Gwen Stefani still pregnant

December 23rd, 2005 // 16 Comments

Gwen Stefani confirmed reports of her pregnancy Wednesday night while onstage at her final tour stop in Florida, asking the audience to “sing so loud that the baby hears it.”

“I want you to sing so loud that the baby hears it,” the 36-year-old singer told the Bank Atlantic Center crowd during a sing-along to her song “Crash.” She patted her famous-but-expanding midsection at the end of the show. Though word of her pregnancy broke Tuesday, her label reps had refused to confirm it.

I should probably say something more, but I thought her pregnancy was already confirmed. So uh, I guess we’re confirming reports that confirmed reports were actually confirmed. Or something. Maybe I should say ‘confirmed’ a few more times and see if I can make things even more confirmier.


  1. Captain Awesome

    I wonder if the kid genetically has as much make-up on its face too?

  2. TweedleDee

    Wow, i guess having kids is almost a new trend these days. I wonder what crazy name this kid will get. Thank god that Frank Zappa isn’t around anymore to influence the decision of what strange name will gaurentee a life of bullying for the child or we could have ended up with another Moon Unit or Dweezil. My bet is that the kid will get some obscure japan influenced name, thats all she sings about these days.

  3. MortyFishbein

    I hope she has a harajuku girl. And yeah, it appears children are the ‘IT’ accessory in Hollywood. Do you thinkAngelina tipped everything off with her adoption of Maddox? She’s an A-List star who eschewed the partying and living it up to be a mom when she could have been everywhere with anyone.

  4. hafaball

    Another MILF? Oh damn…

  5. JudithJetson

    The end is near, kids. Beware.

    I can only assume science and technology have finally caught up with us. Gotta wonder who the MOTHER is, since it’s pretty well known gLen is a MAN!!!!

    Oh well, I guess Gavin needed a job.

  6. spacca

    Gwen is a great woman, stop your hating she has worked and made her own name.
    Good luck for her and the baby I just wish she had chosen a husband that didn’t have a secret love child. Poor Woman. X

  7. reeeeka

    I’m so happy for her, I think she’ll be a great mother and unlike freaking Britney she’ll take her baby out with her or just hang out at home with her/him and her husband.


    Also, in response to the whole “secret love child”…it wasn’t a secret. A secret is alluding to the fact that he knew he had a kid and deliberatly kept it from gwen. Which isn’t the truth…he knew nothing of the kid because the mother of the kid didn’t tell him.

  8. Captain Awesome

    Confirmed reports: She only got pregnant to get breasts.

  9. derekd

    For a cali chick she needs to get some sun.

  10. BadGoat

    Kid trend in Hollywood?

    Gwen is 36 years old, not exactly a youngster. Maybe this will help her update her look & act her age. She was innovative at one point, now I find her tiring. She is starting to remind me of Madonna.

    Once she has the baby I predict she’ll be preachy about the importance of motherhood and life, as if the rest of us don’t understand.

  11. sedation

    right you are, BadGoat. Celebrities seem to think acting like everyday people is something revolutionary on their part not realizing they are addressing an audience of, mostly, everyday people.

  12. spacca

    DEREKID she might come from Cali but she lives in London which seeing as I live in which sees the sun for about 1 day in mid august.

  13. andrewthezeppo

    Am I the only one creeped out that she did so during the song Crash?

    here are some lyrics

    “It’s just such a trip, how you’re still my speed racer
    You got me so addicted, just like a free-baser
    I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.
    So get here A.S.A.P., it’s gonna be a party “

  14. Hoosfoos

    I would like to watch her dive her barenaked ass to my birthday cake,
    crash and cram her crack and anus on it, then blow a long, gigantic
    and thunderous fart straight into it.

  15. derekd

    ok spacca

    I didn’t know she lived in London.

    I am so behind on my celebrity gossip Superficial forgive me!!

  16. thatoneguy2

    Posted by Hoosfoos on December 25, 2005 06:21 AM

    I would like to watch her dive her barenaked ass to my birthday cake,
    crash and cram her crack and anus on it, then blow a long, gigantic
    and thunderous fart straight into it.

    my god, dude, there is something seriously wrong with you.

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