Gwen Stefani slips her bra

September 27th, 2006 // 72 Comments




  1. #44

    Christ! I thought I was jealous of Gwen (well, actually of Gavin). I would eat the corn out of her shit. Gwen is the hottest fucking thing walking the earth.

  2. PaisleyMoon

    #44….what an ass you are. Doctors recomend a weight gain of 35-40 pounds to be normal during pregnancy. There’s alot more going on in there besides the baby. You’re not only a grouch, you have illusions of intellectual superiority that are unfounded and laughable.

  3. shmoody

    God lord Anna Nicole Smith, in her grief over her son dying and the joy of her new baby ATE waldo.

    Oh and stole his shirt

  4. c

    Gwen looks like Kelly Osbourne! ahhhh

  5. Equalparts

    Hey you Paisly # 44.

    If grouchy people with “Illusions of intellectual superiority that are unfounded and laughable” ain’t your thang, then YOU ARE ON THE WRONG SITE, you Paisley wearing igmo hippie.

    And by the way–I should have elaborated that my 15 lb weight gain WAS abnormal and I wasn’t implying I was an example to go by. I just ate normally and didn’t do the whole, “I’m eatin’ for TWO NOW woooooooohooooooo!!!!” thing and I gained what I gained. Doc said it was cool because I was already at 140 when I got preggers.

  6. Equalparts

    uuuuh….er….That would be…

    “Hey you Paisley #52″

    heh. heh.

  7. Equalparts

    uuuuh….er….That would be…

    “Hey you Paisley #52″

    heh. heh.

  8. Dory

    #44 Equal parts… open you eyes and look at the pictures… your bagging her out for eating for two or whatever crap. Look at her. She is anything but overwieght just cause she’s actually healthy and not a walking stick dosn’t mean she ate and ate and ate.

  9. RichPort

    Wow, this is the best I’ve sen Pink look in some time.

  10. Equalparts

    #58 you are confused. Read my post again, it had nothing to do with saying/thinking/believing Gwen is or was ever overweight.

  11. Dory

    #60 I did read your post you say she is overrated and you are sick of people saying she looks good for just having a baby, don’t eat like a pig and you won’t look like one afterwards, they have million dollar paycheques to live up to ect ect…
    sure sounds like your implying she looks like a pig

  12. Tania

    To Equalparts (#’s 44, 55, 56, 57 & 60):

    Settle down. Don’t pull a muscle. And trust me, none of us thought you were a “hard bodied babe”, but thanks for clearing that up anyway.

    But I have to give credit where it’s due: I loved the first sentence in your #44 comment. Nice work.

  13. Tania

    Now I’m a f***tard. I meant the first paragraph, not sentence.

  14. She’s using the baby to hold down that ridiculous shirt.

  15. Swedish_Bikini_Team

    Is she still wearing her maternity clothes?

  16. PaisleyMoon

    Equalparts, you can eat me up, down, and sideways. You boob. I can just see you sitting there in you’re size 16 jeans oinking about Gwen. I don’t know how you ever squeezed a kid out, you’re so uptight.

  17. ufos8mycat

    i like her bra…

  18. ufos8mycat

    i like her bra…

  19. dsmith11

    Gwen Stafani is Gorgeous.

  20. doodee head

    Those are some nice lips too.

  21. lol, it’s like they wear things knowing that it’s gonna blow open

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