Gwen Stefani is really pregnant

April 28th, 2006 // 274 Comments



  1. rachie

    @22–a greasy, kinda dirty unemployed robot

    @12–she’s not a wigger, she’s a chola (i think that’s the word), a female Mexican gangbanger.

    @53–i think i might love you. You sure are funny as hell, but in another post why did you refer to your landcock as a she??

    @62–I’d be worried for anyone you reported except you only report people who insult you. I don’t think the FBI or whoever you’re crying to gives a flying fuck if someone’s picking on you. We won’t go to prison for calling a fat whore. One day soon I hope you get a sense of humor.

    @72–yes, you do rock. Jesus juice. hahaha

  2. Jay Hernandez

    If you think Gwen looks so bad, why don’t you get off your ass and become her stylist? Stop your freakin complaining people, I don’t think anyone truly gives a rats ass

  3. BarbadoSlim

    Oh we are not complaining, mr. “jeirnandes”, we are just making fun of the stefani creature, we don’t really give a rat’s ass about her.

  4. @102 – Become her stylist? Oh right. First off, I am a heterosexual male, not British. We’re not known for being great stylists.

    Second, I hope that is your real name because if you chose your nick after an actor that gives Paul Walker a run for his money in shitty acting, you are dumber than a post, namely yours.

    Third, in case you haven’t noticed, this site is about truth. The truth is, Gwen looks like a circus clown.

    Fourth, I think you might be Tom Cruise, because he loves the cock. I’ll let you complete the thought there.

  5. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I’m still sitting here wondering why Gwen Stefani is transforming into someting you’d see airbrushed on a Mexican’s t-shirt.

  6. CamberMS


    That’s because no one likes darkies.


  7. Edna Bambrick

    I suspect Papahotn*ts account was suspended due to me reporting or even better, Homeland Security has paid a visit to his home. Let this be a warning to others, keep it clean. I am reporting all disgusting posts!

  8. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Edna, I just talked to Mr. Nuts. He’s on a mission in Rio to convert the women of the night who wander the street God-less and and unclean, to show them the light of Jesus Christ so that they may not be lost, and change their evil ways.
    Well actually he’s in Rio giving it missionary to some unclean and God-less hookers to show them his dick so that they may suck it and not spit.
    But anyway, you know how hard it is to get an internet connection down there.

  9. large_sized_teen

    She’s not a Rasta. pimping the colors is one of her many gimmicks. She’s done it from the beginning. similar to Madonna,Gwen “borrows” from other cultures (ie: reggae, L.A.M.B.) to appear hip, and bring that “next shit” to the mainstream (AKA white America).

  10. whitney's sex toys

    you can tell in that picture how she will look when she is 80

  11. Laffinmybuttoff

    If Edna got Mr Hotnuts banned he wouldnt be the only one missing

  12. Dr.Rokter

    Gwen Stefani managed to run the gamut from dull to tedious in just over ten years. All without taking a bath.

    #107 Meet your sponsor at Denny’s ASAP, and get your Haldol scrip refilled. And I feel the pedantic need to point out that the DHS doesn’t send *anyone* to people’s houses, as that isn’t its function. So the “agent” you’ve been meeting with at the Starlite Bar whose been having you write “reports” for him on cocktail napkins is probably just some pervert who likes to rape fat chicks. Keep your pepper spray handy.

  13. Laffinmybuttoff

    Dr, still my hero

  14. BigJim


    Who needs PapaHotNuts when you’ve got BigJim. I’m almost as funny and way better looking.

    Seriously, though, I miss the guy too. He was like a father to me. Like a father who used to sneak into my room at night and make me promise not to tell mommy the things he made me do.

  15. BigJim


    Wish I could take credit for “cuntrag” but I’m afraid I stole if from someone (biatcho, I think). It was in reference to Edna, which I think is an unfair term for her. Edna, in my opinion, is not in fact a cuntrag.

    She’s just fat. A big fat fatty who likes to commune with her crucifix while imagining everyone who’s not a King James Bible scholar writhing in the fiery pits of the deepest levels of hell. That’s the Edna we know and love (but not in THAT way).

  16. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Use of the term ‘fatty’ is hereby banned for sounding too British. No arguments or objections will be accepted. There will be no warning and no appeals.
    The Management

  17. TaiTai

    @99 ha ha, you are right. I was thinking maybe a rasta Wicked Witch of the West, but I think the Addams Family might be closer. After all, she is alarmingly pale, not green. Add a couple of warts and she’s got the role in the next Addams Family sequel. Damn, get some sun, girl! And those red lips are scary. Somebody needs to take her crayons away.

  18. I’ve been wondering for a couple years if Gwen has her lipstick tattoed on. Any info on this? If you start looking (and I have been for a LONG time) you will notice that there is no recent photo of her ever, in any situation, without the red lipstick on. Either she can’t freaking relax and leave the house without it, or girlfriend’s stuff is permanent.

  19. Moonmoth

    Believe you me, she is gonna loose those acrylic nails once the baby is born. She won’t be able to change any diapers with those talons glued on.

  20. missscoobie

    See, I was told by someone who has been around here that she is FUG without makeup.
    This kinda proves it.
    Good luck with the baby, best wishes, however.

  21. boogaloo

    116 i always associate “fatty” with herbal remedies. maybe that will help.

  22. EntertainmentWhore

    Osh: If you really wanna sound British, you need to apologize profusely and for no apparent reason E.g. “Terribly sorry but you’re a fatty.”

