Gwen Stefani’s Pregnant Selfie Should Go Over Well

January 22nd, 2014 // 31 Comments

Maria Kang was literally run off of Facebook for daring to say diet and exercise will make you thinner, so I really see the Internet responding well to Gwen Stefani‘s insane pregnant selfie. Because if there’s one thing women love, it’s the physical success of other women. Can’t get enough of it. Even more amazing, the tiles on her floor are straight which is weird because I could’ve sworn everyone in California has wavy houses now. Look at Aubrey O’Day’s. It’s like she lives in a fucking kaleidoscope. Get with the times, Stefani.

Photo: Twitter


  1. coljack

    Note to everyone on the internet: if one of the most statuesquely beautiful women in the world looks like a smug snot in a selfie, you will look even smugger and snottier.

    • coljack

      The fact that she’s pregnant doesn’t matter (except to hypocrites who love to wring their hands and think a pregnant woman should wear a burqa and hide for the last two trimesters because “think of the children!”)…

  2. CAssidy L

    this shows you can look beautiful pregnant and don’t have to gain alot of weight by being a lazy slob while pregnant with the excuse “I’m eating for 2″. Gwen is inspirational, she looks great!

    • coljack

      Oh god. And so it begins… Now someone will weigh in (ha – no pun intended) with: “it’s normal to gain weight.” Then maybe there’ll be a: “Don’t judge me!” And then maybe someone will say: “I worked out all through my pregnancy and stayed trim and healthy the whole time. Anyone can! And it’s not judgey to say so. Why should I be ashamed of how I look just because I look good?”


      Why not just say: “Gwen looks great” and leave it at that? Why does it have to be a statement on pregnancy and other women?

      The reality is: our bodies are designed to store energy in the form of fat. It’s a protection against future famine. Women’s bodies are particularly designed to do this, especially during pregnancy, because if they didn’t, our species would have died out years ago when food wasn’t as readily available as it is today. You can defeat this natural reaction, but it’s really hard and not necessarily healthy to try to do so.

      So stop it. Or better yet, don’t even start the flame/troll war over how Gwen looks or how she should look or how other women should look. It’s a stupid, stupid argument.

      The Lord of The Internet and Common Sense has spoken.

      • Common sense = Buzzkill.

      • coljack

        Buzz = people being bitchy and judgmental? Suit yourself…

      • Megan

        I love you.

      • Honestly the discussion on appropriate weight gain for this post began w/Fish’s commentary (and before that, with pictures of other women who experienced little to no weight gain on various other websites), so why would you expect people to not comment on the subject…

        There needs to be a middle ground in regards to pregnancy and weight gain. No one needs to end up looking like Jessica Simpson during/after pregnancy, but I’m not sure that we should be looking at photos of thin women while pregnant as some sort of ideal standard, either. You only need to eat an additional 300 calories/day to nutritionally support a baby while pregnant, which pregnant women should remember if they want to maintain their physique (too many seem to go for the chips-and-ice-cream route)…but Gwen doesn’t even look like she’s retaining an ounce of water weight, which makes me wonder if she’s eating/drinking enough. She may very well be eating correctly, and she also might be one of those Wonder Women who doesn’t experience any swelling/fluid retention while pregnant, but as I’m just some random Internet person and have no personal insight into Gwen’s diet and exercise regimen, I really have no clue how healthy her habits are or are not.

        Honestly though, if I met a woman that looked this thin/good in real life while pregnant (and was able to walk around on high heels while doing so), I would likely find her appearance a little surreal.

      • coljack

        I was totally expecting people to comment – I was afraid they would and it would be the usual internet dreck of judgment, egocentricity, and outrage. And then something wonderful happened – you and a few other folks weighed in with really reasonable commentary on health in pregnancy and realistic expectations. It’s an internet miracle. Don’t know if my appointing myself lord of the internet had anything to do with it, but dang – who would’ve thought such a thing could happen…on the Superficial?

        And then somebody said something about sticking their tongue in her turd cutter. Well, back to reality. I’m sure Gwen would be flattered.

    • Lme

      I gained 20kg that’s over 3 stones while pregnant, and ate like a horse, but you couldn’t tell from behind that I was pregnant. All the weight was my baby bump. I wasn’t allowed to exercise either (high-risk), so it was all down to lucky genetics. I didn’t have problem loosing the weight either. I have a friend though whose whole body including her face changed and she was eating healthy and all, so I wouldn’t judge others.
      Not fan of Gwen, but she looks great. Congrats.

