Gwen Stefani is really pregnant

April 28th, 2006 // 274 Comments



  1. HollyJ


  2. EntertainmentWhore

    Why is everyone pregnant?

  3. HollyJ

    YAY!! And second!!

  4. Damn! Holly beat me! Sucks..

  5. Queen Eva

    Ohhhh… I would have been first, but I had to sign in!!!

  6. HollyJ

    Why does she have Karl Malden’s nose?

  7. Captain Awesome

    I thought this was the homeless chick whos always bugging me for change or offering blowjobs for cheeseburgers.

    Damn those bag-lady blows.

  8. Queen Eva

    She wears the stupidest things and looks adorable!!! Ugh!

  9. Fisher55

    gross…pregnant women really should not be allowed to go out in public during the third trimester. yuck

  10. Akapee

    Becos she’s pregnant I’ll do her doggystyle….which sort of reminds me that Tom Cruise loves da dick.

  11. tsarinaamanda

    She has been wearing that same shade of lipstick since 1995. Maybe it’s time for a change, especially since red is so passe. What does Gavin SEE in her, he can do so much better, especially now since she’s become a wigger with those long fake talons, tons of gold jewelry, and that terrible crap music. Go away new, unimproved Gwen, bring back the punk/pop/ska rocker chick! I can only imagine the horrendous name she’s got all picked out for this kid…Boomqueshia, Questacia, J’Qon, Fonte, LaFawnduh…

  12. chanel_bear

    how come celebrities think that being pregant is a license to dress like a bag lady?

  13. MiamiGoldenPantherr

    Wow, she has really undergone a metamorphosis just like the rest of us do !!!

  14. Land-Man

    She’s not pregnant. She just swallowed on of my Land-Shots.

  15. lilystar

    Aww…I used to love Gwen…I still kinda do but wtf happened? Not diggin the whole wannabe gangsta thing…and annoying banana songs.

  16. boredmilf

    I hope she gets back in shape after she has the baby…. she had awesome abs…

  17. TrannyGranny


    When a man and a woman love one another, sometimes they lie very close to one another and kiss. Then the man gently removes the womans shirt, and looks longingly into her eyes. Then they kiss some more, and then the man tells lies to the woman until she takes off all of her clothes. Then he gently, lovingly licks the woman between her legs. At that point the woman moans softly. This is a sign for the man to finish unbuttoning his pants , and without removing his tongue from said vagina, turn upside down and drop his balls in her mouth. this is sometimes called tea-bagging. When the man has had enough tea bagging , he bend the woman over the bed, and slowly enters her anus…shit, I meant vagina. He then thrusts repeatedly in rhythm with the woman. Sometimes he ejaculates (this is when semen spurts from the penis) in the vagina, and this causes babies. That is why a man should always jam it up her anus or in her mouth right before ejaculating.
    Seriously folks, use condoms, the diseases you kids have today will KILL you!

    Oh, sometimes men do the same thing, substitute “hairy rectum” where the word “vagina” is and you will see what I mean.

  18. I knoe how too spel

    No really, why is everyone pregnant? Are the spawns of celebrities going to take over the universe? There’ll be Suri, from planet whatever, Brangies kid from Namimimimbia, Brooke shields’ kid from, oh wait, no one cares about that one. Theyre gonna try and convert us into African Scientologist aliens.

    P.S. TCLTC

  19. justlikehoney1

    I read that –

    If it’s a girl, they’re going with Starla or Darla.

    If it’s a boy, Farmer.

  20. TaftHartley

    #18 Ok. I think I get it… but then the baby grows in the rectum? Or did I miss something.

  21. desi havoc

    AND her husband is an unemployed robot..

  22. TaftHartley

    Her husband is cool. Admit it — we all bought that Bush album because it was actually good.

  23. Fisher55

    Her husband is G-A-Y. He fucked his way into a recording contract in the UK, was a hustler in Manchester for a while…

  24. radio4play

    NO I missed it again!

