Gwen Stefani Hawaii bikini pictures

August 30th, 2007 // 110 Comments

Remember when Gwen Stefani looked like this? I guess she decided to stop looking like a homeless person and start looking, well, hot. And didn’t she just have a kid? Look at her stomach. She deserves a medal for looking this good. I don’t want to point any fingers, but sometimes when people have kids they get fat and ugly and forget to wear pants. And are named Britney. Spears. Britney Spears. I’m talking about Britney Spears. Not sure if you got it because I was being so subtle.

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  1. Amber

    Aww I just love her.

  2. b

    @37: Gwen never had implants, her boobs got bigger due to nursing.

  3. b

    Props to #112!!

  4. woodhorse

    #95 TT you are an angel for bringing back memories… it’s really hot at those 4th of July Willie picnics and I went into the pond to cool off and as I was walking out – wearing a white bikini bottom and a tiny pink T top with the Willie Picnic logo on it – I looked up and saw a Channel 11 News camera filming me and several others as we walked out of the pond. My parents saw it too and I was grounded for quite awhile as I was underage and supposed to be at a girlfriends’ for the weekend. Also, I think I might have seen you there – did you ever walk through the crowd completely naked and carrying your shoes?

  5. tommy salami

    ONE WORD………………………. BULIMIA

  6. Smoking Hot

    I can sympathize with Gwen. I just got done nursing. I have a 10 month old and I have one awesome stomach, always have. My husband hates me. I have a natural six-pack. I miss my boobs though. I’m back to my Bs but I’m drinking lots of commercial whole milk to fill them back up with hormone-filled fat. If it doesn’t work, oh well, I still have my beautiful tummy.

  7. Smoking Hot

    You know how stupid you sound when you accuse a slender woman of being bulimic? As if the ONLY way not to be a fat-ass in this country is to have an eating disorder? Some of us educate ourselves on nutrition. It really is that simple, chubs, and some self-domain helps too.

  8. thE tRuth

    Okay, it’s really, really gay for posters to have conversations on the board, welcoming each other back, etc. I mean, this board is pretty gay to begin with, but cutting back on the gayness of the posters and their gay posting that they think is cute or cool would be a great way to diminsh the level of gayness here. So don’t be gay. And trannys should be fed to sharks. They are truly nature’s mistakes.

  9. G-force

    What in the hell does Gavin have between his foot and his shoe…and why?

  10. sauvage

    And she had her implants taken out and her natural cleavage looks sooo good on her.

  11. ***

    she looks fabulous! for once a celeb that’s not a stupid skanky fucked up whore!

  12. Mama Pinkus

    I’ve never forgiven her for her cutesy-pie re-do of “It’s my life”

  13. Lili

    I want her husband *__*

  14. Luna

    she needs a boob job

  15. gwen

    This shit is bananas…

    B A N A N A S

    This shit is BANANAS…

    B A N A N A S

  16. 166:
    You are on a gossip page for Christ’s sakes! Relax.

    Would you rather people be snarky assholes to each other? Then you can whine like the little bitch you are about how everyone is constantly snapping at everyone.

    Oh, and Tranny’s are not natures mistakes. Ignorant c*nts like you are! Some people strive to make sure everyone is included and equal. Then there are people like you…

  17. Texas Tranny

    @161 Woodhorse
    LOL, It might have been me, I’ll get naked at the drop of a hat.

  18. Morning TT…


  19. Texas Tranny

    Good morning Murph…………….my good friend.

  20. lol.

    Have you noticed lately that people are taking stuff on here waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously?

    I though gossip sites were supposed to be fun and light hearted….

  21. Oh hell yes, that’s what brought me here in the first place, to have some fun making fun of dipshit clebs like Shitney, HoHiltion and Blowhan.

    Of course meeting someone as kind (and hot) as you makes it all that much better.

  22. No kidding! *grins* I found the Superficial through FoxNew’s gossip section, and got all of my co-workers hooked. And…it isn’t blocked on my work computer.

    It is a good way to get a laugh (which is healthy for you) and get your opinions out.

    lol. don’t let the myspace pictures fool you. I am a jeans, teeshirt and flip-flops kind of chick…

    And you are an absolute DOLL! btw…since I felt weird asking yesterday, do you prefer being referred to as he or she?