  3. She looks gorgeous.

  4. Deacon Jones

    Wow, those Jezebel commenters….LOL.

    I can only imagine what they all look like. Their comments are priceless, they literally attacked her like a pack of wolves. Same with that Chinese exercise nut.

    They probably just got done their battle howl, roller up the sleeves on their sweatshirts, and stuffed themselves with a couple handfuls of Reese Peanut Butter Cups in preparation of a long afternoon of extremely long diatribes arguing how she’s “starving” herself and how a “REAL” women is “proud of her “”curves”".

    • JC

      Jezebel is the most underrated comedy site out there. I love it, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Things to love about it:

      1. Read any article on there remotely related to science. They have absolutely no one there qualified to do it. It’s like if Backdoor Farrah wrote a book on Christian parenting…oh, wait.
      2. Read any article about how bad it is to objectify women. Then scroll up or down no more than 2 posts and read the article about how some celebrity is ugly or fat or dresses badly. My favorite one right now is an article about how Amber Tamblyn is a dirty, stupid pig because she showed up somewhere wearing a floppy hat.
      3. Read any article by Tracey Egan Morrissey (sp?), and be astonished as to how anyone who is this bad at writing (on any subject, gender-related or not) can be paid to do said writing.

  5. Commented on this photo:

    Meet on a stick

  6. Commented on this photo:

    Wow, pregnant and heels.

  7. Cock Dr

    That’s a very impressive localized baby bump. Best of luck to lovely Gwen who’s starter marriage seems to have stuck.

  8. YourMomsGunt

    The pigs at Jizebel eating their own? Huh, you never see that….. Except for this, the Gisele Bundchen breastfeeding picture, the bodybuilder mom that posted post-pregnancy pictures, and whatever else these cows have flipped their shit about in the last 6 months alone.

    Some women can’t handle having their little ‘I’m special little princess’ bubble popped and having reality smack them in the face. It’s uncomfortable, and it happens when Gwen Stefani looks smoking hot while 44 and pregnant.

  9. Damn. She looks good. Preggers or not, I’d love to get into that.

  10. ruckus
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    See the curve? They photoshopped the house.

  11. Steve
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    Hot. Love it.

  12. She’s so gorgeous. I bet she bored of all that male attention and decided to marry a gay man for a bit of a challenge.

  13. Gwen looks amazing. The pigs over at Jezebel don’t like it when people dispel the bubble they’ve created for themselves that allows them to pig out when they get pregnant then just fucking give up on their bodies after the babies born.

    Being fat is not healthy. No amount of bullshit feminist lies will change that. It’s definitely not sexy. If they really gave a fuck about the health of their readers they’d encourage them to lose the weight. America’s in the grip of an obesity epidemic. Heart disease is killing people left and right and they’re more concerned with not making people feel bad. You can destroy yourself, but don’t let anybody make you feel bad about it.

    They can all go fuck themselves.

  14. Oh for the love of GOD; apparently there is absolutely nothing an attractive female celebrity can say about her workout, diet or beauty regimen without sending us poor, fragile “regular” females into the darkest depths of low self-esteem and eating disorders. I honestly think some of these “feminist” writers do us waaay more harm by elevating the idea of beauty to some all important issue to obsess about. Guess what?? Most women (and men) in entertainment spend more time, energy and money on their looks because looking extremely good is often a significant part of being marketable; it’s part of their jobs, and it’s perfectly fine; I can see pics of beautiful, healthy women, and (gasp) still feel perfectly good about myself; btw, Gwen looks gorgeous here, and good for her!

  15. anonym

    love it when older women still have babies

  16. pfffff
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    I’d still insert my tongue inside her turd cutter.

  17. D-chi

    Maria Kang is ignorant. Gwen is fabulous. That’s all there is to it. (Fish, you have a wonderful running gag of not understanding how women’s bodies work. Don’t ruin it now by claiming that’s all changed.)

  18. Phoenix
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    Phenomenal. Emphasis on the “nom”.

  19. Commented on this photo:

    Is pregorexia a thing now? Looks like the baby is chewing on her bones.

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