So Gavin Rossdale Banged The Nanny, Too?

As the Summer of (Un)Love continues – *runs face first into traffic*Gwen Stefani has filed for divorce from Gavin Rossdale because she thinks he cheated on her, according to TMZ. Which hasn’t made any of this interesting because we literally just did this shit a week ago, and we all get it, marriage made sense when people died at 35 blah blah blah blah. So to spice things up, here’s Gwen Stefani’s butt in a bikini and Daisy Lowe’s breasts because Gavin Rossdale’s sperm made them. See? Now this is fun. Divorces should be like this, and not all that other stuff where the kids think its their fault. Did you make daddy get bored with mommy’s vagina? Then go play Xbox, you little egomaniac, scram. (Kids, amirite?)

Gwen Stefani’s Butt In A Bikini

Daisy Lowe’s Breasts

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Photo: Getty