  23. jrzmommy

    154 & 152—You guys forgot about my horns and forked tongue, you dumbfucks.

  24. Texas Tranny

    Thats how I found it too, through Fox and it’s not blocked here at work.

    See that’s what I like about you, your a very honest person with a healthy outlook on life.

    I LOVE your pics and believe me, your my kind of woman.

    It depends….if I’m all dressed up I go by Denise, otherwise it’s David and I’ll always answer to sissyboy.

  25. jita

    hey Jules, I came across another gossip site today

  26. Try the Daily Mail:

    It is absolutely HYSTERICAL! And from what I have noticed at my company, it isn’t blocked.

    If you have a myspace send me a message. I can’t get on until lunch, but what I can do is then add you to my private page. lol. Then you can see the real life. I am sooooooo totally not as cute in real life as I am when I am wrestling. *grins*

    Thank you honey! You are definitely my kind of guy, too.

    I will keep that in mind.

  27. Jus' Stupid

    Gwen’s Hot, her man is hot, so flippin’ what.

    Trannys are gay, by definintion.

    Women need dick, men need ass. The world revolves.

    Time to get back to bagging on stupid celebs like Whorehan, and Shitty Quears

  28. Texas Tranny

    I’ll have to make a page on myspace, don’t have one right now. I’ll try this weekend.

    Wrestling???? Damn you ARE my kind of woman.

    I can see me now, on my hands and knees, dress flipped up, panties pulled down, looking back at you, kind of scared look I my eye.

    Can you guess what your wearing?

  29. lol.

    No honey… not that kind of wrestling. I am a pro-wrestler…

  30. Texas Tranny

    One can dream.

  31. And you need to warn me when you are gonna write shit like that…

    My boss walked up while I was reading it!

  32. Texas tranny

    Sorry, don’t want you to get into trouble, you might have to whoop my ass.

  33. lol.

    its ok darlin… I alt-tab’d and pulled up my work.

    The irony is I am probably one of the non-violent people ever…

  34. wtf?

    What the hell?? Stop using this fucking website as a chatroom! If you guys want to fucking go on with crap then add one another to msn or freaking facebook.. I log on here to laugh at people shitting on celebrities, not to read that crap. This website has gone downhill. No new posts and bunch o’ crazies have taken over the comment page… It’s sad too cause this is the only gossip website that isnt completely shameful to visit

  35. bob

    168, when did she ever have implants? oh you mean when her boobies got big because she had a baby. let me guess, you got an F in health, biology and common sense.

  36. Texas Tranny

    completely shameful?????????? What the Fuck?????

    Chill out.

  37. Jus' Stupid

    Gwen is flat as a board and needs to be nailed….And baby have I got a hammer for her…Her natural look makes me feel kinda funny down there…Like climbing the rope in gym class

  38. Apparently we are not allowed to occupy our time until there is another post (should be at like 4:30 this afternoon) by having a chat.

    Sorry if we offended you WTF?…

    *note sarcasm*

  39. @ 192…

    so you wanna maybe chat and hangout sometime– let me know– just leave me a message here– i’ll hit you up when i can — or you call me direct if you want – 1-800-462-8999 x 208 i cant wait to hear back from you ….



    ~ 420 ~

  40. Texas Tranny

    I have an idea……since there is no new post, as Murph pointed out, and we won’t have one for a long time. Let’s start over…………………

    FIRST!!!!!!!!! Bitches.

  41. Texas Tranny


  42. Jus' Stupid

    @197 What is that, a “fuck you line”? Dial a porn? A “dial 2 if you are a pain in the ass, dial 3 if you piss everyone off, dial 4 if someone wants to kill you, dial 5 if you have no brain…..

  43. Ooooooooo!

    I want to post my own new topic!

    *second btw!*

  44. dax

    Gwen Stefan es guapa aunque un poco delgada. Le falta carne para poderse agarrar a ella mientras la sodomizas

  45. Texas tranny

    Gwen looks pretty good, but I miss the slutty look with the big red lips.

    Her bikini and sarong are very cute.

