Guy Ritchie declines Madonna’s money in divorce settlement

November 20th, 2008 // 65 Comments

Guy Ritchie just poured tea, biscuits and poor dental hygiene all over Madonna’s claims that he’s a gold-digger. The British director has refused to accept a penny of her money in their divorce settlement with his only concern being the living arrangement of their children. The Daily Mail reports:

Although Ritchie, himself believed to be worth £30m, was entitled under English divorce law to as much as half of her wealth, sources suggest he has done a ‘Piper’ – a reference to Billie Piper, the actress who divorced the broadcaster Chris Evans without asking for anything.
The stumbling block in the split had been over where Ritchie and Madonna’s children will now live.
Madonna, 50, wished to take the children back to New York while Ritchie, 40, wanted to keep his sons in London, where they have grown up.
The source said a compromise had now been reached which will see the two boys – Rocco, eight, and three-year-old adopted David – dividing their time between Britain and the US.

Before everyone starts singing the praises of Guy Ritchie, his intentions are not entirely altruistic. C’mon, the dude’s smart. He knows you don’t steal a mummy’s gold without a scorpion ending up in your urethra. That’s science.

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  1. p911gt10c

    He’s smart. You don’t want to get into a fight with Skeletor.

  2. lizz

    in your face, 50 year old slut whore who can’t sing and is starting to turn into old news (madonna). guy ritchie is so hot and he will find another lady in a few days. i am sure some women will have sympathy considering he fucked madonna for years. that woman is such a blinding cunt.

  3. TundraRuby

    Fuck Madonna!! She is old haggared and hasn’t had a good song since ’92….. Now Guy can stop putting her in his movies.. Which USED to be great!!

  4. TundraRuby

    Fuck Madonna!! She is old haggared and hasn’t had a good song since ’92….. Now Guy can stop putting her in his movies.. Which USED to be great!!

  5. Sad day!
    He just set back the real man’s movement a 100 year!!!

  6. Observer

    I’ll take his share off his hands for him. I feel like a deserve at least a million or two just for looking at her picture, and reading her stupid list of parenting demands.

  7. Brunettes Take Over

    Way to go Guy…..Madonna can fuck off….opportunist bitch!

  8. Mike

    Rough Daddy, What would you know about real men? Except when you are on your knees.

  9. diegoga

    ah…im still thinking about Hugh Jackman in the beach…

  10. Nice sweater… Fred MacMurray.

  11. Nice sweater Mr Rogers.

  12. I dont get your comment mike! elaborate, id like to see your thought process!!

  13. Observer

    While I think Madonna is divorcing this dude because she no longer has need of his services to advance her image and career, the divorce itself hasn’t exactly panned out as she’d hope.

    She certainly doesn’t look like a victim here. If anything, we’ve found out that she’s every bit as weird as we suspected – and then some.

    I think Madonna has gone over the hill on this one and is on her way down. She’ll never totally go away, but she’ll move more into the realm of celebrities currently inhabited by the likes of Michael Jackson, as opposed to staying in the main stream.

  14. Fernanado Narcos

    Billie Piper’s single again!?!?!?!

  15. The Listener

    #1 LOL

  16. Mike

    Rough Daddy, My thought process is you are a big pussy and the only time you are close to a real man is when you are on your knees blowing him.

  17. Im a “Big Pussy” you want to mess my face up right mike? because you feel I shouldnt be so vocal/prominent on the superficial? my comments make you feel small mike? tell me…or you wish you could do the same!

  18. Mike

    “Mess my face up”? You would just cry like a little girl. I don’t want to be like you or beat you up. Your comments are stupid, irrelevant and worthless. You have no clue what a real man is, you are just a “Big Pussy”.

  19. His photos were seen at the millionaire & celebrity dating club ——-MillionaireLoving. C O M——- last week. It is said he is already in relationship with a young pretty …, maybe you also have the chance to date with a rich beauty there. Come on.

  20. Andi

    LMAO! Mike and Rough Daddy are cracking me up! You know what’s HILARIOUS is that if you click Rough Daddy’s link it takes you to a pic of a … wait for it….



  21. Guy will be a hot commodity. Madonna…..not so much.

  22. “Big pussy” lol you want to challenge me to a dual mike?

