Gwen Stefani keeps her body looking awesome

October 23rd, 2007 // 50 Comments

Gwen Stefani really knows how to stay in shape. I mean, she looks like she could hold her own in a fight. If there was a battle between Gwen Stefani, The Terminator and myself, I’d totally win. How, you ask? I’d let Gwen wear herself out pummeling the cyborg. Meanwhile, I’d be flexing on top of a tank and smoking a cigar. You know, just my usual Tuesday routine. Nothing to write home about.


  1. She is an anorexic bean pole. How do you keep that looking hot?

  2. Zoostation

    Second. Look at how her sweats say Shit is Bananas

  3. First Tim

    NIce boobs!

  4. indian

    She’s hot and has one of the best pair of legs in the business

  5. A

    why is she so white

  6. Pablo

    Why do celebs always wear sunglasses the size of dinner plates? Those things look retarded. Is it fashionable to look like a space alien or something?

  7. Even in a plain athletic shirt and casual jeans – she looks like a star taking a casual stroll

  8. Feckless

    Those sunglasses look like a car bra. How 80s.

  9. amma

    …she always looks and sounds great–but I’d love to see her lose the bleach & red lipstick; it’s really aging her. Not a good look on someone her age.

  10. @8 she look slike a ho looking for a john

  11. @6 ZERO melanin

    I’ve seen jellyfish with more pigment

  12. I forgot what I was going to say

  13. @10 she is 38 not 83. How old are you 14?

  14. LL

    I’m not a Gwen Stefani fan, but she does look like she’s keeping it up better than Britney, and I think she’s a decade (approx.) older. I know Britney’s had 2 kids and this chick has had only one, but still.

    And yeah, she looks like an insect. And her clothing line is fugly, always has been. A blind Amish person could design better clothes.

  15. PunkA

    chick has abs of steel. that is something to respect. especially at 38 with kiddies.

  16. BarbadoSlim


  17. Scott Kucharski

    eww gross

  18. Vince Lombardi

    Gwennie’s been dippin’ into Elton John’s case of out-of-style sunglasses again.

  19. Whammer Jammer

    My God, she is one of the ugliest women in the entertainment industry, her music completely sucks, and she cannot sing. How the hell do people like her become stars? Must be all the musically bankrupt teeny boppers buying her crap.

  20. Danklin24

    Anyone tired of superfish making these lameass jokes about how strong/good looking/ awesome he is? Is really is getting old. Time for new material man.

  21. Feckless

    @21 – Nope. Superfish the Man. I love him. And I mean that in the most JackNicholsen way possible.

  22. blah

    15, that’s because she’s got an eating disorder. and don’t say she doesn’t either. she said she’s been dieting since middle school. that ain’t right.

    and i wouldn’t consider that muscular. she used to be jacked when she was in No Doubt. now she just put out shitty music and doesn’t eat.

  23. Ript1&0

    What a snooze…. I can’t even make fun of her. Hey #20, try some of her old stuff, it’s pretty good and more ska-ish. I think she made many albums before she got famous.

    AND has covered every genre possible musically and managed to stay in the public eye. Yeah, boring. Nothing to rip on here.

  24. T

    besides the fake tits, she looks like a boy.

  25. A boy with stupid red lipstick on.

  26. @FRIST,
    and what the hell is wrong with that?

    I see she’s wearing the jiz/money-shot safety glasses

  27. )))))

    Jesus Christ ,what is the right fucking color to be?

    You can’t be black or you’ll get abuse but you can’t be too white because you’ll get abuse…..

    Anything inbetween includes people who are mexican, indian, chinese etc etc and they all get abuse on here.

    Although being white and cooking yourself under a tanning bed and increasing your chances of skin cancer and premature wrinkles seems to get the least flack.

    What a wonderful world.

  28. You fool!

    @ #28: You fool! Don’t you see what you have done? You left a space right after “Jesus Christ” and put the comma right up against the following word “what”!

    Die! Die you filth! Die!

    And look at the dots in your ellipsis! You have five dots! You should only have three! Damn you, you sick puke! Go! Go somewhere dark and cold and curl up and DIE!