  23. TrannyGranny


    You’re right, you are not as funny as Mr. Nut…..BURN! You are pretty darn funny, though. Other current favs are osh, biatcho,mamacita, Dr. Roktor, barbadoslim, cancer nipples, and, well, Landman. He used to drive me crazy, but he does one thing, does it well, and is just bright enough to not delve past his level. I hate white people who try to be Jamaican. The area I live is loaded with rich white kids, with dreads, driving beemers and talking about Bob Marley. We call them trustafarians (get it, trust funds!) Although in honour of the Superfish and it’s legion of posters I will start the trend in my town of calling them….CuntRags!
    Shit, my funny bone is broken. This post is lame. Totally unlike all my other radical posts to date. *puts gun in mouth*

  24. Edna Bambrick

    #123, REPORTED!


    #1 in every crash tezt Boizz!!!

    I was the firzt in my neighborhood to getz me one!!

    It kickz da azz of every other car on da street with itz 98hp 4 stroke up front….no doubt!!!

    70 MPGZ highway/ 68 MPGZ city – WITH PLENTY TO SPARE!!

    4X4 on the floor & lookin for more !!


  26. rori

    God damn you, my_saturn_kicks_azz. I really never wanted to see that picture ever again.

  27. radio3play

    Does anyone else think that Skilling is hot? I want to lay Ken Lay…in his G wagon!

  28. TrannyGranny

    Excuse me Ms. Bambrick;

    Was this about who I thought was funny or are you offended by Bob Marley? Oh, had to be CuntRags, my bad. You don’t think someone pretending to be something they are not is a bit weird, and CuntRag worthy? Please stick something prickly in every orifice, starting with your mouth.
    Oh and 125 DAMN!!!! Got me good with that one, I fucking almost threw up….AGAIN! Keep it up!
    rori- I feel your pain, brutha…or sissa!

  29. Tania

    This is the yahoo profile for Edna Bambrick.

    Did you guys already find this? I get tired of reading hundreds of posts, so it’s very likely that you already know about it. Anyway, she looks EXACTLY how I pictured her.

  30. Tania

    I forgot to suggest googling her. It’s interesting. She’s all over the internet with her bible thumping.

  31. chinadoll724

    Edna, how do you have so much time and who exactly are you reporting to? I sure hope Homeland Security has better things to do (maybe like catch terrorists?) than go visit the houses of those who post in gossip forums. Are you retarded or just bored?

  32. gammanormids

    claims her site is Jesus is the I can’t believe that when she claims there that TV and what ‘belongs to the world’ is against Jesus, she uses so easily the Internet.

  33. Edna Bambrick

    By using the Internet I hope to save all of you sinners. I pray for you all every night.

  34. Edna Bambrick

    After you google me, google Jesus and read his message and let Him save you.

  35. Edna Bambrick

    I am neither retarded or bored. I’m on a mission to save all of the sinners and save the innocent who need to read this filth on the Internet. I pray for you all. Working for the Lord is never boring nor retarded.

  36. HollyJ

    A Haiku dedication:

    Edna the dugong
    Wide-eyed pod person
    We all want to hurl

  37. Edna Bambrick

    Meet me, Jesus, meet me. Meet me in the middle of the air
    If my wings should fail me, Lord. Please meet me with another pair
    …so I can die easy
    Jesus gonna make up… my dyin’ bed

    Oh, Saint Peter, at the gates of heaven… Won’t you let me in
    I never did no harm. I never did no wrong

    Oh, Gabriel, let me blow your horn. Let me blow your horn
    Oh, I never did, did no harm.

    I’ve only been this young once. I never thought I’d do anybody no wrong
    No, not once.

    Oh, I did somebody some good. Somebody some good…
    Oh, did somebody some good. I must have did somebody some good…

  38. kw

    I love Gwen and I think she looks so cute. That first pic is just the weird lighting effect of the bright sun and shadow. She is soo freakin cute!

    Dear poor sad pathetic Edna Bambrick…why don’t you do something really worthwhile with your time if you care so much about saving people? What makes you think coming on this site and being a nuisance is going to save anyone?? Sadly I think its clear to everyone that you are insane and the only thing you are accomplishing is getting people to make fun of you. YOU are seriously misguided. Do you really think if Jesus where alive that he would spend his time reading thesuperficial and threatening people here? Its also very clear that you are a closet freak and get off on reading all this ‘nasty’ comments. Why don’t you go save yourself. GOD YOU ARE SO ANNOYING. Plus I saw those posts you wrote about how you love the cock, what the F??

    OKAY NOW you want to blow gabriel too!!

  39. This is my real yahoo profile

    I believe everyone should be able to post, they shouldn’t be able to post disgusting posts. I am reporting all disgusting posts! 26 reported already.

  40. kw

    seriously Edna, now I feel bad for you. Please tell me why or how you think your approach is going to save anyone??

  41. Edna Bambrick

    I am cleaning up the internet, reporting all disgusting posts. If I can help someone find Jesus Christ as their savior, then I have done His work.

  42. kw

    But I read those comments you made about loving cock, really seriously. So whats up with that?

  43. Edna Bambrick

    Someone is ruining my good name, probably this website. They have banned me many times since I shut them down last weekend.

  44. kw

    whatever, it was you. And what makes you think you have a good name?

    Not around here. Threatening people is not a way to make friends. It

  45. Edna Bambrick

    #144, Keep it clean, I’m reporting all posts. I will be back after church tomorrow.

  46. kw

    reporting to who??


    you are trolling around here for cock, I READ YOUR POSTS I KNOW IT WAS YOU.


  47. Edna Bambrick

    Actually, before I go, fuck you.

  48. kw

    thanks Edna, I knew Id get the real you to come out.

    ps youre pretty cute in that pic =)

  49. Edna Bambrick

    So did you take kw as a name because ky, you favorite jelly for lubing the entryway, was already taken?

  50. Edna Bambrick

    #147 You are REPORTED!

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