Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Already Wrote A Country Duet

When Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani confirmed they’re dating, a bunch of you quipped, “Oh, great, here comes some shitty pop-country duet,” so just for the record, this is all on you. You did this. PEOPLE reports:

The Voice co-stars recently wrote a country song together, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.
Not surprisingly, the resulting effort is impressive.
“It’s amazing how good she sounds on a pretty country song,” says an industry insider.

As for the authenticity of their relationship, their “coming out” as a couple was carefully choreographed to the CMAs right down to the photos that were allowed to be taken before they both immediately flew back to LA:

Although, there are theories that this is a giant “Fuck You” to Gavin Rossdale who’s probably still buried knee-deep in random man and/or woman pussy like he has been the entire marriage, so I’m sure he’s really taking it hard. (Not a butt sex joke. — Or is it? Maybe it’s toime to let a pun have its day, Mahstah Bruce.)

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Photo: Getty