  46. From the Daily Mail:
    Golden-bald: Is crocked Beckham losing his hair?
    Last updated at 14:50pm on 31st August 2007

    After facing yet another injury setback, it appears the stress of David Beckham’s troubled football career is beginning to taking its toll.

    It was clear during 32-year-old’s latest LA outing that his once prized head of golden locks is starting to thin out.

    The balding star appeared in public for the first time after suffering a knee injury which has ruled the £125million player out of two vital European championship Qualifiers for England.

    With knee and ankle supports on show, the England star was snapped wearing the strappings as he left an LA sports clinic after sustaining the injury during a game for LA Galaxy on Wednesday night.

    Beckham was accompanied by son Brooklyn, who no doubt tried his best to keep his father’s spirit up.

    This latest injury has ruled him out of England’s crucial forthcoming Euro 2008 qualifiers against Israel and Russia.

    A scan has confirmed the problem as a sprained medial collateral ligament in his right knee which will keep him out for between four and six weeks. Beckham, 32, is also suffering an ankle injury picked up last season.

    According to the MLS club, Beckham is likely to be out for between four and six weeks, keeping him out of Steve McClaren’s squad for the Wembley clashes with Israel, on September 8, and Russia four days later.

    And he could now also struggle to be fit for the qualifiers with Estonia and Russia, on October 13 and 17, respectively.

    Another injury means David is likely to miss the rest of Galaxy’s Major League Soccer season as he will be out of action for four to six weeks.

    Suddenly the £125 million he was paid to go over to the US looks an even more expensive deal than anyone first thought.

    Beckham tripped over the ball when challenging Pachuca midfielder Fernando Salazar.

    His premature departure from the match comes less than a fortnight after he managed his first league start for Galaxy.

    A long-standing ankle injury kept him from playing a full 90 minutes for his first appearances for the club – and any hopes that the problem was fully behind him evaporated in recent days when he started feeling the effects of the injury again.

    Now this latest injury is prompting speculation about his future.

    The extraordinary £125 million five-year deal — financed by Major League Soccer as well as the club itself — is about raising the profile of “soccer” in the US rather than just securing a famous player for the LA team, but so far the increase in media attention for what at the moment is a minority sport has been tempered by a rash of negative publicity for the club.

    Supporters have been riled by his noshows, and the cynicism of those exploiting the Beckham phenomenon has started to cause a backlash among fans.

    When Galaxy played away to New England, supporters could only get tickets by buying a “Beckham package” which included three other matches or attending in a large group – only to discover that Beckham was not going to play.

    And now this. Last night’s clash with Salazar saw Beckham remain face down on the grass for a few seconds before limping to the sidelines.

    He made his way to a wall on the sideline, bent over and held on to it before a Galaxy staff member arrived to help him to the bench.

    He sat down and had his right leg taped, then buried his head in his hands.

    At halftime, Beckham gingerly walked across the field to the tunnel.

    He did not return for the second half. His injury may been exacerbated by Galaxy’s exhausting schedule combined with his England commitments – Beckham had to contend with playing two games on back-to-back days last week.

    After playing against Germany at Wembley last Wednesday he then turned out for Galaxy against Chivas in Los Angles 24 hours later.

    But whatever the reason, fans seem to be beginning to run out of patience.

    When Alan Gordon replaced Beckham in the 33rd minute, it triggered massive booing from the crowd of 12,500.

    While Beckham struggles with his injury problems, his wife Victoria – fresh from her less than successful attempts to revive her singing career – is having to come to terms with the fact that her attempts to launch a US television career have not got entirely to plan.

    The documentary about her arrival in the US, Coming To America, was virtually ignored by the public – pulling in just 4.9 million viewers.

    The critics gave the show a severe drubbing. The New York Post called the fly-on-the-wall documentary – designed to show that Victoria has a sense of humour about herself – “an orgy of self-indulgence”.

  47. Texas Tranny

    You go girl.

    I want to try.

  48. The bikini makes her girls look weird, btw. I would have gone with one that has slightly less fabric.

  49. Now…onto Becks…

    I sprained my knee in a car accident and it sure as hell didn’t take me 4-6 weeks to heal. It took me 2 weeks.


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