    She looks like a hobo

    don’t forget tcltc

  25. Binky

    # 18 Gross.
    I think that Lego porn from the ‘Kate’ thread is a lot tidier – AND! – it entertains the kids.
    At least being preggo didn’t effect her fashion sense…well maybe a bit…

  26. GeMiNiJiLlIaN

    WTF is up with the idiots who post “FIRST” in every single f-in thread? Who cares? Does anyone care? I thought you had to be at least 13 to post comments here. Go to school.

  27. Awful outfit. She’s still hot, though.

  28. megana

    #18 obviously writes “moist reading” in his/her spare time. and most definitely reads it in the crapper.

  29. LilJenny

    It’s school vacation week, that is why there has been a drop in posting IQ

  30. Binky

    (I’ve got a weird McDonald’s ad at the top. You pass your mouse over the friggin’ ‘salad’ and the ingredients turn, like radio-active. Is this some sort of Chernobyl memorial ?
    Or do people eat the stuff ?)

  31. Sodomy_is_for_Girls

    I’m all about the ass-busting…

  32. In keeping with the music theme — if anyone’s interested, you can download an mp3 of Chris Daughtry’s performance from American Idol this week:

  33. BarbadoSlim

    For the love of god, the woman is huge. On some women, being preggers is quite becoming, they look radiant(see Angelina)On Gwen, hmmm..not so much (see Britney).

  34. Gross.

    My penis is crying.

  35. Sebastian De La Ghetto

    Posting IQ, on the superficial comment section? HAHAHAHAHHA!!!

    First!!!!!! Fuck you!

  36. Pearly

    It’s her face, she gained weight in her face! Creepy! I think maybe 3rd trimester is the time to throw away the “Hot Tamale” shade of lipstick…

  37. Jayne

    #34For the love of god, the woman is huge. On some women, being preggers is quite becoming, they look radiant(see Angelina)On Gwen, hmmm..not so much (see Britney).

    From most of the pics I’ve seen, Gwen does look radiant.. more so than Katie, Britney and Angelina. Given Angelina hops skips and jumps from continent to continent and is usually photographed with her face down, I’d say Gwen’s the best looking.
    Paltrow looked more radiant than Jolie for Godsake.

  38. BarbadoSlim

    Of course you could be right, however Angelina looks very well for a woman that travels so much in her state (or may be she photographs better?)

    Gwen does not look very nice in this pictures, and this is the superficial. It is our sworn duty to slam these people for being the least bit human.

  39. gogoboots

    Dig the hat…otherwise, I’m bored of her. When she having the baby again? YES, time for a change in lipstick color, she must have a thousand lipsticks the same exact shade!

  40. Stephanie12

    In my greatest dreams, I am MeganHarris. I have the most wonderful life, I can sit & wait for new stories to appear so I can be first, second. Thanks Meg for being my idol. XOXO

  41. mamacita

    Huh. I didn’t know Gwen was a Rastafarian.

  42. Spacedog

    I think I saw this girl at one of the Dead shows (don’t ask me which).
    She was selling grilled cheeses for $1, gooballs for $5 and had a contributions jar so the bus could get repaired in time for the next show.
    I love you, Earth Mother.

  43. SimonLegree

    She looks like that ugly woman with the red lipstick from that movie “Cry Baby” with Johnny Depp

  44. Italian Stallion

    I always thought Gwen is hot as shit, there is something really sexy about her…..
    I have to say though, and I understand that she’s pregnant, but this picture is horrible. I don’t think I’m gonna look at it anymore so I can always remember her the way I like to. Sitting on my face.

    I hope her boobs stay that way, but I’m more of an assman myself anyway, on a women of course……….

  45. BeaGass

    hatchet face is looking great next to this broad.

  46. BarbadoSlim

    hahahahahahaha, Stallion you sure have a way with words.

    on my face, GOLD!!

  47. CruisingForCock

    Totally off the subject but these new Jetta commercials are so racial. The car is hit on whichever side the negro is on. I’m just saying.

  48. JackUup

    Uh…since when did Gwen Stefani morph into a Circus Clown… ?

  49. JackUup

    lol @ 48…WTH??

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