Gwen Stefani slips nipple at 2005 MTV Awards

November 21st, 2005 // 18 Comments

  1. Thank God! My prayers have been answered. Now if he would just answer the prayer about Hillary, a golden shower and a bunch of secret service agents…

  2. Zanathon

    And to think all this time I honestly thought that Gwen Steffani stuffed her bra.

    As it turns out, she doesn’t even need to wear one…or she’s waiting for a hand-me-down bra from Lindsay Lohan.

  3. idl3mind

    word on the street is that she had a boob job a few years ago. you can look at old pics from 1996 and pics from now and see that her boobs are much fuller than they used to be. granted, she doesn’t need a bra considering they aren’t huge and they’re perky to boot! YAY GWENNIE!

  4. PKClover

    Gwen has teeny tiny little boobs and wears tight and see through nippage clothing all the time. Are we really getting excited over this?! It’s not as though a hot muslim chic in a bee keeper suit showed us her goodies ya know?

  5. tori

    this might be the best day of my life. i don’t care if they’re fake, i love her!

  6. Sarcastikus

    When I saw the headline I thought, “She doesn’t have much going on in the breast area”, but oh well! Gwen is one of those women who look really hot sometimes and not so much at others.

  7. RemyIdol

    Great to see some kind of gwen skin. I’ve considered her hotter than anyone for awhile now. Would of prefered a upskirt or a pants slip or something along those lines since she has such a nice behind.

  8. DMB in da ATL

    What’s that other thing on her chest? A third nip?

  9. Are they fake? They used to be real.

    Fake ones suck.

  10. Nikk The Templar

    I don’t think that’s a nipple. I think it’s a piece of Captain Crunch.

  11. SkyeZ11

    Upon careful analysis, I’m not so sure that is a nipple. I think its light shining through the dress. That’s not even where her nipple would be.

  12. TrompeyNo

    I know that glamour can imply weird techniques or even suffering at the altar of beauty, but I had no idea that a woman can see her own nipples in a strapless dress. At least Gwen’s physique doesn’t require the always unladylike ‘pull & heave’ every 10 minutes. I am happy tonight. Thanks, Superficial!

  13. MiamiJoe

    I’m not sure its a nipple either but any breast skin from my imaginary ex-wife is always nice to see.

  14. tori

    it’s SO a nipple. and the other thing on her chest is a mole. she’s moley.

  15. Flush it all away

    It’s been suspected for at least a couple years now that she got breast implants (albeit somewhat modest ones–no Tara Reid-ing for her).

    My personal bible for celebrity plastic surgery news is They say this about gwen:

    (Great…two posts so far, and both about breast implants. It’s coincidence, i swear! That, and i like boobies.)

  16. The Scarlet Bitch

    I guess she IS a hollaback girl. If only she was a fitted bra girl as well. Love the leopard print tribute to Peggy Bundy though.


    well at least she got her pee pee tucked

  18. LolitaLortab

    OMG that guy from Halloween is gonna get her! Look out Gwen! He’s right in front of you!

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