  29. kniaknwo

    I saw her sexy photos on, is she finding someone there?

  30. Turd Ferguson

    She only had one album before No Doubt. And, thank the Lord, I hear she is getting back with them…

  31. Feckless

    #29 Are you f’ing blind? He did not leave a space between ‘in’ and ‘between’ and you totally missed it. You are a disgrace to the Punctuation Gestapo. Furthermore, you are missing meetings and not reading the trade journals as there is no longer a Three Dot Maximum (10 are acceptable now). Please concentrate on the basics of berating the pond scum who mis-use ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ – you’re clearly over your head with Accelerated Punctuation.

  32. Tess

    #20, I don’t care if you diss everything else about it, but Gwen definitely has a skilled voice with an unique vibrato to it. I guess her solo material doesn’t really show it, but try Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt.

  33. uhhuh

    Yesssss, #21. Oldddddddd.

  34. )))))

    #29 and # 32

    I was ‘tired and emotional’ when I wrote that. My life is hard because I just want to fit in with the other turds on this site.

    Please, let me. I want to be just like you.

    Hey, I even like tanned, generic-looking women with fake tits. I do! I do!

    And I hate all other races. I promise!

    Plus I think I’m funny. Oh come on, let me join the gang.

  35. Shallow Val

    (high pitched voice) Looove Herrrrrr!

    Nothing bad to say about Gwen. Fabulosa!

  36. Bigheadmike

    She is white hot……

  37. lalaland

    she is gorgeous when she has her hair and make-up all done normal.

  38. @ # 32: You’re right! You’re absolutely right! I missed the missing space! I shall have to end it all now; good-bye cruel world!

    @ # 35: You will never fit in with the turds on this site! Never! You must follow my sterling example and end it all! NOW!

    Everybody else: You are turds! Do you hear me? Turds! Never forget that you are nothing more than turds circling the bowl of life, only to end in the sewer of death!

    Now, everyone, go to my site and learn from a master how to commit seppuku! You cannot have an honorable death without viewing my blue-linked video!

  39. havoc

    I don’t know. She’s looking a little fat…….


  40. Cali

    @ #36: Right on.

    I love Gwen! Her music rocks and her style is dead-on. The best part about it all? She seems to keep it real. That earns major points in my book.

  41. Cali Girl

    Its no huge secret in LA that Gwen is a major bulimic- she has been for years.

  42. Kizzle

    Ugly skank. Her music does not “rock,” it’s annoying poppy bullshit that is written for her and no better than your average Jessica Simpson album. Her “style” is appealing to people with the mentality of 14 year old girls, and nothing more.

    Die in a fire, annoying whore. You have no rack.

  43. Eye-Dish Lass

    Makes me NUTS when nimrods do NOT get that the following women have had boob jobs….just not big big jobs (which is basically a waste….): Paris Hilton; Nicole Kidman; Gwyneth Paltrow; and hello?! Gwen Stefani.
    Don’t say it’s from babies or working out or ANY of that other B.S. It’s from Dr. Rey, Biotches!

  44. jacknasty

    44- Nicole has not had a boob job, are you retarded? She is naked in like 10 movies and is like an A cup, clearly not implants. I’m sure she wears falsies all the time when she is dressed, but she clearly doesnt have implants when you see her naked

  45. Anastesia

    Since when do you apply all this make-up to go to the gym??
    I have never seen Gwen Stefani without her pale foundation and her red lipstick!? It’s like if she doesn’t wear it, the world is going to end! omg ppl.

  46. hot mama!!!! love gwen stefani. i met her once in her trip to Malaysia!

  47. @24: Nooo, don’t say that…It’s very true, but she wasn’t always solo, she started out in the (kickass) band No Doubt. Don’t take it personally, but I hate it when people confuse No Doubt with just old Gwen solo albums.

  48. Gloria

    i saw this news on yesterday.

  49. Cat

    To whoever thinks Gwen’s anorexic….
    umm…noo..not with that muscle tone. She’s athletic. Stop being jealous.

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