is unfair to the baby. the baby drools less and has more bowel control.

  29. mytwocents

    DOES no one else feel like it’s horrible they ALTERED the eye color of the BABY????????????? wtf photoshopping the baby already??? by his own parents !!!

    The regular pictures the eyes are NO WHERE near that color

    This is sad and disturbing!normally i like gwen but to do that to ur kid sad and pathetic

  30. Alicat2013

    #24- FAIL.

    #26- No, it just wasn’t that funny…

    Cute kid. But would we really expect anything less from Gwen and Gavin?

  31. B

    Where’s the other one?

  32. michelle

    terrible name. the first name is cute but the double middle names are STUPID.

  33. timmy

    Gwen’s a mudshark…

  34. timmy

    Gwen’s a mudshark…ugh!

  35. Mr. Jones

    The crotchsnotling is right at home at the public library. Moans and gurgles uncontrollably. Drools. Piss running down it’s leg. Smells like poop. Just like the people you find at libraries.

  36. pen15

    Did the geekologie writer write this?…

  37. funny

    Hey new superficial writer, you could learn a thing or two from Vince Lombardi…..seriously. Hire this dude.

  38. Malffy Hernandes

    cute baby!

  39. Aldo Nova

    She named her kid after a gay drink??

  40. Broke

    Do we owe her 10 million dollars for her first baby pictures now?

  41. Bob

    How about “Mug”? Mug Costanza.

  42. SaucyTango

    Why does this woman go around with makeup spackled all over her face. Same garish red lipstick, same heavily lined eyes, same damaged bleach blond hair. Get a new look!

    p.s. If you think her kid’s name is bad, one of my husband’s friends just gave 10K to another one of their friends and in return he has to name his unborn son Fungus. Absolutely true story.

  43. BM

    #42- why do you care so much? she looks good like that.. that is “her look”. probably way better than yours. get out of the trailer park!

  44. Becca

    So cute!

    She has always wanted children, and it’s cute to see her as a hot momma!


  46. JessyAnonymous

    Zuma? Like the frigg’n computer game?

  47. SaucyTango

    at #43. I have a Master’s Degree in Journalism from U of Mich and am an Emmy Award Winning Producer for NBC. My husband has an MBA from the University of Chicago and his CFA. Too many letters for you to comprehend? Then comprehend this. We make more money togther then you’ll ever dream of, so crawl back into the primordial slime motherfucker.

  48. Saucy Tangos full of shit

    Get over yourself SaucyTango. I know who you are and your ugly. No wonder your hubby is banging that hottie. Laughs on you fungal pussy.

  49. SaucyTango

    At #48. There’s only one person who reads this site who could possibly know who I am and that’s the person who gave me my handle (which is an anagram of my maiden name). If you know who I am… say my name and admit that you once told me in Chicago that you’d totally fuck me. I am that hot. Way hotter than the skank whores you have to pay to fuck. Oh… and while I’m at it… your favorite song is”Kissing a Fool” by George Michael. Faggot.

  50. bmose

    They could have named it Zima Nestle!!!!!!!!

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