  23. Andie

    OMG this just keeps getting better! A duel?!?!?!?

    oh wait, a DUAL?!?!?!


    Oh man, where do they find these guys? *wiping tears*

  24. Yeah mike is some peace of work! hes what you call a he-bitch! getting jealous of the next man!

  25. Mike

    A dual, What fucking year are you living in? They have not had duals since the 1800s You make my point every time you open your mouth. And yes you are a “Big Pussy”!!!

  26. Gail

    If Guy is looking for a rebound relationship or just hate sex, I volunteer.

  27. I think ive struck a cord in that simpleton’s brain with my first comment!

  28. Well mike, since im a “big pussy”, the next step would be, a beat down for me right?

  29. sd

    fuck guy.madonna desereves all the money that she has.shework for that.she works very hard.and she works very hard.ur so jeolous that she is so gam at 50

  30. suz

    Bugger off about poor dental hygiene. At least we don’t rip out or file down all our teeth and have veeners.

  31. eemaill

    madonna is so damn hot.guy is 10 years younger than her and looks older.always drunk.she is so hot and sexy.she act like an adult woman.very proud .not a scandal woman.very smart.all support for u goddess

  32. www

    she make me so proud.well done madonna.u are such a class lady with the provocative look.we all love u.u are an example to all of us.u still have arenas full of people just to see u.well done baby.looking amazing

  33. ChuckleHead

    But what about my comments (#’s 10 & 11), a lot of thought went into them. Weren’t they hilarious?

  34. Mike

    Beat down? Again, what the fuck year are you living in? Did you get that phrase off of a rerun of Good Times or Sanford and Son?

    You strike a cord every time you open your stupid mouth. And if I were a simpleton, I would not know you are an idiot and a big pussy.

  35. Mia

    Well, if he was in it for her money, obviously he’d be wearing a nicer sweater. Or maybe, he’s trying to go for that vintage Fred McMurray look. Or maybe he’s afraid of Madonna’s new boyfriend from the Yankees will use his batting skills on him if he doesn’t just fade away.

  36. Su

    madonna let me fuck u.u are a sex bomb

  37. Youve never been accused of being original have you mike? do you know how many He-bitches like you, who hates when i comment on the superficial?

  38. diio

    he is afraid of madonna.she is a very powerfull woman.but she is a smart woman.lov her

  39. You are back tracking like the he-bitch that you are mike, because If i call someone a pussy the next logical step is to prove that they are pussies physically…am i wrong here?

  40. Mike

    Ohhhh Rough Daddy is a couch potato too. Did you see Deuce Bigalow on the comedy channel? So tell me, how me He-bitches hate you comments on the fish? I hate to tell you this, but all of the she-bitches, guy, girls, dogs, cats and anything else with an IQ higher than yours hates all of your comments on the Superficial.

    Thank god there is a new post. Hopefully you will keep your mouth shut on that one.

  41. kk


  42. Mike? Ill tell you something about yourself which you didnt know,,,,youre addicted to my post! youre such a bitch, that ! this is the only way to say to me that you are aware of me! so sad,,,

  43. bemine

    LOV M

  44. Hey mike? go check Jennifer garner post,,,maybe ill say something maybe i wont….lol mike=the superficial he-bitch

  45. Rough Daddy is pathetic

    Hey shit for brains I will talk to your toothless face anytime anywhere. Go back to Perez’ site where you belong. coward

  46. menotrouble

    was about to comment on guy richie something…got distracted…will dream of rough daddy and mike having a dual. spectacular. thanks for 90 seconds of brilliant entertainment, guys.

  47. hahaha,,,Hey mike aka big pussy # 45 youre clone # 45 and counting!!!

  48. Andie

    Yes, Chucklehead, you’re very funny too. It’s just that the combination of the tacky lion painting and clear lack of intelligence (I’m still laughing over the invitation to ‘dual’) made Rough Daddy funnier.

    But the sweater comments were very funny and witty. Kudos!

  49. Rough daddy's gay lover

    Hey baby please e-mail at least if you won’t call me…I miss you.

  50. ChuckleHead

    @48 Andie – Thank you for caring.

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