Gwen Stefani slips her bra

September 27th, 2006 // 72 Comments




  1. guest1234567

    Jesus, WTF kind of shirt is that?

  2. I thought Fish fucked up and used an Anna Nicole pic.

    Gwen – what in the hell happened to you?

    GODDAMN IT!!!!!!!!

  3. LilRach

    Wow her bra – what breaking news! – NOT. We have all seen more of her than that. at least she’s not flashing her tit!

    I love Gwen! It looks like an easy access top for breastfeeding her son. Leave the bitch alone people. She looks great for only just having a baby a few months ago!

  4. Come on Mr Fish, how is this news.
    Shouldn’t you be home eating supper and helping little Fish with his homework.
    Turn off your computer and start fresh in the morning.

    Hey ya Ferret, how they hanging??

  5. Tracie

    I’ll tell you what, if that poor little one IS breastfeeding, he’s bound to get some kind of cancer before he’s out of childhood. Does Gwen even think about the chemicals on her head that seep into her scalp (therefore her blood stream and breast milk) in order to maintain that lovely cotton candy mess on her head that she likes to call hair? Blech!


    You can throw a basketball in that thing.

  7. DiabetesExplosion

    I never realized she was whiter than jizz until now.

  8. procyon


    She looks absolutely thrilled to be married with children. What’s the matter one holla’n back??

  9. She looks like a candy cane flavored hot air balloon with that shirt. Very bizarre.

  10. Tania

    DITTO to #4.

    That is eactly what I was going to say!

  11. Binky

    The last pic you can see the guy saying, “Good God – I hope she doesn’t grow into that shirt !”
    And of course :
    “Boy – she’s lucky I don’t have a foot fetish – but I think she was sexier with feet”

  12. Binky

    Gwen ‘Gumby’ Stefani ? Who knew ?

  13. jilco

    straight up, no. 8
    Monica feat. Da Franchize Boyz

    Who do you call when you need a good song to re-boost your francise?


    She ain’t dun yet!

  14. KJ

    That’s where she puts the baby. It’s a fancy shirt that doubles as a baby…sling. Yes, that’s it.

    Just a little while ago, I was at the grocery store and I picked up an issue of Life & Style magazine and Kingston was wearing golden tennis shoes and leg warmers.

    Fashion of the future, my friends. Fashion of the future.

  15. nc72

    Well I guess it’s practical, easy access breastfeeding and all…

  16. HollyJ

    sorry but when you look THAT GOOD at 38, you can wear any damn thing you want

    I hope I look as good at that age…

    you go, gwen… get own down wiff yo bad seff

    PS charlie from the chocolate factory will be recalling that shirt from you soon

  17. This would be important if she was still hot.

    Pregnant chicks and new moms: Hide until you are better. No one wants to see you now. Excersise. Shut the fuck up.

    That is all.

    Fuck bags.

  18. WD-40

    she is one of those people who I just don’t get how others can find her attractive.

    just hideous.

  19. She looked horrible when she was pregnant, she looks horrible in those pictures. Fuck Gwen, please go back to being that hot girl that I like to remember sitting on my face. You look like fucking Courtney Love for fucks sake……Fuck,Fuck,Fuck!!!!!!!

    Ok, I’m better now. Click the link fuckers, I’m in my stable calming down………..

  20. Gwen looks like she got slapped in an argument. Still in good shape for being a newer mommy though.


  21. LilRach

    #11 – Cheers :) Glad to know there are other normal people out there that don’t have to be negative all the time!

  22. rdubbz

    404 – tit not found.

  23. krisdylee

    And yet more proof that I really didn’t need to justify the fact that I am living my life out of the limelight.

    Thank Gawd for the simple pleasure of walking to the store to buy some tampons or whatever, and NOT worrying about being ripped apart by all you fuckers.

    Whom, btw, I love with all my quivering pink taco.

  24. Brain Embolism

    I know this is way off topic, but could we all say a silent pray for the 16 year old girl that was killed in a Colorado high school by some guntoting asshat, douchebag, fuckhead.

