Guy Ritchie doesn’t want Madonna’s money

Madonna’s divorce from Guy Ritchie is definitely becoming a reality. She met with Paul McCartney’s high-powered attorney this week to protect her assets, but friends of Guy Ritchie say he’s not interested in her money. In fact, he’s actually hoping things can work out between him and Death Hands. The Mirror reports:

But friends said he still nurtures the dream that the final break can be avoided. One disclosed: “He’s a bit down in the dumps, and who can blame him. He’s off to the country to get a bit of peace and quiet.”
Friends insist the movie director is unlikely to wage a court battle for more of the star’s millions. The couple have already made the welfare of their children – Lourdes, 11, Rocco, seven, and adopted David, two – their top priority.
One source said: “Guy is a decent bloke, full stop. It’s not his style to start profiteering from such sorry circumstances. He’s got too much respect for his wife and children.”

Personally, I think Madonna’s making a huge mistake. I mean, Guy Ritchie is a human male who’s willing to have intercourse with her. You don’t throw something like that away. Let’s be realistic: it’s not 1992 anymore and you’re the Crypt Keeper. In fact, if one of my buddies said “Hey, I’d like to have sex with Madonna – circa NOW.” I’d probably give him back his car keys then suggest he take Holy Windy Fucking Shit Road home. Okay, you’re right, I wouldn’t do that. I’d ask the valet to.