Gwen Stefani gives birth to a baby boy

August 21st, 2008 // 50 Comments

Gwen Stefani finally gave birth to a baby boy today, and she must’ve been super pissed at the kid for staying in there so long because she named him Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. I mean, Jesus, lady, so what if he came out and was already four years old? That’s no excuse! Fortunately, I’m willing to forgive you because you’re hot. Let it never be said I’m not a fair and generous writer of boobs. Now go in peace and maybe, while you’re at it, think about how awesome it would be if you wore a bikini. Just puttin’ it out there.

Congratulations to Gwen and Gavin from The Superficial!




  2. mimi

    Who cares? Praying for Amy

  3. syn

    With a name like that it’s a good thing he’ll be pretty. Congrats to the fam regardless.

  4. Hollaback Kid

    What makes one think the kid will look good just beause the parents may look good? Take a look at thing that goes by the name Rumer Willis?

  5. Scotty

    Man, how much beer does she drink? That’s a helluva gut. Just imagine what it will look like if she gets pregers. Lady, go to AA and get some help. I don’t understand entertainers.

  6. Methinks she didn’t “give birth” at all but rather, had the de rigeur ent-biz Hollywood c-section. She’s too posh to push. And studies show that babies born at the 8-month mark are perfectly OK and mommy’s tread marks are much reduced.

  7. wet newspaper

    i didn’t even know she was pregnant a second time…?
    congrats to them both. gwen rocks!

  8. LaraCroftsmole

    What sort of stupid fucked up name is that crap. I HATE celebs and their ridiculousness.

  9. chingy

    celebs are really just as ghetto as the rest of us.

  10. cinnamon

    Not Gwen Stefani, but most celebs are the most spoiled, vain specimens ever to walk the earth even to the point that they cannot conceive naturally (because TWINS are soooo trendy!), push naturally (because their vaginas are so special!), carry full-term (because stretch marks will “ruin my career!” boo hoo hoo), nor raise their children naturally instead hiring help to do it because with all that money, life is soooo tiring, you know. Some celebs even hire women to breastfeed their kids, like Cindy Crawford! The only part they are actually willing to do in the whole process is donate their superior (lol!) genes. BTW, Brangelina’s kids will be odd looking. Sorry to dissappoint! With AJ’s fivehead, combined with Brad’s spread nostrils and beady eyes, these kids won’t be anything close to their parents in looks. EVen then, their parents are getting old and shoudl go away now. Newsflash Brangelina : You’ve been replaced by much younger actors, you can save the world now.

  11. mrs. ernestine berkowitz

    unnecessary c-section by a rich celeb= tummy tuck after the delivery.

    seriously, these bitches are all doing it then posing their lying asses on magazine covers talking about how they ate grass and ran 5 miles a day for 6 weeks to get their pre-baby body back. fake fake fake!!!!!

  12. taking out the trash


    i hope your pussy doesn’t stink like your jealousy. brad and angie are too busy living it up to care about a disgruntled ne’er-do-well like yourself. so calm down and go back to the corner where you belong.

  13. britney's weave

    thank you for bumping gwen up to the top of the page. lohan could only hope to look that good someday.

  14. devilsrain

    Another woman gave birth? BIG FUCKIN DEAL

  15. cinnamon

    Nice try #14. That took a lot of brainpower to write. …jealous…blah blah blah….ne’er-do-well…blah blah blah…stinky pussy….blah blah blah. Ever heard of originality? No? I guess this is what comes out of someone’s brain who spends hours a day on celeb gossip message boards. Recycled idiocy. Boring as hell you are.

    I’d like to have Brangelina’s money, who the fuck wouldn’t? But I would not be happy running around adopting and popping out kids all over the place and then having other women raise them while I attend all kinds of do-gooder crap in third-world countries and pretend that I have one-quarter of the mind that the doctorates who speak in those conferences do. I don’t envy AJ for having sex with a rapidly aging, pussified, squinty-eyed, smelly has-been Pitt. He was hot once upon as time like in Thelma and Louise. They are both atrocious actors, slef-righteous as fuck and hypocritical as fuck, declaring their unending compassion for the world’s poor while living in a 700 MILLION DOLLAR CHATEAU and having two private jets. When celebtards start praticing what they preach then respect will be due.

  16. devilsrain

    I think everyone just contradicted themselves… I just hope we are in agreement that these people suck and they cant stand it if theyre not in the spotlight. Fuck all of them. IM TALKING TO YOU TOO MADONNA slept your way to the top, congrats.

  17. Ted from LA

    Call DHS. Who the fuck names a kid that? Zuma, it’s time time for dinner. Zuma, did you shit your pants? Do you Zuma, take Lisa to be your wedded wife? Zuma was a good man. It’s hard to believe someone beat him to death because of his name, but I loved him like a brother.

  18. Mike

    Cinnamon…. congratulations on being nominated for Biggest Douche In the Universe for your rants on things no one really cares about. Your douche bagginess will be remembered and celebrated for all time. You douche. Now go watch some south park and relax. Oh and congrats to the new mommy. She seems nice and I liked her songs way back when.

