Gwen Stefani is really pregnant

April 28th, 2006 // 274 Comments



  1. BigJim

    Again, still not as fat as Edna. I just hope she doesn’t go all Britney on us and turn into a cheezy scarfing, trailer park ho that doesn’t lose the preggo weight.

  2. pepper brooks

    Ha the superficial guy’s got it on this one… penguin+joker+rastafarian=see above

    But I still bet she’s hot.
    Me+gwen+the road warrior=scha-wing

    and maybe + italian stallion for saying “sitting on my face”

  3. Land-Man

    What about my balls will they stand their ground
    Will they let you down yeah, yeah
    What about my balls are they gonna be low down
    Will they ever be around or will they turn their backs on you.

    No they won’t, baby. These Land-Balls were made for swingin’, from side to side and back to front. Right, left, back to the left.

  4. Land-Man

    Once you go Land, you never go back.

  5. TrannyGranny


    You only get rectum babies from scientologsists.

    *looks longingly towards Sodomy_is_for_girls* *flinches, wonders what gender sifg is* Damn faceless internet!

  6. frenchtoaststix

    Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, that albino hair and dark lipstick look is dated and makes her look older than she is. Not as beautiful preggo as Angelina is. Looks like a doofus in that knit hat. What does Gavin see in her?

  7. BigJim

    Land-bitch, you could see your genitalia even with an electron microscope, you fake-assed mother fucker.

  8. Lesbians4Bush

    I used to think she was reasonably hot, … now she scares my penis.

    A bit off topic, but Gavin, and his fucking band Bush, are gay posers. Apparently, Tom Cruise isn’t the only one who loves the cock ;^)

  9. suzy

    just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t give you the right NOT to match your clothes!

    and that hat is hideous, wtf isn’t she suppose to be a designer?

    well most designs design ugly ass clothes nowadays.. so i guess it’s fitting

  10. Star Maker Machinery

    I didn’t realize Cirque du Soleil was in town. I wonder if she’s unwittingly poisoning her baby with all the make up she slathers on.

  11. happy_bunny



  12. Edna Bambrick

    I am reporting all disgusting posts.

  13. ellaminnowpea

    @54……..dry land is all I see….that’s it…..parched……totally……..nothin but a mirage of a BigJim in the distance….

  14. ellaminnowpea

    @57…..oh…I thought you said an “erection” microscope…..wheew…too much cheap mexican & margaritas!

  15. EdnasGayLover

    Edna, put down the oreos and get out of the house more. You’re not accompishing anything by trying to clean up and christianize the internet. Not everyone suscribes to your sham religion.

    And damn gwen is fucking ugly.

  16. VanillaSalTyBaLLs

    I am reporting anyone who reports disgusting posts…

  17. Edna Bambrick

    #65 You are REPORTED!

  18. GeMiNiJiLlIaN

    OK Edna, fake edna, real edna, no-life edna, whatever…it seems obvious after a week of failed attempts that you will never rid the internet of filth and disgust. That’s what this site is all about anyway, filthy and disgusting celebs and people with no life who like to sit around and comment on filthy and disgusting celebs. You’re efforts have failed. You are an official failure at life, so go away. You are not fun anymore, now you are just boring, like this site has become.

  19. ellaminnowpea

    @67 – **ASS** – and you can quote me on that – in my BEST nasal Great Lakes accent….

  20. HollyJ

    SEVENTY!! SEVENTY! bitches!! SEVENTY!!! eat me

    It took Edna a few minutes to reply to #65 because she had her pentecostal pursed old-lady lips wrapped about Freddy Fender’s hairy left scrote. I

  21. GeMiNiJiLlIaN

    holly, how did you become such a dumbass? we’re all proud that you can count to 70, but you really need to shut the fuck up now.

  22. BigJim

    Edna wishes she had a time machine so she could trip back about 2000 years and suck off Jeezuuz himself.

    Gives whole new meaning to the term “Jesus Juice.”

    Hey, did I just burn Edna, Christianity, and Michael Jackson all in one post? I rock!

  23. BigJim


    I’ve decided that you are a cuntrag and need to die soon. So get on it.

