Gwen Stefani is really pregnant

April 28th, 2006 // 274 Comments



  1. BigJim

    Instead of people bitching about illegal immigrants, I’d like to read some feedback on my Edna Hillbilly song.

    I require validation!

  2. Jacq

    #244 – I do agree. I think that the part about the entire thing that is least fair is in regard to the people who do come legally and work hard to become American. I don’t mean in the McDonalds, white bread sense, I mean those who bust their ass to make a living and become naturalized citizens. I resent the fact that those who try to follow the rules are at a disadvantage and those who cut in line end up on my meal ticket. I’m not saying that I don’t like hispanic people, but I hate the guy who has the back of his pick-up loaded with kids and lawn mowers, who isn’t carrying insurance because he doesn’t “exist” here, who is going to hit my car because he can’t read the STOP sign. The people who run, jump and swim end up on my friend’s ranches, leaving a trail of trash behind them, breaking into barns and storage facilities to get by. That’s bullshit. I can understand wanting a better life, but to come here and create the same dichotomy between the poor and wealthy Mexicans in Mexico is ridiculous. I don’t hate Mexicans and I live in a place where they are the MAJORITY, I hate illegals and there is a BIG difference between the two.

  3. spatz

    big jimbo, (may i call you that?) i think your song was brilliant. much like most things you post. but i got homicidal for a moment. just the thought of tar and feathering a fascist whore like little watson gets me hot and bothered and it was hard to concentrate on anything else..

    oh and fisher, you put it well. i dont know many “illegal” immigrants who have the luxury of working in offices where they get to fuck off online (like i do and like i imagine 90% of the superficals do)

  4. WTF

    Theres a shoker…a latino that refuses to work. What’s next…..Tom Cruise admitting to liking the dick?

  5. Jacq

    Fisher55, the LAST thing anyone here gives a shit about is your opinion. Sure, I don’t want their jobs, seeing as how I have an education and more earning potential. It’s bullshit when someone ends up on welfare, who can’t get a better job, because some freakin’ illegal beaner took their job. Then, we end up carrying the load for them both.

  6. spatz

    i know this might be sacrilidge, considering sherry co told me i was your butt buddy, but i officially think you suck jacq but not for your views, i dont care what you think about illegals and how much you hate mexicans, its your right. but because youre bringing something so serious that people have lots of passion about to the superficial. i thought there was an unspoken rule that things like this didnt get brought into the conversation. you really suck.

    what else do you want to talk about jacq, 9/11, the war in iraq, sudan,

  7. spatz

    oh and what makes you think people care more about your fascist opinions then fisher. guess what jacq, nobody cares about yours, his or my opinions. i especially dont care about yours at this point.

  8. Jacq

    #250 – One more thing – If you’re so gung-ho about working and giving it all away, go be a “human being first” in Cuba. That’s not an original idea. It’s called communism.

  9. Jacq

    Spatz, eat the corn out of my shit. Can you find anything else on this site to talk about? If you don’t want to see what I write, then don’t read it, you fuck. You wouldn’t happen to be online because you skipped work today, would you?

    God, I hate ignorant cock-suckers.

  10. spatz

    I only write about what inspires me, and like i said, you shouldnt bring serious things to the superficial. its just stupid. shame too cause usually i enjoy reading what you write. except when you sound like a rampant racist nazi. youre calling me ignorant when youre calling people “beaners”. are you fucking retarded or something?

  11. WTF

    #259 LMFAO

  12. Jacq

    I am not a rampant, racist Nazi. There are white people and white trash, there are Mexicans and there are beaners, there are African Americans and well…
    I do feel like Nazi Germany, though.
    Maybe I’m talking about something relevant because – oh I don’t know – I’m intelligent? Here is the definititon as posted by urban dictionary:
    A Mexican person living in the United States that supposedly eats beans. Usually an illegal imigrint that recently crossed the US border


    Beaner is often mistaken for a “lazy” mexican border-hopping spic.
    Thats not the case. You cant honestly call beaners “lazy”
    They work on roofs from like 6AM til until dark….They work on yard’s all day long….and will usually cover about a 55 mile radius of yards in that period of time.
    They work on cars….and good at it…..REAL good at it….
    They’re not lazy…..but they are border-hopping spics.

    My boss is hispanic, my best friends are hispanic, our maid is hispanic and I love her to death. I hate the lazy people who get here and want a free ride. What I had to say wouldn’t have been nearly as big a deal if you had just left it alone.

    Do you live anywhere with and overwhelming illegal population? You should come watch the news here and see all of the raids and busts going on. There is not a $10K fine per person for employing illegal aliens because they OUGHT to be here. Do you even know what’s happening on the border, not far from where I am now?

