Guy Ritchie: ‘Madonna is retarded’

October 8th, 2009 // 36 Comments

In an interview with Esquire’s Tom Chiarrella, Guy Ritchie decides to ignore the fact his ex-wife is fused with ancient powers and bluntly insults her intelligence:

“She’s a manifester, if there ever was one,” he says. “First-rate manifester. Madonna makes things happen. Put Madonna up against any twenty-three-year-old, she’ll outwork them, outdance them, outperform them. The woman is broad.”
“Broad,” I say, repeating the word of the day.
“And, of course, here you go: I still love her,” he says. He takes a breath, drives through a red light. If no one is ahead of him, Guy Ritchie does not typically stop. “But she’s retarded, too.”

The mere fact that Guy Ritchie brazenly calls Madonna “retarded” in a national publication proves what I’ve suspected all along: He knows how to take her down. — Or wants to get dropped in a volcano after being carried by her razor sharp talons. Honestly, it could go either way on this one.


  1. Kiki

    A retarded manifester? Sounds sick.

  2. Randal(l)

    I guess technically since zombies lose all but basic brain functions he is right


  3. Amanda-La

    That’s funny. Can’t wait for the backlash on this one. Twill be a media circus.

  4. Richard McBeef

    Is it just me or does that thumb in the Tide advert look like a wrinkly old cock for a split second?

    Madonna is not relevant any longer and guy ritchie never was.

  5. mafme

    That’s a big statement from a guy who regularly drives through red lights.

    I hope he gets killed before he kills someone else.

  6. my name is Laaaaaary

    all’s i had to do was listen to her legacy of baby voiced bubblegum muzak to figure out she was a retard

  7. Irene Barcelo

    I find Guy Ritchie fascinating. Cheers!

  8. biz

    excellent choice of picture.

  9. biz

    excellent choice of picture.

  10. Meg

    Guy is kinda hot, where is the pic of him? Anyways, the “she’s retarded” comment is pretty funny since I think she called him “emoitonally retarded” when they were divorcing.

  11. bribios


    Way to completely misunderstand a metaphor, douche.

    I wish more people would come out and say stuff like this. The whole Jon and Kate thing would be way funnier.

  12. jack

    What’s up with all of the crazy fillings? I thought celebs didn’t deal with that crap?

  13. Angela Prodiskit

    C’mon, Guy Ritchie’s knowledge about Madonna equals zero. moving estimatesmoving companies

  14. J

    Hey 11, it’s not a metaphor. Read the article. Ritchie and the interviewer are, literally, driving around London.

  15. J

    Hey 11, it’s not a metaphor. Read the article. Ritchie and the interviewer are, literally, driving around London.

  16. mafme

    @11 Read the article, fuckbasket. He’s using a literal action symbolically to construct a parallel with the dialogue. I know it’s confusing, but try to keep up. These English writers can use literary devices in complex ways, huh?

  17. mafme

    @11 again– Fuckbasket though you be, I agree that these public relationship meltdowns would be wonderfully enhanced with more uncensored, candid statements. I doubt any would be as eloquent as Guy’s, however; that would keep you from getting confused, though.

  18. freebie

    The extra skin in front of her ear is a dead give away that she’s had a full face lift. Her cheeks are like a chipmunk’s and her lips like a trout. Her unwrinkled skin is in contrast to her lined neck. She’s really trying hard to look younger but no much how money she spends, she can’t turn back the clock. She’s beginning to look like a foolish old lady.

  19. VLamb

    She eats pizza? I thought she stayed “young” by drinking the blood of little children.

  20. Ed Castillo

    Everytime i read an interview with Madonna I’m shocked at how smart she thinks she is.

  21. Thandie

    He is driving red lights! If you care enough to read the whole article you’ll see that. They were driving and he did it a few times as well.
    Though I doubt that too many people would read the article. He can get any pulicity for himself by using Madonna’s name.
    And yes, I hope he gets killed before he kills someone else.
    Pretentious idiot and gold digger he is.

  22. Whippet

    In real life this guy must be a nasty piece of shite if Madonna willingly paid him millions just to get rid of him. Millions. Just to get the fuck out of her life.

    And then this two-bit pretend-cockney director of a small handful of veeerry similar British gangster movies have the gall to call someone with a successful career spanning three decades “a retard”?

    Really, Guy, really? Are you sure??

  23. FukMe

    No offense guy but you married the retard.

  24. bewbiegirl

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  25. Turd the third

    Boring……what a fine example of mommy-material. I really feel sorry for her “non-kids” I would love to take that pizza and shove the whole thing up her ass.

  26. Jer

    She is a desperate old retard.

  27. RAM

    Isnt she dont like the stuff which she is eating.If pizza then its strange one..
    Anyways its funny….

  28. Galtacticus

    How much $ did he get again? Ofcourse Guy Ritchie does love her.

  29. Darth

    When everything is working normal,making a child isn’t that difficult.But still it’s a good reward for a British accent- and a director course.

  30. that’s an insult to retards

  31. herbiefrog

    hey llordes…

    hope that you can ignore all this cr*p from you mom and step-father.

    oooo ugly connotations ?

    ok enuf

  32. Madonna does seem very driven and competitive. Look how far she’s gotten on mediocre talent.

    That doesn’t mean I want physical contact with her, though.

  33. susanist

    Guy Ritchie let himself be photographed leaving a London adult sex shop with Madonna carrying a Strap-On Dildo which label could be plainly seen through the bay. Now who do you suppose that was for?

    Guy was the real punk and it showed whenever they were photographed together like at Cannes he was completely out of his element. Madonna likes to have sex with studs. She went through several NBA players b4 hooking up with Rodman. Then she ended the marriage to Punk with her fling with A-Rod.

    So anyone thinking what guy Ritchie has to say about Madonna in a negative light is a Punk just like him. In fact his only way back in the news is what he has to say about Madonna. Nobody gives a flying fuck about what he’s doing.
    It was one of the mistakes in Madonna’s life. She’s moved on while he’s still hoping for another dildo in his arse.

  34. susanist


    You BudLite Jackoffs really are pathetic with comments about what celebrity you wouldn’t have contact with or who you wouldn’t kick out of bed. Like you are going to have ‘physical contact’ with Madonna. You have already admitted you are nothing but a Jack-Off in love with your hand. That’s the real reason you wouldn’t want to have contact with Madonna or any other real woman.

  35. Gio

    #32, hit the nail on the head. “Mediocre talent”. Just a mean bitch with an awesome Campaign Team. I can name a few A-holes in history with the same agenda. Plus, the new plastic ain’t helping hunny … you still look like you have been rode hard and hung up wet. Yuck.

  36. jt

    what the hell is a manifester?

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