  24. llynnowens

    Someone is hiding a bad hair day!

  25. GeMiNiJiLlIaN

    I’ve decided that I quit caring what you decided a long time ago, slimjim

  26. ellaminnowpea

    @72 – you ROCK!!!! It’s a triple header!!

  27. HollyJ

    I think it’s hilarious that someone who’s identity is based on her horoscope calls other people dumbass. HA!! I especially like that exceptionally creative lower-then-UPPER case thing you have goin’ on. You’re obviously a Rhodes Scholar.



  28. HollyJ

    and @ 48 – LOL!

  29. GeMiNiJiLlIaN

    proof that you can’t count afterall, i guess.

  30. HollyJ

    fRoM NOw oN I tHiNk wE SHouLd aLL tYpE LikE tHis

    iTs jUSt sOoo cUteSy-wUteSY-piE


    Hey, where’s Edna? Has she been banned into oblivion (I hope)? #72 lol

  31. Fa Cube Itches

    20: Good God, I hope not – names like that clearly limit the kid’s employment opportunities:

    Starla – truck stop waitress somewhere along I-40 in Oklahoma.

    Darla – Dairy Queen manager in Macon, Georgia.

    Farmer – fluffer, alternate-lifestyle cinema, San Fernando Valley, CA.

  32. HollyJ

    Tom – you love cock

    (PS Cube – What’s a “fluffer?”)

  33. pepper brooks

    haha cuntrag

    superficial has generated all of my favorite insults since “fucktard”, but that one’s gonna be hard to beat.

    I crack meself up and turn meself on at the same time

  34. HelpMeI'mFalling

    She looks pretty cute in the last pick… and… What’s with the random numbers…?


  35. I hereby pass sentence on GeminiJillian, death by Land-Man’s 18mm cock.

  36. Beanie

    Things must be pretty damn slow for Superficial to have to insult pregnant women on an almost daily basis. Yes she is big. So is Katie Holmes. So is Angelina Jolie. So is every f***ing woman when she is about to deliver. Good for you for pointing it out. Again.

  37. Fa Cube Itches

    A fluffer is someone who goes down on a pornstar between takes to keep them hard/wet.

  38. stillstandingby

    Posted by Land-Man on April 28, 2006 07:30PM

    No they won’t, baby. These Land-Balls were made for swingin’, from side to side and back to front. Right, left, back to the left.

    that just reminded me of the movie ‘kids’ when that one guy is swinging his dick around and making that slapping noise and he keeps doing it over and over. its kinda funny but mostly gross lol

  39. Mr_White_Secure_American


  40. stillstandingby

    i thought it was “libtard” with an “a”

  41. CruisingForCock

    Libtard and libturd are not words. Fuck, that is the second time that fucker made me use non-words in a sentence. Bastard.

    But seriously, if you are trying to make a new word, the least you could do is be consistent. Stronzo.

  42. TheRedInk

    oh relax people. you wouldn’t try to look like hot shit if you had a fucking human being inside an organ that was originally the size of your fist, also knowing that eventually you were going to have to pop a watermelon out of a pinhole. the fact that she even considered putting make up on merits kudos.

  43. ieatthepoo

    I’M GONNA EAT HER PLACENTA!!!!!111 one


  44. Hara

    Whatever happened to PapaHotNuts?

  45. vsminimoose

    I feel like she’s been pregnant for 35 months now……

  46. HollyJ

    @87 Cube .. ACK!! Are you serious? They need that? Aren’t they surrounded by pulsating genitals? Who the hell needs stimulation when they’re constantly buried under a sea of inflammed holes and poles???

    @94 Yeah, Hara, I miss Papahotnuts too.

    (^Those two comments are completely unrelated.)

  47. glensbabyblu

    Land-Man and ItalianStallion

    i heart you

  48. christee

    fools! you are all missing the bigger picture here! and that is:

    gwen stefani loves the cock.

    missed you, edna fatchick. muah!

  49. junebug

    Is that Carol Kane dressed like a pregnant hippy?

  50. Tetsuo

    How the hell is she that pregnant and still completely lacking in boobage?

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