Gwen Stefani as you remember her

May 1st, 2009 // 65 Comments

Gwen Stefani returned to her roots and performed with No Doubt this morning on The Today Show. Man, these bring back memories of my youth, and each one ends exactly the same: Me getting smacked with a Bible because no one knew how to knock in my family. Which reminds me, guess who’s not blind, suckers!

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  1. Alex

    Yeah she really cares about her OC No Doubt roots… cause, you know, her fashion line LAMB has $400 dollar shirts that all those fans can afford. Please, just another narcissistic celeb who is willing to exploit anything and everything she can for attention and money.

  2. To masturbate to Gwen Steffani you’d have to be blind to begin with.

  3. mikeock

    I imagine all the gay dudes who bought No Doubt CD’s were getting hard over this, but c’mon … that era ended when Gwen started shooting out kids like a fucking PEZ dispenser.

  4. titsonsnack

    I donno she looks pretty dykey here.

  5. Aurealous


    Nice comeback! And everything appears to be spelled correctly. (It should be. It mostly came from my post). I take it all back. You’re not a racist assCLOWN. My bad. Oh and although they may be in your world, not everyone in the real world is white, really!

  6. dee dee

    She’s got nice nails

  7. Beastman AIDS

    gwen stefani is mint

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  9. balls mccoy

    Flat chested women should build a shrine for Gwen Stefani. She made flat chested chicks hot again…until she got a boob job.

  10. Roger

    Always hated them, always will. Can’t stand her half-crying-singing style (you know what I mean, just listen to “Don’t Speak”)

  11. Anonymous

    This chick is brutally ugly and No Doubt’s music is pure garbage. No more, please.

  12. Jamie

    Arrested Development.

  13. fwah

    Wow! Um….. I hope they’re gonna be doing some more rehearsals before they actually charge people to endure this assault on their aural faculties… and get Gwen fucking Stefani a vocal coach. Amazing how they managed to get the song in slo-mo AND completely fucking off-key.

  14. Gwen Stefani is a succeed woman.

  15. I read that Gavin was porking such characteristic that looked like everything went down hill after Tragic Kingdom. I know that computers are probably a new technology for you. What is a butt puppet!

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