  13. Italian Stallion

    #260 I just had to spatz on your mom’s vagina to get it wet, man she’s getting old. Do me a favor and get her some K-y for mothers day so I don’t have this problem again, thank you…….When your done with the corn I had some peanuts last night……

  14. Jacq

    BTW – You only write about what inpires you? Give me a fucking break. You are seriously inspired by Gwen’s baby-bump? You’re calling ME fucking retarded?! Give me a break.

  15. WTF

    Posted by Jacq on May 1, 2006 04:01 PM

    “Beaner is often mistaken for a “lazy” mexican border-hopping spic.
    Thats not the case. You cant honestly call beaners “lazy”
    They work on roofs from like 6AM til until dark….They work on yard’s all day long….and will usually cover about a 55 mile radius of yards in that period of time.
    They work on cars….and good at it…..REAL good at it….
    They’re not lazy…..but they are border-hopping spics.”

    ….hahahahahah stop it!! your killing me over here!!

  16. WTF

    Immigrant: (in a latino accent)”I hate your country you americans do not treat us we will not work until we are treated fairly!

    Gov. Official: Um..ok fine we will treat you fairly. You can start working again.

    Immigrant: (in a latino accent) Uh, I start next week. I have to go to my 80th cousin on my mother’s side birthday. But you can pay me anyway!

  17. BigJim

    I wish I knew why corn doesn’t digest all that well. The fact that it is clearly identifiable in one’s shit does not speak volumes to the nutritional value it provides.

    I wonder, were one to eat the corn out of another’s (or their own) shit, would more of it digest the second time through, or would there still be corn in that person’s shit too?

    How many times does corn have to be eaten, picked out of shit (and hopefully cleaned off), and then eaten again before it ceases to show up in the shit?

    Enquiring minds want to know. I volunteer sherry-cunt and Edna for this experiment.

  18. LittleWatson

    Spatz- Maybe you need to realize that a lot of people would love to have the jobs that the illegals are taking. These jobs are not all toilet-scrubbing. Maybe you only know your housekeeper and local dishwasher, but lots of illegals make decent money and are not paying taxes on it.
    There are avenues people can take to become citizens of this country. They need to research them. I am referring to the group of people who come to this country illegally, don’t pay taxes, and don’t learn the language.

  19. Libraesque

    SHUUUUUT UUUPPPPP!!! How the fuck did we go from Gwen Stefani to illegal immigrants, take your god damn conversation to Craigs List Rants and Raves where it belongs

  20. LittleWatson

    Sorry Libraesque, but this happens all the time. The Gwyneth Paltrow baby shower turned into an abortion debate, and the Avril Lavigne having a belly went on forever about something unrelated…
    But you’re right. I’ll stop.

  21. tsarinaamanda

    You tell them Jacq! If you want to work and live here, become a citizen. Do not come here and expect me to support you and your whole extended family on MY dollar. I love these assholes who cry about “human rights” blah blah blah but fail to see that there are AMERICAN CITIZENS that need the government resources and social services that are not getting it due to these illegals taking it all. I am so sick of peope screaming “racist, nazi, facist” when we dare to demand that people who live here PAY TAXES AND BECOME CITIZENS. Why should I have to go without so a bunch of illegals can come here, flout our laws and customs, buy houses and drive nice cars because they don’t pay taxes? I can’t even get my car fixed because of the exorbitant taxes I pay to support these freeloaders. Yeah, I’m a racist. Sure. Because I hate illegal immigration, be it white, black or whatever, that makes me “ignorant”. Bite me. I hope you’ll be happy in your new Mexican states of America, and when they drive down your wages and standard of living, don’t you DARE bitch and moan about it. I couldn’t get a dime from the government if I was starving because I am white. But I’M the racist? Whatever. You obviously don’t even know what racism is, and that it happens EVERY DAMN DAY to whites along with all other races, so don’t you dare call me racist. I guess I can’t get social srevices, etc, because I have more class than to play the race card or make EVERY GOD DAMN thing about race. People like you make me sick, Fisher55 and Spatz, always crying about “RACISM, OH NOES U R A RACIST1!!111!” I hope you freaking choke on that shit. Eat it and die.

  22. WTF

    he even set up some tiki torches as a little decoration. I like him better than the mex who usually does my lawn. You’re fired, Rodrigo!

  23. english_bird

    BigJim why are you such a twat. God just becoz people have religions your a fuckin cunt about it. Leave everyone’s business to themselves or you’ll have to change your name to BigNose

  24. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I paid a Hawaiian to jerk off in my Mexitard salad. It tasted like pinapple tacos.

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