  25. Is that a popstar or a circus tent?

  26. RichPort

    Gwen Sefani wearing a bra is like me putting a bandaid on my unwounded forearm; it’s just there for show.

  27. Land-Man

    Remember, remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder, treason and plot,

    I see of no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

  28. Shout outs to Lumpy Brain!

    What up, mutha fuckah????

  29. michelle

    Thats a cool way to hold your baby, in your shirtt, smart.

  30. Dory

    Thats a pretty hot bra… wonder where i can get it

  31. PaisleyMoon

    Some of you got it. It’s one of those fancy hide the breast feeding shirts. You can find that stuff all over the celebrity baby blog. The rest of you come here to be fucktard idiots (like the Superfish has become.) Go ahead..I’m done now.

  32. Binky

    #32 Thanks Gwen. It’s good to know what Waldo pregnancy shirts are out there. (Sorry about the feet)

  33. Jones, Ferret, A. Jones, Ferret, A. <–That’s military speak.

    Better late than never, Amigo !!!

  34. @4 My thoughts exactly.

    Also, that baby is so cute! Love the hat, reminds me of when my son would wear cute little hats at that age. He would also grab at my shirts and stretch the crap put of them… so I get the look, it’s a Mommy shirt!

  35. Tulli

    I love this woman!

  36. jazzmine

    Is the baby actually in her shirt in the 2nd picture? That’s quite a billowing garment.

  37. PrincessMuMu

    Er, what’s with the white hair & white skin? You can’t tell where her skin ends and her hair begins.

  38. Um. This story isn’t interesting in the slightest.

  39. I prefer when Gwen takes her clothes from Ernie and Bert.

    Gwen, Kingston, Ernie, and Bert

  40. ed

    can’t she get a nice bra? looks like she’s in her 16th month, too

  41. jrzmommy

    She’s rockin’ that bra!! you go girl!

    However… her baby under her shirt?

  42. tits_on_snack

    Ha I thought it was anna nicole too. Anyway we see Gwen in basically her bra all the time – how come this is taboo?

  43. Equalparts

    #25 I just woke up. Consider that 8 hours of silence. Now shut the fuck up.

    Gwen Stefani can suck it. O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D. I am so sick of you people saying, “She looks so good for just having a baby.”

    Don’t eat like a pig when you’re preggers, and you won’t look like one 4 months after you give birth. All you women glorifying celebrity bodies after baby make me ill. They have 3,000 people around them at all times– from movie producers, trainers, agents, entire companies, the public, and million dollar paychecks to answer and live up to. Its regular women who don’t have anyone every looking over their shoulder who can eat eat eat and bloat up like a whale. “oooooh, but she looks so good for just having a kid.”
    Grow a fucking brain and even just a little common sense and restraint and you, too, can refrain from looking like Oprah on hiatus when you are preggers.

    I gained 15 lbs throughout my pregnancy by EATING NORMALLY and staying active. I was 5 lbs lighter the day I gave birth than I was before I was pregnant. I’m certainly no hard bodied babe, but I knew that gaining 50 lbs would be a GRAVE, GRAVE mistake for me. Yes, I want a fuckin’ medal.

    Just another way that Jane Q. Dumbass marvels in the faces of celebrities when they have it EASIER than us. “ooooo, but Gwen is sooo hot.” Barf.

  44. frenchtoaststix

    Old news. Gwen’s washed out hair/skin/red lips look is overdone, overtired, just plain over. Her husband is hot and her baby is cute. She wears ugly clothes a lot. Next? Let’s talk about what new fungus/bacteria/nastiness is fulminating between the legs of Firecrotch!

  45. jrzmommy

    44–go back to bed. you’re too cranky.

  46. krisdylee

    Last pic… where are her feet???

  47. 44– and you sleep to fuckin’ long.

  48. KelKel

    Gwen is so freakin cute-I love her…and she looked great pregnant.That shirt needs to go however.

  49. kitty_kat

    I don’t care if its a breastfeeding shirt. Its fugly. I would never pay money for a shirt that blows in the wind and reveals my chest even IF I am breastfeeding. And Gwen seriously needs a new look.

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