  19. duh

    Duh, me like to post here so I can insult everybody who doesn’t agree with me… you are all Stinky Douches… nobody cares about you and you belong in a corner. You are so pathetic and jealous. Duh.

    So many lame people, it boggles the mind that humanity has made it this far.

  20. rough daddy

    roaches reproduce next…

  21. ToTellTheTruth

    LMFAO@# 19

  22. Tom

    WTF is wrong with her feet?

  23. kevTHA

    cinnamon does it for me

  24. Angie O'Genesis

    I think I’d like to order a Zima Nestea Rolling Rock Rossdale.

  25. Cute little fawn

    What a vain cunt! You’re not supposed to process your hair when you’re pregnant because it’s bad for the baby, but this dumb bitch doesn’t care… gotta look hawt no matter what…

  26. Bodylotion

    Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. You got to be fucking kidding me. What the crap has gotten into celebrities and shit that they have to call their kids something freakishly ‘unique’ like Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale? I wholeheartedly agree with #19. Ridicu-fucking-lousness.

  27. Meg

    #26, i was thinking the same thing! she just threw together the names of the last 3 drinks she’d had! hahaha

  28. Seriously, what’s with celebs choosing these crazy silly names for their children? Zuma — what is he? An MP3 player?

    I’ve linked to this article on

  29. Randal


    Thank you for inviting me to witness the birth of your baby girl. Unfortunately I was unable to be in the room with you for the blessed event due to the approximately one dozen Japanese teenaged girls dancing around the room in pink Hello Kitty sailor uniforms.

    Best of luck to you and your freakishly named whelped spawn.


    - Randal

  30. red fox

    I wonder how the millions of Zimbabweans feel about her naming her child Zuma, after Jacob ‘Zuma’, there tyrant of a president has been responsible for the destruction of their country and thousnds of people being killed… Hmm… it’s all in a name… I suppose Ignorance is bliss!

  31. LaraCroftsmole

    @19 *high five* bud

  32. Quinn

    @#33: the president of Zimbabwe is Robert Mugabe. Jacob Zuma is the president of South Africa’s ANC. Tho you’re right, he’s no hero. He told his people that you can’t get AIDS if you take a shower after having sex with someone who is HIV+. Oh…and he’s a rapist.

  33. candy

    #35 You’re absolutely right… I’m South African, and can confirm that Jacob Zuma is indeed ‘The new leader of the ANC’ and most probably the next South African president, many of us South African’s feel he may be another Mugabe in the making! Although I think the sentiment behind #33 was spot on, one dictator is as bad as another… woo hoo Gwen aren’t you proud your son has the same name as a Rapist and corrupt politician… maybe your next child can be named ‘Hitler’!

  34. simplicity

    sometimes people need a slap.
    i agree.. dumb name.. dumb choice.

    but some of you posters need to take a zanax and stop worrying about brad pitt or tummy tucks or ivf or coloring your hair… which btw is fine to do and doesnt harm the baby, hunnybuns

  35. The boy lives as long as his name?
    JESUS CHRIST, is this MOSES himself or what!!

  36. Tom

    I thought her kids were named Shit and Bananas

  37. drewpopo

    She is a classy lady~~~I once saw her presonal ad at a celeb site named where many beautiful people look for fun. Congratulations on becoming a mom~~

  38. Erik

    ZUMA?????????????? ZUMA?????

    She named her kid after a f’ing computer game? What the hell? Is her next kid going to be named Snood or Tetris? Idiotic.

  39. madie

    it’s a GIRL, not a boy.

  40. BunnyButt

    42, per Gwen’s website, the baby is a boy. She’s the mom, she ought to know.

  41. Bob White

    #14 and #20. You both suck, or should I say you suck.

  42. Boner

    Disgusting. Pregnant women should be ground into the soil for fertillizer.

  43. meridianwest

    “Congratulations to Gwen and Gavin from The Superficial!”

    now that is queer.

  44. bastardchild

    “Hi, my name is Zuma, I live on the second floor”……I see this kid raped, beat, broken, crooked nose and arrest the kids parents for smoking too much crack. Geez, wtf is wrong with these idiots”!? Didn’t they grow up in the real world? I see Zuma changing his name in about 4 arnold voice: It’s not a tuma!”

  45. Pilatunes

    Gwen is fucking moron and giving her kid that name is all the proof you need. These people think they are so special, and that their kid are so special, that they deserve an incredibly unique name. Their kids are just like anyone else’s…except they’ll probably grow up to be an idiot with parents like Gwen

  46. Chelle

    Zuma? After Jacob Zuma, the same one other posters have mentioned? Eeeyikes. GREAT role model, there, Gwen. At least she didn’t use Zuma’s second name, which is Gedleyihlekisa.

    Or maybe she meant to name him ZIMA, after her favorite “malternative” beverage, and just hasn’t finished level one of Hooked on Phonics (vowels and vowel sounds) yet.

  47. Lorrie Cowan

    on a side note: has some good tips on conceiving a boy or a girl.

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