Gwen Stefani has seen better days

November 14th, 2006 // 67 Comments




  1. jrzmommy

    cute kid. what the fuck happened to it’s mother?

  2. llllllllll

    She is poop

  3. My god she looks horrid! I can’t believe how small she is now. And who is that ugly bitch carrying her?

    What?……Oh, nevermind……

  4. RichPort

    Looking like that, ain’t no one gonna holla back, girl

    (it had to be said… fucking sue me)

  5. trinket

    She probably shouldn’t wear so much white on and around her face if she’s going insist on having such yellow teeth.

  6. Jedi Kevin

    Big glasses == stupid. and now ugly.

  7. NipsyHustle

    at least she got some ass on her now. damn, bitch was a bone.

    i suspect her kid went commando on her head for having to bee seen out in public with her wearing that corny ass shirt and cuffing her jeans. i’d be pissed too if my ride looked like this.

  8. Missallanpoe

    lol…wow..she really looks like shit man. She doesn’t have yellow teeth trinket but she certainly has a gap I think. Those pants dont do her justice..her outfit and hair look like she was just beaten up by the Sargent baby.

  9. Man, I’ll say she has!

  10. i’d still hit it, then i’d make her burn that stupid t-shirt and return the 3-D glasses to the movie theater she stole them from.

  11. commissioner

    Looks like Kingston kicked her ass before they left the room. A baby will do that to ya’.

  12. onecritic

    fashion victim! sad, so sad.

  13. onecritic

    p.s. her thighs are chafing.

  14. PunjabPete

    Fashion victim of her own making… She designs her own clothes…. Yeah. Seriously.

  15. Jacquelantern

    Ok now she has just gone too far… I could handle all the other crazy shit that she wears and does to her hair… but this, this is just beyond ugly!! yuck!! Those sunglasses are killing me… I think she wears them to ward off the stares that she’s gonna get for the way she looks!!

  16. D'oh Eyes

    Gak! Is that her equilavent to those god-awful tuxedo t-shirts?

  17. jrzmommy

    I’m bored.

  18. jrzmommy

    Here, from The Scoop:
    Katie spends $3,000 on wedding lingerie

    Why? She could wear dirty old rag-time undies and no one would know. Especially Tom. Like he fucking cares what underwear she’s wearing.

  19. no one you know

    @21…especially since he won’t find some tasty cock nestled among the sweet, silky folds. Of the panties, that is. Seriously, of the panties.

  20. sexybitch

    $1K of that is just for a bridal set – amazing what a good white lace strap-on costs these days.

  21. no one you know

    @23…don’t forget the anal-beading.

  22. sexybitch

    Damn, that’s right – bet they’re real pearls. That runs the tab up some.

  23. Her hair looks like her cat licked it and she figured it was fashionable. I am allergic to cats so I don’t have that problem.

  24. combustion8

    this is why I’m a firm believer that hot women should never shit out children.

  25. Is this a halloween pic that was held over? Seriously, what’s up with the outfits? To say nothing of the hair, makeup, and general spookiness of her vibe.

  26. NipsyHustle

    has any guy here had sex before and after with a woman who gave birth vaginally? does it ever go back to what it was before?

  27. Christ, she looks like she just spent the night at a maximum security prison

  28. Italian Stallion

    Look at the guy on the left. I know, I couldn’t see him either. See what happens when you were a black hooded sweatshirt and don’t smile. Let this be a lesson………

  29. Courtney

    Oh whatever. Good for her for having better things to do.

  30. kate

    I’m sorry, but regardless of what she looks like, Kingston is so damned cute. Holy crap. Way better than the other celebrity spawn out there now.

  31. Rogue

    Are celebrities really so dependent upon their handlers so much these days that when they stop working for a while they lose the ability to even pick up a comb?

  32. Tracy

    Overheard on the playground in 2017:

    Other 5th grader: Hey KINGTURD, is that hag over there your MOM?

    Kingston: Uh, no… (runs away).

  33. PrettyBaby

    #20 That could be dangerous…

    I love that baby. He is soooo cute. I wish I could stuff him up me and then give birth to him MYSELF. Fuck that sounds psycho.

    #21 Hahahha Yeah sure that’s what you meant..

  34. PrettyBaby

    #27 Kiss my ass, please.

  35. mikeski

    Al-Qaeda Asshole: “Watch out, he’s got a binky!”

    Other Al-Qaeda Asshole: “Hit the deck!”

    Kingston: “Goo fucking goo, assholes!”

    (Throws binky)

    (Explosion with A-Q A parts flying everywhere)

  36. combustion8

    #37 is it even kissable?

    or is it riddled with stretch marks?

  37. PrettyBaby

    combustion8- Good Lord,no! Smooth, buttery soft & tight, just for you.

    Oh and the babies I shit out.

  38. 86

    Yeah her thighs are huge

  39. Just Some Girl

    @ 29 – yes it does…..was that a serious question?

  40. Spiratacus

    What the fock happened to her hair?

  41. mrs.t

    #29-my first baby was vag delivery. I tore like a motherfucker, but the doc threw in an extra stitch. That and the Kegels have kept me in top form after all these years. You know the Prince song ‘Pussy Control’? That’s me. Any more stupid questions, or do you have tons of Algebra homework?

  42. Tits_McGhee

    Somebody should tell her about that one really extravagant invention that you use….oh, what’s it called??? DAMMIT, it’s on the tip of my tongue! It makes you look really really nice after you get up in the morning. Oh yeah, now I remember!

    It’s a brush.

  43. SonJaSpiCe

    That baby could give Suri a run for her money as cutest celeb baby.

  44. sexybitch

    Tooo fucking funny. I’d pee myself but I do Kegels too.
    The untalked about thing out here in LA is C-sections for the second or third wives to keep everything tight – I’d be surprised if it isn’t in the prenups, right next to the “no-celulite” clause

  45. hunnybee459

    I may be the lone dissenter here but I still think Gwen looks hot. While she may have had better days, and probably should run a brush through her hair, that girl just has style! Oh and little Kingston is by far the cutest celeb baby around!

  46. As I’ve said before, I’d eat the corn out of her shit. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy, but she is still smokin’ to me.

  47. Flush it all away

    #49 – Uh, I don’t think the crazy part of your comment is that you think she’s hot.

  48. herbiefrog

    …and there’s tyhe key

    …hey babe

    been listenising
    to this sh*t for
    hours and hours
    waiting fpr

    actually we just love
    every part of it : ))

    now at m telling the kids…

    curtains ?

    here we go…

    hang on tight… : )))

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